Trailer Misss Pole Dance 2013 English Language

Uploaded by MissPoleDanceDotcom on 05.01.2013

If you are strong, brave and if you have talent then get ready to go into the contest Miss
Pole Dance 2013. The prizes are: 1st place, 2,500.00 Dollars
and gift surprises. 2nd place: Three nights and four days in Puerto
Vallarta Hotel, all inclusive. 3rd place: Two nights and three days in Puerto
Vallarta Hotel, all inclusive. Then go to the auditions that will take place
in Cancun, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey. The national cast members will choose the
top 36 participants of all the republic, in which groups of three will participate during
the event. Those with more likes from youtube and facebook will pass on to the next level.
The finalist will be Miss Pole Dance 2013.
"In this contest, you are the judge, don´t miss our weekly episode and vote with a like
on facebook and youtube for your best Pole dancer from the three competitors presented
each week.
Like and Share so that you include yourself as part of the judging to decide who will
be the winner.