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Father, thank God! Your blessing, Father!
– Thank you for coming, thank you! – How is he?
He’s not very well, he's just the same. I don’t know what else to do.
You can go, Alice.
Be my guest, Father.
Demon! What’s your name, demon?
– It’s Pazuzu. – Pazuzu!
Get out of this body, it doesn’t belong to you!
That’s what I’m trying to do, but it’s too hard.
What, Pazuzu? What did you say?
I entered this guy’s body and now I can’t get out.
Wait, what’s that? Is that a joke?
Is that a prank? Is that a joke, ma’am?
No, Father. I’m the one who called you. It’s huge in here.
Wait, are you the demon? Prove to me that you’re the demon.
Do something, levitate for me to see.
Okay, hold on, I’m gonna levitate. Look, look.
Oh, shit… don’t push too hard, don’t push too hard.
Stick out your tongue, touch your chest with it. No, more!
Okay. Forget it. Turn your head in 360º.
– I can’t, I can’t! I can’t! – Yes you can. Turn to the other side.
– Like that. – I can’t, I can’t!
Fuck, what the fuck is that?
This room is filthy, there’s vomit everywhere, was that you?
No, it was just like this when I got here. It’s all his, he was drunk.
Where are you, Pazuzu?
– I think I’m in the intestine. – In the intestine…
Have you tried to get out through the ass?
I can’t, there’s an old sandwich stuck in there.
Turn over and get out through the mouth, Pazuzu!
But there’s a whole candy stuck in there…
Well, Pazuzu… I’m in deep water. My hands are tied here…
I’m an exorcist, I don’t know what I can do for you.
Don’t you have a laxative, a prune Activia, or something like that?
No, I don’t have anything here with me.
I could get you a papaya I saw in the kitchen.
No, it won’t work.
It’s gonna be too hard for me…
Pazuzu? Pazuzu?
What’s that?
Pazuzu, is that you?
What’s that, who’s there?
It’s me, Maloque.
Thank God, Maloque. How can I get out of here, I’m lost…
You're not alone. Yeah, it’s me, Mammon, Caim and Berial.
And Kleber! I’m here too, how are you, guys? Where are you?
I think we’re in the spleen.
So, Mammon has a plan for us to get out through the balls.
– Damn! – It’s something he found out.
– I’m gonna help. – I think we’re doing this tomorrow.
Oh, okay. Leave it, okay.
So, we’ll see you tomorrow. Kleber, right?
Good luck there!
For you… all!
– Thanks! – Enjoy!
He’s feeling great!
Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado
But where… where do we go now, Mammon?
I’m looking on the Google Maps and we’ll get to the kidneys if we go there.
Okay, but… okay, but after that, what we’re gonna do?
I don’t know.
What the hell is this smell? Was that Pazuzu?
No, no, no… it’s the sandwich.
Keep it down, or we’ll wake him up.
See, see?
Fine, fine.
Did you watch the UFC yesterday?
Yeah, I found a slot through the nose.