LEAK. THE SPY WEB SERIES - Episodio 3: Telefonata (The Call)

Uploaded by Leakseries on 24.04.2012

A very good choice.
What kind of emergency is that...
...for which we're back in this shitty place?
The emergency is Carl.
He kidnapped a girl.
Who's the girl?
It doesn't matter now.
Is someone absent?
Susy has more pressing affairs to do.
She will join us as soon as possible.
...we can't work like that!
And what do you expect me to say?
You want explanations?
I remind you nothing is due to you here.
You order us to hunt a former partner...
...with wretched equipment in a place...
...that is worse than my grandma's basement!
You not even explain us why of this tension.
You owe us an explanation.
I have already said that...
Sorry, boss.
I think you better see this.
Not now, Rick.
I'm terribly busy.
So...we're the hell is Susy?
She should have arrived long ago.
I don't think she will answer you.
What are you talking about?
This one come from higher ground.
Guys? Someone noticed anything?
This could be a work done by us.
Sorry boss, what if he doesn't answer?
What are you doing?
I should be asking you that.
I do my job, Carl.
I do my job as I always have, you know it.
I have evidently forgotten that...
...to send some assholes trakking me...
...is part of you job.
What are you talking about?
Do not try that.
Now I tell you that whatever happens from now on...
...you will be responsible of that.
...now try to calm down.
I'm also trying to figure out what's happening.
What do you have to figure out?
When you try to help a colleague...
...no, a friend...
...and he turns his back, he betrays you...
What you have to figure out?
What happened?
I haven't send anyone againts you...
...if that's what you mean.
If someone is chasing or annoy you...
...he doesn't work he does not work either for me...
...or for the Agency.
The Agency. Sure!
I guess they assemble all of you together...
...to find me.
Give my greetings to Amy and Nick.
Oh no, they we're surely listening to me.
Hi guys!
Return, we're in the old warehouse.
We're all available to meet you...
...and to quietly talk to resolve this situation.
But you've to give up with this foolishness.
Believe me, it's not the solution.
For me it's the ONLY solution.
You know that's not true.
When every one will know about the rapture...
...they will discover who I worked for.
And so...goodbye to classified informations...
...and goodbye to Agency!
Don't know what the higher ground would think.
And you know who I'm talking about.
Listen, Carl. If someone is chasing you...
...if you have some problems...
...I promise you I'll do anything in my power...
...to stop them and resolve this situation.
But now you've to listen to me.
You've to trust me.
You've to let go that girl.
She has nothing to do with this.
Seems like you're interested in this girl.
Carl, listen to me.
You're going into a trouble.
A big trouble.
You're very interested in this girl.
Listen to me! That girl...
Hello? CARL! CARL!
So what?
Nothing. He hung up too soon.
Don't you think you've to tell us who's that girl?