Creature from the Haunted Sea - 1961 - ORIGINAL FOOTAGE (SUBTITLED) *PUBLIC DOMAIN*

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Bar Santo Domingo XK1 20
I had to go to the bar Santo Domingo
and find the agent XK120 I had never met.
I went through the eye piece.
I've trained and my instinct told me
that girl was the person I was looking for.
The king is dead.
God save the King.
It is a political point?
I know nothing about politics.
-You are the party? - I avoid during the job.
I spoke failures.
This is a very interesting game.
Like the one we play.
- Want a drink? - Why not.
Bring us a bottle Castle of Mormon in 1907.
1911 was a better year.
This is 1911.
We did not Castle of Mormon.
But we have a good year of 1922.
Forget. Serve us two glasses rum of 58.
I had to be sure whatsoever you. K120.
Exact. XK150.
- Who is the server? - One.
He thinks I'm on their side.
She was very beautiful.
I could drown myself in those beautiful eyes.
She did never know as I am.
I am leaving in the evening.
We remain in radio contact.
You have the code?
"The time for action '."
"Just act"
"The time to act I have my cable box '. "
Do not mind when I left.
You're not going to kiss me?
The twentieth century began in Havana.
The Revolution was in progress and the nation would change.
They had been released.
The survivors of the old regime fled as they could,
taking a few small business
as the Cuban Treasury and other old objects.
It was difficult to remove things in Cuba.
We held meetings secret on the island.
The history of flight, betrayal and murder
starts with a of these meetings.
Are you Sapapedo Hans?
It's me. Who are you?
Whatever. Only the mission account.
Let's get it.
As a player and American gangster,
you are above suspicion.
You know that our government was overthrown.
- They told me about it. - Shut up.
This will not last. In return.
If they believe they have succeeded Today, train them tomorrow.
- Bravo. - Bravissimo!.
But, of course, you know to finance our Revolution,
we had to fly Cuban Treasury.
Shut up.
You will lose your casino
So you leave Cuba.
You're rich, you can leave when you want.
Immediately example.
However I will make confidence.
We have some the Cuban Treasury.
Your gang, General Tostado, Colonel Cabeza Grande
and a squadron lead you to Trujillo.
Wait us to contact you
to return the money.
Once you are safe, they will pay you. Got it?
I have everything entered.
I will present.
General Tostada and Colonel Cabeza Grande.
Mr. Renzo Capetto and ...
My name is Jack Ryan Merry.
And now the gold.
Get in the car.
The General does not speak English.
I will be his interpreter. Okay?
Get in the car
We must go.
See you later?
The first act of conspiracy had emerged.
The Treasury was now Cuban the hands of Renzo Capetto,
Skilled in the most reliable ever deported to Sicily.
They thought they were clever.
But they ignored me,
Sparks Moran, I was an American agent.
I had managed to enter in the crew
in presenting myself as a famous Chicago gangster.
My real name is XK1 50.
Well, go down to help.
How it happened, honey?
After a short pursuit, we had the last word.
You're crazy.
Mount, Colonel Cabeza Grande.
What will be done of these balls?
I do not know.
I thought there would one or two.
But here it is a little complicated.
You're thinking a way to eliminate
and leaving with the loot.
You're my big, strong and Machiavellian brain.
You're so nice, honey.
Hello Soeurette.
Hello my little cabbage.
-Were you afraid? - Just a little.
Listen to me. Get ready to go.
Pete!. You take the helm.
Be ready to cast off.
Well, it's a beautiful evening to navigate.
We never meet again Cuba.
Navigation is an adventure the most incredible
that can be experienced by man.
What a team we were!
The brain of the group Renzo was Capetto.
Aka Capo Rosetto.
Ratto Pazetti alias.
Aka Zeppo Staccato.
Aka Shirley Lamour.
A 1 5 years it is already in jail
for dragging a drunk in a large hotel
The New Year's Eve 1934.
Then he is involved in a failed attempt
to present Mussolini as a candidate in elections.
And returned The Navy, Marines and the SS.
He retained contacts with the union,
and it is still considered as very dangerous.
Mary-Belle Monahan.
Alias ??Mary Belle Monahan, Belle alias Mary Monahan
Monahan Mary Belle alias.
It would hen a gangster.
Luciano Merry offered him a Rolls Royce every Christmas.
There is no evidence that it has pointed the ball of Hollywood
nor must it be liquidated the police chief in 1956.
I know, is that it was stopped
while trying to resell of heroin.
but I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
Especially when it comes such a beautiful woman.
Here Jack Monahan Merry.
So named because it has contracted muscle spasm
looked after too films of Humphrey Bogart.
Jack's locker is pretty slim.
His only crimes were committed against his sister
who asked Renzo him find an occupation.
Jack had been bum tennis courts,
he was sleeping under the bleachers and was busking in the subway.
Since his meeting with Renzo
it became a famous murderer.
The most incongruous of the quartet Pete Peterson is Junior
son of Pete Peterson Sr., famous burglar Broadway.
Pete inherited talent imitator of his father,
but it is grilled all fuses
imitating a screaming skull in Elk, Picnic at the Convention.
Since then, nobody could nothing to convince Pete
When Renzo had met, he was a pickpocket at Jones Beach.
He took with him into exile.
Pete became the faithful Renzo servant,
  his boots and killing his enemies.
In exchange, Renzo allowed him
to imitate any animal that came to mind.
The latter, for example, it is the call the yak of the Himalayas.
Here they are. My crew.
I did not know where they were taking Cuban those carefree
but I knew they were taking somewhere.
Dressed up in our faces claims, we drove to the future.
Before I start. Someone has something to say?
And you, Jack. What should we do you think?
Well, no, darling. Is this a way of speaking?
We must get rid of at least half of these Cubans
no one does not suspect anything.
Have you ever heard Hemingway?
This guy hooked a monster marine in those seas
there for years which dragged him for miles.
We will show these guys the most incredible monsters
they had ever seen in their lives.
Jack. In my trunk, you will find several rakes
used to weed tomatoes.
Go and get them sharpened and such as scalpels.
Pete. You mélangeras me ...
Of olive oil and green ink,
and finds all algae as you can.
Jack, what do you do?
- Sharpen the rakes? - Good boy.
Pete, and for you?
He is forced to do this?
Come on, Jack. Queue.
It has not the good life together Honey?
You can tell.
Winters in Tijuana, summer in Cicero.
You remember that wonderful trip to Monte Carlo?
In the days when we flew all those greenbacks?
Of course.
I admit it. I heard nothing through the door.
But I was sure they were preparing something
and that I was the only to be able to stop.
And here we are again left to unknown lands.
As a second honeymoon.
You know what?
We could get married.
Do not say anything.
How do you think there's any money?
A whole crop of sugarcane.
But what will we be able to of all this?
I do not know.
I've always said that someday
I would open a center for mobsters.
You have a heart as big that all our dollars together.
U.S. officials live in constant terror.
I hid my radio undetectable in fake hot dogs
and cables in pickles.
I got this idea while watching workers during their breaks.
They know how to deal with their hands.
The slightest slip and I found myself in the locker of Davy Jones.
Hello, Havana? Here, the agent XK1 50
I give you my first report Official.
So far, it does not happen much.
But I am anticipating.
Renzo and his gang Capetto are suspect.
I am with them.
I remind you soon, One of these days.
This is Officer XK1 50, end of the transmission.
What are you doing?
I eat a piece.
Well, it looks good. Can I join you?
One more point.
The general said: Hello there,
seductive and beautiful creature.
Would you like to ask General to be kind
disappearing from my view please?
The General says you are well ...
You are ... like an angel, far away ...
Who sings.
Would you say to General
I think it would be much more in its place
on a nice barbecue, skewered like a big sausage.
You must be a tendency in sado-masochism.
Oh no, what do you want?
You are too good for this life.
Too young and innocent for these shenanigans.
You should leave
You feel bad? Remember me.
You are a victim circumstances.
I do my best.
You are a child.
I agree with my life as a criminal.
So you take care of yours.
Oh, I need more that help.
But not you, Mary-Belle.
You will find a good man.
I do not have time!.
I can help you.
Go rather die.
No problem.
I will save you or I die.
Is that not comforting?
A secret agent should not sleep.
But I was asleep, dreaming of the pies from my mom,
while on deck,
Renzo and slicers gorges were in the first step.
Kill an innocent Cuban
and claim that a monster had done to make them panic
and change course to Renzo can lead
until last and fatal destination.
Wait a minute and sounds the alarm.
But what we were all ignorant,
is that the monster created by Renzo
had already been invented.
For a couple of monsters, in my
With the help! Police!. Mr. Mayor!
A monster!
The General said it happened.
Can I give you my opinion on what happened?
Why not go ahead.
I really do not think a human could have killed your soldiers.
Given the traces and wounds found on their bodies,
if I can give you my opinion,
these soldiers were attacked by a creature
came from the seabed. It came,
drew your men and disappeared.
What do you find so funny?
A creature! You are crazy! You really think ...
You'll translate it?
The general said that ...
You are right. It's a monster.
The General said that these waters are dangerous.
We must change course.
Did you see that?
Our brave General Tostada never misses an excuse
to cancel the trip and change course.
You saw the spark he had in his eyes?
Of solid gold.
In will not to throw them overboard.
I asked you to kill one.
And not two.
I must teach you from?
Go ahead, take the helm.
But I have a cast!
Finally, I believe he was all alone.
We went to where I did not.
Washington also did not know.
Renzo did not know.
But we would all find out.
Gentlemen, we must make a decision.
If anyone has any idea ...
About what?
Our destination.
I thought we were going Trujillo?
There have been changes.
General Tostada think that we must change course
if we are to escape the monster.
We should go to ...
India!. I always wanted to see a sacred cow.
In Cannes, Côte Azur is very beautiful at that time.
You want to listen to me?
I always had a secret desire
in my heart I want to go Bali ...
We will not go to Bali.
It was tempting.
The General and I are convinced that we must go
In San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Here K Agent X one five zero, K Agent X asks a two zero
S an alias Nadia L.
To you, Havana.
The 1st thing one must think,
it is to escape this stinking monster.
If you take a look at seamounts north of Puerto Rico,
it is clear a monster can live there.
And how do you know?
Because of his feet.
It is a walker, it must be able to see the surface,
- It is clear, idiot? - If you say, stupid.
Once there, we can carry the trunk.
I am American, we will no attention to me.
I'll go get a plan to find a hideout.
And I'll take the money with me.
I can say
without any uncertainty possible,
that gang became head of Bali.
The government should wait Panama Canal.
The General said he agrees.
We can take the lead Puerto Rico,
but he will not leave not safe for eyes.
Done deal, shake hands with us, General.
What do you think of it, Sparks?
It looks like a Portuguese fishing boat.
Good point.
But you gourres.
These are the Cuban coast guard.
It looks like they come and there.
They may be after the gold.
Tell Tostada and his men to remain at the bottom.
Sparks, see if you can catch a fish.
Keep all weapons near you.
How do I do? I did not!.
Pass him one of your guns.
Give a weapon, obey!.
Now, take a look natural.
Mary-Belle, sings a song.
We are looking for gold, stolen yesterday in Cuba.
We would like to board.
We are Americans excursion.
You do not have the right to board.
We all the rights to mount.
Look, there is nothing on board.
I have not seen anything yet.
View the situation, I preferred to stay true to Renzo,
and decided to knock the head of the Cuban
with a fish.
Good work, Pete!
We would do well to dig the boat.
You can stop singing.
You have a stunning voice.
I'd like to throw overboard.
How does one has been allowed your talents wither
then they should be exposed to humanity.
You could be a star.
Pertussis from three continents.
Allow me to deliver.
It's hard to believe you are real.
She was crazy about me, but she did not.
I think I sense the mainland.
We are ready to arrive?
In six or eight hours.
Another stroke of luck. For a fourth point.
You are beautiful.
- You are crazy. - I have a plan.
As soon as we arrived, we'll just wait for the night.
When Renzo will be occupied,
we will jump ship and will swim
infested waters shark,
for that person not follow us.
We'll fly the jolly-boat
and we head to Brazil, what do you think?
Good idea, you should try.
I was talking about you.
Honey, I will not go up even on a bus with you.
Pete, I want you listen carefully.
On the north coast of the big island
there is a tiny clod of earth,
The island of the Lush,
named in honor Christopher Columbus.
It must be uninhabited,
we have to disembark understand?
There is a reef around the island,
with an opening through which we must move.
I will run this boat right on the rocks.
Straight to this entry.
During the panic, it will take the chest.
But be careful, to thirty feet deep,
I will give you a signal.
So I want you to do rock the boat,
you understood?
We will return retrieve it later.
You've got it?
We hit the rocks, you put the boot in the skiff,
it is discharged to 30 feet under water,
and we will return it back!
If the trunk could swim,
it is no longer on board.
Look at these reefs!
Reef right in front!
One can begin.
Come, darling. - Do not touch me!
Hands off. I'm safe.
I remain with you, we will sink together.
- You are insane. - So ...
My God, it has a short memory!
A few more feet and we will be under water.
Everything went as planned.
Renzo as for the monster.
This scene reminds me Lake Minnetonka,
when Schmidt and I were rowing,
guess what happened ...
The General said that you stay under him
until he felt the situation.
You can say to your General
he has no orders to give.
Listen: you have no money no weapons
and you're on an American soil.
But I'm on your side.
Go and see if there is someone on the island.
Go with one of the rafts
for San Juan and rent a fishing boat
and diving equipment.
See if your men can build a cabin
or shelter for shelter from the rain.
Is not it wonderful?
- I could stay here forever. - No need, darling.
From what I see,
these Cubans are not good divers.
Jack, Pete, and I good underwater hunters.
We're going down, find the chest,
and hide in a hole in the reef.
Then, we will tell them should be abandoned.
So we going to allow several months,
maybe one year, before you pick it up.
What do you think?
Sweetie, sometimes you are so intelligent,
you make me completely crazy ...
Hello, operator?
Give me Havana, Cuba , 652314.
Look, I do not have enough money so ...
Call line with my personal
which is ... Washington D. C. United States.
Number 7 6 2 6 9 1.
That's it. Thank you very much.
This service is amazing.
The Santo Domingo? Y is he a girl playing chess?
I would talk to him.
I will give you all my vehicles and all my railroad in exchange.
No chance. The bandit is in prison.
Look no further.
Do not bother of 2000 dollars.
K 1 X 20?
Exact. Jan. 50 XK?
Exact. Look, I ...
I can not tell you about. I know not what is happening,
or where I am.
But I feel that this business will explode.
I can not speak. Waiting for the phone.
Keep in touch. Got it?
Repeat the last part of the message.
It ... remains well ... in contact ... Got it?
How do I crack the code?
- Move Left. - Left?
- Right. - Right.
Even a double. Yet to me.
But where did you find it, Pete?
Do not you introduce me this young lady?
She is beautiful, eh, Renzo?
Very charming. Where did you meet?
They are in love.
I wish you of happiness ...
It is a ring you wear ...
An engagement ring.
You have the equipment?
All: 20 bottles,
masks, fins ...
You must have forgotten many something.
Right. We will soon plunge this afternoon.
I brought something else with me
Carmelita, I would like to introduce you Renzo Capetto,
my sister, Mary Belle ...
And here's Pete Peterson,
and I do not know who is this fat lady.
Porcina Perez.
You have really found this woman San Juan?
She lived in a house students
near the docks. It is incredibly nice.
Come with me, darling.
I'll show you our ... house students.
My men will be ready in an hour.
- Ready for what? - Get the chest.
Your men are divers?
These are the frogmen of our army.
I had the situation well in hand.
Mary-Belle could not fight against the attraction
you had to. Then SHE walked into my life.
I had not seen it happen but I felt his presence
and I knew my life would change.
Good morning. Who are you?
Carmelita Rodriguez.
Sparks Moran.
Through my experience, I knew she was attracted.
But I had eyes for Mary-Belle.
And Mary-Belle had eyes for Renzo.
And Renzo had eyes as for the gold.
You're going to capsize!
We are ready. Where is the Cuban army?
I know, but I'm ready.
The quest for safe had begun.
But the sea was full of Cubans dispersed by General
to find the safe.
All of these Cubans, only in the depths,
Renzo enabled to transformed into a sea monster.
A Cuban had found one solitary wrecks,
and Renzo had found Cuba's lonely.
Their attack was brutally orchestrated.
The victim had died.
The killers, delighted. But not satisfied.
Renzo had yet to be a dose of Latin blood.
We waited.
Sensing danger that lurked beneath.
Our came ugly jojos to find their prey.
It did not take them long time to end.
What has happened? He ran out of air?
- No. There is a monster! - How are you?
I swear, a real monster with claws!
You're an idiot. Who did this?
It's too dangerous for you here.
Flee and finally live our lives.
- I'm in love with Sparks. - Sparks Moran?
But how can you love? This is an idiot.
It's me that you love.
It's him that I love. And I do not want to see you!
If I can not live with it,
I'd rather kill myself.
- Do not kill. - But why?
Come, I'll show you. Come see the jungle.
I've seen the jungle.
Come you will see that you will love.
How will we still lose men?
We can stop the research.
I am an officer.
We will not stop before the trunk.
From now on, we plunge with weapons.
You're crazy.
Mr. Jack, this is my daughter. Mango.
I told him that Carmelita you did.
I said to comfort you.
Thank you, Porcina. But it was not worth it, you know.
-You do not like Mango? - If I like it.
She does not speak much English, sir.
Oh, it does not of problems.
I must go. I will find Junior Pete Peterson. He waits for me.
- Are you okay, Porcina? - I'm fine, my hero.
What happened to the Happy Jack?
- Come. I have brought you to them. - Them?
I did not understand what you said,
but it was certainly beautiful.
I feel the same way, Mango.
Never had I felt such a thing.
Yes, I know, Mango.
Look, there's Pete and Porcina.
Her name is Mango Perez. She is the daughter of Porcina.
It is almost as pretty as her mother!
Yes, she is wonderful.
Yeah. She knows how to make imitation?
Well I do not know. And I do not equal, I like it.
-You're going to marry her? - Why not?
If you marry Mango, Porcina wife and I,
I am your father!
What does that mean?
We can not talk here.
My husband could wake up and cause us trouble.
Yeah ... I just fight him.
I'm really tired to run.
You know what I want?
I would marry Mango and I moved here.
I could ride a tennis club.
They do not have clubs, they play with rats.
- You're right. - And you know what?
I wish I can also make the same thing.
Why not pique the trunk?
We could keep the gold, what do you think?
And Mary-Belle?
- I do not know about it. - It's still my sister.
We could keep for the household.
- Good idea. - And we could use Renzo.
What do you say? Deal?
They have eaten our share anyway.
- Mango. She wants to go swimming. - Okay.
Where are Pete and the little they knew we would dive.
I think ... They left in the jungle.
What is it? Hence it comes out?
This man is around us for a while,
he seeks Mr. Pete. He is angry.
That's his problem.
He wants to sell you his wife for $ 50
- And a case of rum. - It's an idiot.
Would you talk to him, I'm busy.
I will tell him to a little effort
to raise the stakes you negotiate for.
Negotiate anything!
Who would buy his wife?
Go, get it over with with all that!
Well, darling, you can make me keep it
because I can not use Tostada and without Jack to help me.
I keep the moron for you.
Renzo had finally Capetto found the trunk.
And its partner Renzo found Capetto.
- Why did you do that? - Why I did what?
Stops. Why did you kill her?
- I do not know ... - I told you to stop.
We have all seen
the same 5 incisions made by the rake
and that stupid green oil.
You can ask Mary,
I gave him the rake before descending.
It does not work. You had two reserve, remember?
Yes, but they are still there.
I can not convince him, tries.
I'm sorry.
This time, I'm with Jack.
So you believe it?
What could I think of another?
This monster, what's your idea.
And do not tell me it exists. I'm not stupid.
I am. I have always believed.
This monster must exist.
Or those damn Cubans trying to kill us.
- I do not work. - I do not care.
We will all die like the others.
We must get rid of these Cubans.
We will begin tomorrow Tostada with
Ok, Jack? Tostada?
The death threat had not stopped.
The brave General and Men wanted more,
as a challenge to these deadly waters.
But, as usual, they were not alone.
Renzo expected they disperse.
One of them walked away. There were just two.
Tostada took his route in this empty threat.
The killers approached him.
The observer jade watched them yet,
floating above a pathetic skull
which had belonged in Mango.
Finally, Tostada found his gold in his watery grave.
The General died as Generals should.
His mutilated body starting to drift
while his bloody murderers welcomed.
Jack had found the remains the dress
and realized what he had happened to his beloved.
When suddenly ...
- Do not touch me! - But, dear!
How can you stay calm?
How can you stay idle?
Cubans ave we were
- Then, who attacked? - You have to believe me.
I could never!
I saw what you did.
He sent your brother. We must go,
nobody but me can help you.
I love you so I could die.
Get out!
It was dusk.
I knew as the sun began to fold.
You were right, Señor.
My whole army is reduced to nothing.
I knew with the General's death.
I do not care trunk, and even more of this monster cursed.
I do not want him to kill another of my men.
Me either, Colonel.
I think we should go Trujillo
You can go anywhere you want.
- I'm going home - In America?
No, I could never return.
In Sicily.
I have an uncle who wonder long to join him.
The idea begins to please me.
Mary-Belle hates me for good.
I know. But I love you.
Carmelita, you will find someone who will love you.
Why do not you try love me?
That you might like.
I think I can try.
She pressed her red lips and hot to mine.
And I forgot everything except Carmelita.
My silent partner would not forget me.
It was.
A Government representative responsible
confident and could not do one thing.
Let me a chance to explain.
Okay, darling. But no matter
the direction that you take or what you can do well
or you can kill.
I will love you until the day of my death.
Renzo loved Mary-Belle
but he decided it was time leaving the vessel.
I have never met a girl like you.
You have spent all your life in a monastery?
I love you and I want to marry with you
- And take you very far. - It would please me much.
We have to live with the salary of a spy,
- Or $ 450 per week. - I do not care.
You're so strong and so smart.
You are able to solve everything.
There is nothing more attractive the world.
I'm not as smart I have the air ...
I must admit ...
I thought Renzo and the Cubans
wanted to steal the safe. And I was wrong.
The real killer was a monster.
You know what? You are beautiful!
I went with the girl.
And guess who went with the gold?