(Engsub Cc) Agnes Monica "BTS coz We believe" Part 3/5

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One more challenge (that we faced) was we knew that Agnes would collaborated with dancers with Hollywood (international) standard.
They have involved in many performances with Hanna, J-Lo, Beyonce, and so do the musicians.
We believe it would be something different.
This band, these people, they are not a mere musical accompaniment. They would be one of the major attractions as well.
With this kind of blocking, it will be difficult if the band is not only an accompaniment.
Agnes gets a lot of acknowledgements from well-known people. It proves that she has great talents.
I see everything I do makes me believe more that it's possible. Mental state is the most important, meaning open-minded to learn from other people that are better than us.
She's very perfectionist, meticulous, and she wants to know from A to Z of what she needs to do for her performance
Hi, Guys! It's 11.40 PM now. I just arrived home.
We just had a meeting about ??? expect like 2 hours in the hospital to infuse because I've fallen ill. Today I'm so tired
Agnes' perseverance in this concert, it is actually her habit. If she wants something, then it must be done this way.
When I was in Bali and I wasn't healthy, that night after show I had to make a skype call to my music director in the US to talk about my music, and it was already dawn.
Gosh, it's so painful.
[Five days to the concert day]
[Four days to the concert day, a dancer got a call about Agnes]
Agnes just called, she can't practise now. She said she was in the hospital. Dropped. (T/N: probably her blood pressure dropped)
There's a news from Steve (T/N: Agnes' manager). Agnes' condition is dropped.(T/N: she's fallen ill).
But the show must go on. [Please remove the upbeat songs to reduce Agnes' burden. Please delete the following songs: -Paralyzed -Shake it off]