Annoying Orange - Marshmallow Pic Contest Winners!

Uploaded by realannoyingorange on 07.09.2012

-(announcer) The wait is over.
The time has come
to decide...
the winner of the world's most-cutest picture contest...
-Yay! I love to do drawings!
-(announcer) Uh... that's great, but...
-Oh, boy! Am I a winner, already?
-No. You're the judge. You can't enter your own contest.
-Aw. I should've read the rules.
-(announcer) But you do get to pick the winners...
[echoing]: of the first annual Marshmallow Picture Contest!
-Yay! Did you draw me like one of your French girls?
-(announcer) Let's find out.
-(Marshmallow) It's a bird! It's a plane!
It's Marshmallow Man!
Now with 10% more kittens!
Yum! Brains!
Is that Nyanmallow or Marsh Cat?
Nuh-uh, I see rainbows, too! Yay!
[singing]: I'm flexy and I know it
Yay! I love chainsaws!
Search for fluffy! Hehehehehehe!
Whoa! I'm a Pokémon! Yay!
Hey! Why don't you give me a Kiss? [giggles]
Oh, boy! That WAS the most- cutest picture contest ever!
I wish I could hug everyone who submitted!
-(announcer) True that, fluffyface.
And be sure to come back next week
for an all-new all-cool episode of the Annoying Orange.
-Yay! Can me has a peek at the sneak now?
-(announcer) That's a sneak peek and you got it!
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