Vegetable Pizza for Healthy Eating

Uploaded by famsciEIU on 29.06.2010

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Today, I'm going to show you how to make fresh vegetable pizza
which is a very healthy recipe that has many benefits.
So the first thing you're going to do is spray the pan
with some non-stick cooking spray.
Then open up your crescent rolls, and I chose
to use reduced-fat.
Be careful because it's going to pop, so it might
startle you a little bit.
You're just going to take it out...and then you're going to
find one of the seams and you're just going to keep it
altogether so that it can form your crust.
You're going to spread it in the bottom of your pan, making sure
that you push together all of the little perforations that are
formed in there for you because you don't want to separate it.
Then you're going to set your oven to 375 and put this
in there to bake for about 12 minutes.
So while that's baking you're going to make your topping,
and I used reduced-fat cream cheese, and then you're going
to add 2 tablespoons of fat-free milk.
I chose to use reduced-fat products because that's
very beneficial for many diseases such as
heart disease and cancer.
It's been shown that a low-fat diet is beneficial to
help prevent cancer.
So then you're going to add a ranch-flavored salad
dressing mix to that, and you're just going to mix it
until it's smooth.
It will take a little bit but you don't necessarily have to
use a mixing device, you can just use your spoon
and a little muscle.
Once that's all smoothed out, you can put it in the fridge
to stay cool while you cut all of your vegetables.
I chose to go with broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, tomato,
green pepper, red pepper, and yellow pepper, but you can
choose any vegetables that you want.
You just do a half cup of each or however much you desire.
So when it all comes out, after you chop those up and put it on,
and I usually chop them pretty finely so that it's not a lot
to deal with, it's going to look like this.
You just sprinkle them on there a little bit at a time,
however many you want, a little more or a little less
of each one, however you like it.
I chose to do a lot of these orange, yellow, red, flavored
vegetables because those have carotenoids in them which is
a good cancer-fighting phytochemical.
They also contain antioxidants, which also help
to fight off cancer.
Then if you choose to, you can sprinkle on a little cheese,
and I chose to use the 2% reduced-fat, and I just did
the cheddar-monterey jack mix.
So then you can just sprinkle that on, and that adds
a little bit more fat but not a lot, and it's important
to choose the 2% because it's the healthiest.
So you just sprinkle on however much you want
and when you're done, it should look like this.