M&P Speed Apparel SEMA 2012 Project Intro

Uploaded by MorgansandPhillips on 21.09.2012

when the idea of building a
SEMA show project car start floating around the office
people i know said
you couldn't pull it off
but many people like that car come up with
we've done a lot of cars in the past uh... i've been involved many cars are
going to see him over the years because we have the first one for any
peacekeeping parakeet
cadalyst white-collar call carnival reviewer style
uh... we literally had
we've got police cars lined rent-free
we've got a project carter often he's coming along really well but it would be
plenty happened to you
the scene michelle this time reluctant has worked all of you
something of a community college
i would have been doing believability drug you'll drop sickness in the back
with deleting samantha
exploring all kinds of ideas from
you know what your car's industry styling it you
using a small town brother what's changed
we came back to the gatekeeper just because it's such a automotive icon its
inspection team works with different i conduct automobile companies are
brands we thought
is something that was truly a conflict that makes it would be great
vehicle for us to bill for our first cut state park
either with the release the automotive community
the sponsors stepped into the the response from the public in every show
different reasons
phenomenal slap everyone was encouraging and very exciting
our sponsors included dollar multi-media and this is going to be in their proof
at the scene to show we hope that you looked at the website at halftime of
rico technology activity a little mini cooper
how we also have a many media is stepped up
insidious parcel working with and start
uh... daily visual into the brown these these guys are beijing's rulers was
attractive shopping check out the innovative things are dealing with the
vinyl wrap industry's salute
bay state even house at that price check there just amazing to see some of them
this car
uh... and they're not going to express his satisfaction may be doing print
credit cards he dealt with a poster algeria particularly seem action to stop
by if you want
object when site he should be one of us here
how does it have thirteen lighting interior diversity really exciting
but great skills
and then we'll take our sketches our television footage you should be and
actually translate that into really and truly awesome cheers
and that we are also working with or the other sponsors of come on board that
will be doing more information later
difference i think
uh... that we decided was chronicled the entire process her
taken a car for sketch and rendering
although its receipt
and a chronicle that in a series of new hope you'll unsubscribe watch his crush
on you tube you did every single level lost because of the monarchy page which
is fatal dot com slash world or at twitter attitude speed
uh... we ask that you just politic it out
and get any questions empathy necklace that i will be shooting all over
southern california northern california in las vegas
running around following the filled with this car should be pretty exciting and
uh... we hope that you call flow thanks a lot