Toto Interview before concert in Sandnes Norway 8.8.2012

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the late seventies
you from the band
have fallen ever since
what is that feel like?
like herpes
infected with the vidalia yet would you have any queries about pregnancy here's
the alleged ambassador arafat
simon for twenty years you know so
the magazine recently rescinded
we never really mature test fifteen so that's why it's a stupid things like
that it has to be
when you step on stage is collected stipulations all that timetable when you
go right back to high school
at moments you need to write your ten years ago viviana
for the person you did everything so it is it's just said
yellowing of the jobs of the job he's like a judgeship today
you would only go to work at citadel job will like it you want to wear them
to meals see the world need new people playing music and someone has a lot of
used in court sometimes global unemployed workers of the work in the
trial process as you later
you know the show is that there's the research shows that some community
management from u_p_s_ their computer
most of us would like
friends stood at the same
do you have to keep the gate
uh... well uh... what i noticed we just keep getting tighter and tighter and
tighter what's happened in our you know so i a m skating better far as i'm
launchers for some shorter what was she is interesting about it
incredible musicianship we just keep finding ways to reinvent will shock some
people are are playing with changing the indians were going to do in a reputation
all these songs hopefully it's cheaper to keep it a little bit rational
amendment with her
in as professionals at sergei just to go up there and can really mind watch play
it like it's the first time that uh... so let us a little technique they use
him for a song
u_k_ for many years it it served as a very did so
that becomes a practice what do you know for a while
but it's the song behalf to lose by like never predictable
but the condition
which wouldn't be so you best friend
that's changeable i don't know how they behave in fact the uh... i i i i i uh...
it's easier to read out our worst for and that is uh... it is it's finally
here you know certain songs in the senate will
lina three borrows overload can say what everybody stakeholder larger david if
you could play a little that's the one we don't reverse anymore when we have
residents like you know the first lawyer
child's name
what's your with themselves
they're really like children who usually it is a good part of that takes our life
that's of generations
three generations logged
it's very scary
and people our age
have kids regard kids so they're and then older people in your review of the
audiences seem to be getting younger it's kind of interesting everything from
him out here that uh... but uh... song so much love and it's interesting to
watch them grow up
over all these years you know see how they hold up
great thing about all of us pursue the real early sauces that's possibly times
man alive when i was seventeen july but that first record of a smelly couldn't
stopped listening to it and hits the send today as it is
now as i was back there
litigate what we do here is usually wouldn't know well rehearsed in
there would be the best performance weekend every time there were regarded
this is i think the only norwegian date this tumor will make it
structure as we come back next year fixed thirty-fifth anniversary
disarm the bigger towns but this time to get out here
and please restful sleep and straight to be a and the fans are so believable
appeared that states cannot stats almost impossible for that
service strictly inspire you know it's it's incredible inspiron because the
people that
that really want to be there
we could do in the slots on the bentley tied and really cool settler scenery
obviously this is the fact that we can we've got lots of things we have done my
thirty years of sometimes we never played at all they would never before
more attractive