Carole King Supports President Obama - Join Rural Americans for Obama

Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on 25.07.2012

I'm Carole King and you know me as a singer, songwriter, author, concert performer, but
I've lived for more than 30 years in central Idaho. Rural America is the backbone of our
country. Rural America provides us with food security and agriculture and now biodiesel
and alternative energy.
President Obama understands how important Rural America is. Rural America is part of
his DNA. His mom and his grandparents were from Kansas and they helped to make him the
person he is today. He has really solid common sense if you look at how he goes about things.
He's very calm, he's knowledgable, he asks all the right questions. This is what we need
in a leader. The values of hard work, the values of being there for your neighbors,
community. We can count on President Obama to support us in protecting our infrastructure,
in providing jobs for our neighbors.
Whatever the label is that you identify with, your husband, your wife identifies with, your
neighbors identify with - Set the label aside. Look at the facts. Go to
to find out all the things he's doing for rural communities. Please support Barack Obama,
vote for Barack Obama, and get involved to get our neighbors in rural communities involved.
Thank you.