Reviews the Blackberry Torch Extended Battery

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 09.02.2011

Welcome to this is Maxine
And I will be showing you the extended battery for Blackberry Torch.
Now this extended battery is..actually let me go ahead and take it out of the box and show it to you.
It’s actually something like this.
It’s pretty big but when you fit it in, it’s actually almost perfect for the Torch to fits in perfectly.
So I’m gonna just wedge that in there if you notice it fits nice and snug and its pretty well in there
it’s not gonna come off and it comes with battery door so you can just fold that over.
Here you go and see X over the battery after you fit it in, the battery itself fit in really snugly.
Don’t get to alarm when you see the X over the battery, all that needs is you actually need to pair the battery
And your going to need the battery madding device that the package comes with, and that this thing right here.
And what we are gonna do is you go ahead slide the new battery in just like that
And you take your old battery and your gonna fit it in just like this.
Now be aware that this is a one time thing when do it it’s going to show a light
indicating that it’s duplicating the battery.
See the green? It’s gonna flashed it means it copying it over.
This will make the new battery accessible with your Torch.
So now the light off indicates that the battery is ready to go, your gonna go ahead and take the battery out
Just go ahead and slide it right back in there.
Oops…just like that, and you ‘re gonna use the backdoor that comes with and you’re gonna go ahead and attach that
Just like that and you have your new battery.
It’s gonna load up and progress bar progress bar progress bar this might take a little bit.
So it’s loading still.
This is your old battery, This is your ginormous new battery.
Old battery.. new battery that still loading.
Loading loading loading.
Now the extended battery obviously extends the battery life of your phone
I can’t give the exact estimate. But it does lengthen the time significantly
compares to the old BlackBerry Torch old battery.
And here we go.. well it was said 99%..there we go! AT&T world phone
Welcome to AT&T wireless wonderful it’s verifying that your new battery has pass the security test
Remember when we paired it with this, and we had the battery made it duplicate of the BlackBerry Torch battery.
So your all set to go with your extended battery, looks little bit like that.
There you go look at that cute little panda your gonna able see that for a whole lot longer
thanks to this extended battery.
Allright and you can find this battery at, with free shipping
And if you used the youtube promo code you can get 10% off. Remember you got it from a geek.