Dong Yi, 48회, EP48, #07

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- Now for Consort Jang. - Your Highness.
Doubtless you're eager to know what I have to say.
Please, what can we do? You told my mother we could survive.
The Queen.
The Queen holds all of your lives in her hands.
What? The Queen will save us?
I have Hijae's men.
They've told me why they were after the nurse.
And what you want so desperately to hide.
You think you can intimidate me with this kind of foolishness?
No, this is no threat. It's an opportunity.
Confess everything to the King and place yourself at his disposal.
Not for you, for your son.
To spare him the hurt of finding out from someone else.
I won't wait long.
No. Never. Absolutely not.
Confess everything? What exactly? A personal seal? A nurse?
No, you've got nothing.
How many more crimes will you commit?
How long will you go on deceiving the King?
You! You're the criminal, not me.
Are you aware that threatening the position of the Crown Prince is treason?
There is only one Crown Prince.
Only one that is destined to be king.
And that will never change.
No, you're wrong. It can.
If you hide your sons condition, lie to the King--
Stop! STOP!
You're hurting your own son.
Don't you see?
The Crown Prince is your son, but he's also the Queen's son.
I won't hide the truth any longer.
You've deceived your King, your son, and the people.
Remember what I said.
I won't wait long.
Your Highness.
- Let's go. - Yes.
Isn't that the Queen?
But why call on the consort at this time of night?
Your Grace.
The Queen can't be allowed to live.
She has to die...
Your Grace.
So the Queen must die for us to live?
Your Grace.
You're saying the prince will be caught at the center of all this?
There's something terribly wrong with the Crown Prince.
The Queen feels Yuning may have to take his place.
I'm so scared.
It's more than his life's worth if this gets out.
- Your Grace. - I'll protect him.
Whatever it takes, he's got to survive.
First, you've got to find out if the Queen is right and what the consort's doing.
Of course.
Where's Prince Yuning?
Your Grace.
What? The Queen saw Consort Jang last night?
So Lady Yu said.
They said it was quite late and the Queen looked terribly pale.
Your Grace.
Is it true, the Queen visited Consort Jang?
Yes, she wanted to speak to her.
Announce me.
Your Grace.
Your Highness, Consort Choi to see you.
Your Highness, Consort Choi...
Your Highness.
Your Higness, if you'll allow me..?
Your Highness!
Your Highness... Your Highness!
Your Highness, Your Highness.
- Your Highness. - Your Highness.
She's unconscious.
Who's out there? Call a doctor. Quick!
Please, open your eyes.
Your Highness.
Your Highness, Your Highness...
Please..! Your Highness..