iJustine on Annoying Orange & Black Ops at VidCon! - POWER PLAYERS

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iJustine: All I ever wanted to do was play video games, and whenever I would get grounded,
it wasn’t like, oh, you can’t go outside; my mom would take my video games away from
me, she’d take my Nintendo.
RJ: RJ here, so we are still at Vidcon, but I know it looks a little different because
we are here with iJustine. If we were to do this inside, she literally would be mobbed
by everybody, I kid you not, so we had to, like, go into like this weird little corridor
to get some quiet time in with Justine.
iJustine: This is so much fun because it’s literally, it’s unreal, because you see
people commenting on your videos and those are actually real people, so you’re actually
seeing them here, and when somebody says, “oh my god, I love you”, you don’t actually
get that excitement until you see how excited they really are, and it’s unbelievable.
RJ: It was crazy last night, ‘cause we were at the after party, and literally you could
not move. We would just see the crowds of people, and we would know it was you, we couldn’t
see it was you, but you’d just see like the crowd move over there in the lobby, and
there was iJustine.
iJustine: It’s so cool, I mean, I really love this community. I love the content creators,
the people that watch all of our videos, and it’s a really cool feeling to know that
you’re making these people happy.
RJ: And what are some of the ones that stand out, some of the fans that you’ve met the
last couple days? What really stood out?
iJustine: I love all the fan artwork. I mean, somebody painted this huge mural of all a
bunch of their favorite YouTubers, and they brought it here. I mean, there’s so many
creative people, and it’s just really cool to meet them.
RJ: And what about all the collaborations that come out of here? ‘Cause it’s a great
chance for you to see fellow YouTubers, you know, we were with Destorm, and he was talking
about how he met Tay Zonday and they did their stuff. What’s come out of here for you over
the last couple years?
iJustine: What’s really cool is, I’m a huge fan of Annoying Orange, and they now
have a TV show. I met Dane a long time ago, and we just got off an Annoying Orange panel
with all of the cast. So, what Dane has done is, he’s taken pretty much everyone from
YouTube, all of his friends, and put them as fruits and vegetables in the show. And
it’s just a huge collaboration.
RJ: And what fruit are you? Or vegetable? What’d he make you?
iJustine: I’m a passion fruit.
iJustine: Hey guys, it’s me, iJustine. Yeah, you might be wondering why I look like a passion
fruit. Well, maybe it’s because I am a passion fruit.
RJ: Now did you have say in that and say, I feel like i'm a passion fruit? Or did he
just say you’re going to be a passion fruit?
iJustine: No, it’s really funny because, a long time ago, when he first started the
channel, I saw one episode, and I’m like, this is absolutely amazing. I was like, can
you please make me a fruit? And they picked a passion fruit, and the past couple years,
that’s me. And they haven’t killed me yet. Because, in the show, they tend to kill
all of their fruit.
RJ: And who else? Who are some of the other YouTubers that are in his show?
iJustine: Oh wow, they actually have celebrities. Harland Williams, he’s one of the apples.
And it’s cool because Dane does a lot of the characters, and I’m like, wait, I think
those are his eyes as the marshmallow. Yes, it is. It’s really cool.
RJ: I love it. Hey, can we talk, you have five channels, I mean, that a lot. It’s
not just like the one channel; you have the gaming channel and all these others. How do
you find time to do, to do so many?
iJustine: I don’t. That’s why some of them don’t get updated so much. But I absolutely
love playing video games, so doing the gaming channel is probably my most fun.
RJ: What’s your favorite game right now?
iJustine: Call of Duty. Love it.
RJ: New Call of Duty’s pretty soon, right? Couple months we got new Black Ops, yeah.
iJustine: November, yes, November. Oh my god, there’s so many games. I usually take every
November off because that’s when all the video game releases are, so I do nothing else.
I’m like, ok, I’m sorry, I can’t do that meeting ‘cause I’m going to be playing
Call of Duty. Just kidding, I’ll be there, but…
RJ: Is that you’re favorite game of all time?
iJustine: I love it. It’s so much fun.
RJ: How did you fall into the gaming thing? As like a kid and just growing up? Or
something recently?
iJustine: I mean, I was very young. All I ever wanted to do was play video games, and
whenever I would get grounded, it wasn’t like, oh, you can’t go outside; my mom would
take my video games away from me. She’d take my Nintendo. And she would even take
the keyboard and mouse from my computer; little did she know that I had an extra mouse, so
I would always try to sneak in there.
RJ: Very crafty there, to do that. How about a video that you haven’t done yet that you’re
like, one of these days, I’m going to to, I got to go do this.
iJustine: I just recently did one I’ve always wanted to do – a Legos time-lapse video.
So, me and my friends, we made a Lego time-lapse of myself, like we made a life-size version.
It took 10 hours, over 5,000 Legos, and tons of cuts on our fingers from building Legos,
so I finally got to do that, so I’m so excited.
RJ: Alright, we got Disneyland right down the way; are you going to be going this weekend?
iJustine: I will be. I will.
RJ: What’s your favorite ride? What’s the Justine ride?
iJustine: I haven’t got to ride the Star Wars ride yet, so that is my must-ride.
iJustine: I’m iJustine, be sure to subscribe to the Young Hollywood Network and me, iJustine.
See you guys later. Bye!