Charice Latest Interview about Glee and Career 3 of 4 ( With English Subtitles / Captions)

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[1st 4 seconds overlap with Part 1]
C: Oprah just finished her taping at that time and then, of course, she was then in a casual mood.
C: She went into the conference room and and I really froze in fear because I didn't know what's going on...
C:, then, she sat in front of the very nervous me and she said [C takes a deep breath] "Okay, I wanna help you. Tell me your story."
C: So I told her my life story, that my mom is a single parent and I really want to help my mom but I do not know how because...
C:'s like I'm losing hope, and that was when Oprah said... uhm... she even mentioned that she wasn't able to sleep the night before [after watching C's performance in the previous Oprah taping]...
C: .... even my staff people are singing your songs...
K: .... my driver ...
C: drivers talk about you... everybody is talking about you, up to the point where I am already on my bed and I even think of you...
K: Yeah, I heard that she even dreamt of you...
C: [laughs] ...she said when she woke up she still think of me...
C: Thats when she talked to her staff and said like, "Where's Charice?"
C: ...and her staff said like, I was on a plane bound for home...
C: ....and she said, "Stop the plane."
C: Then my mom and I were utterly dumbfounded![laughs]
K: So that's how powerful Oprah is [shows positive amazement] I mean, in Chicago, she can just say, "Stop the plane," and the airport authorities actually obey her! That's wicked, right!?
C: [laughs] ..most powerful...[laughs]
K: Mommy Raquel [C's mom] should have also been here! She's so much fun to talk to! Yeah, can you guys please call mommy.
C: Yeah, [refers to mom] come here mom! [laughs]
C: So there, when I said I was already losing hope...
C: She said, "No, don't lose hope. I promise you something big will happen."
C: Of course, you can feel it when this is it, you can feel that she is saying the truth...
C: My mom felt it too.
K: Yes.
C: So, right at that moment, Oprah called David [Foster] and told him that "You gotta work with this kid."
C: That was how I was connected to David. Because of Oprah.
C: The best thing that happened, that's why my life became like fairy tale...
C: ... was when I gave her my "Dream Journal". I drew all my dreams there when I was still 12 [C was 15 when she met O]...
C: I gave it to her and she made them come true one by one.
K: My god!
C: The first page showed me singing with Andrea Bocelli. She made it come true.
C: The 2nd page showed me singing with Celine [Dion]. She called Celine.
C: The 3rd page was Mariah and I. We met in Las Vegas.
C: The next (4th) page was Whitney [Houston] and I, then I met her. When I spoke to her I almost cried!
C: But I think the next page (5th)... Oprah became extremely glad because I made it come true through for my own family...
C:... which is when I gave my mom her own house and car.
C: I sent Oprah some pictures and she was very proud of me and the last page, is yet to come true, but I hope it comes true...
C: I want to see Tweety Bird. [laughs] I don't know how that is going to happen!
K: TWEETY BIRD?! The cartoon character?
C: [Laughs and momentarily leans back] Yeah, because I just felt like drawing at that time.
K: Is Tweety Bird even alive?!
C: [C + K laugh] She's a mascot. [laughs] I mean... just like that... I mean, I just randomly drew them back then... I don't know, let's see... [rolls eyes then laughs]
K: I'm so amazed... [it's english, no translation needed]
C: [laughs] I never really expected them to come true because I just love to draw and uhm, at one time, I even dreamed to be a real painter...
C: But never in my life did I expect that they will really come true.
K: My gosh! [jests/jokes around] We actually have some drawings here in the studio.
K:[makes hand gesture suggesting a frame] Can we send them to Oprah too? [laughs] I'm just kidding. [chuckles]
C: [laughs]
K: Nickstah asks...[reads twitter feed]
C: Hey Nicole! What kind of question is that!? [laughs]
K: What this? [reads feed] What's this... Justin Bieber... Why is Justin Bieber so popular?
C: The question.. I mean.. what do you mean?
K: If you're gonna choose a celebrity boyfriend...
C: Oh....
K: I myself have an answer for that, but I'm married...
C: For me, uhm...[hesitates]
K: Just for kicks, come on...
C: It should have been Justin Timberlake, but he has too many issues about him dating too many girls... [chuckles]
C: So, I rejected him! HAHA! I even have the gall to reject him! [laughs] (Note: 'Charing' is Filipino slang for 'I'm just kidding')
C: He's 20-something but I don't know... it's so hard to choose...
K: But Justin Bieber? He's very popular. There is even a campaign to bring him to the Philippines.
C: Oh, he's a nice person when we met.
K: Is he really cute?
C: Oh, he's cute and kind. That's what's special about him, aside from his talents.
K: Can you sing a part of that... what do call it... "Baby"?
C: [laughs]
C: [singing]
K: [applause] Wow that's great! Oh wow, okay!
K: Now SheenaOng asks, [reads twitter feed]
K: Ok wait, you were in Alvin and the Chipmunks? My son loves that movie. What did you do there ?
C: I was the chipmunks' rival singer. [laughs]
C: The setting was a school competion and I was representing my school.
C: So, I sang "No One" - Alicia Keys.
K: Oh yeah! can you sing a part of that (song)? I love that!
C: Okay. [singing]
K: My gosh! My god! [goes to read twitter feed] ... I don't know them... These are fans(referring to the sender)... I don't know these guys anymore (implying that she is already too old)
C: [Laughs] Well, right now, in the US, we belong to the same age group so we might eventually be compared to each other [Note: 'kasabayan' has no direct connotational equivalent in English], like their songs are fighting tooth-and-neck in the charts.
C: But I think, what's most popular in the US right now is pop. That is what they typically sing.
C: As to how I compare their songs to mine... well, especially my album... they are not all pop songs...
C: David Foster and I decided to put different genres on it. I don't want some people to feel out of place because not everyone loves pop music.
C: However, a majority of the content is pop... but there's rock, ballads... so listeners won't feel totally out-of-place... so I think that's what sets this album apart.
K: [english]
C: Shorts -- that's the skimpiest that I can go! [laughs]
K: [english]
C: Well, I can't really comment about her... [stutters] I think... uhm... she's younger than me...
C: She's younger than me, a year younger.
C: I was even shocked when I saw her [the new Miley], like wow.
C: But we can't really blame her because she may just sincerely want to change her image... and it spread throughout Hollywood, her change of image...
C: But my inspiration for style is Beyonce. I'm not really copying her style. She's wholesome but very fierce, she loves wearing black but she's very elegant and classy but she still cliques to the pop genre.
K: [english]
C: Actually.. like.. whenever I perform, she's like my inspiration because I feel like I'm two persons..
C: Like when I'm at the backstage or off-cam, I feel like I am the normal Charice.
C: But when I go onstage, I feel like, I'm different. I feel like there's a different aura.
C: I feel like, here's another big responsibility to show to everyone that you're really confident.
K: [english]
C: I really like that but I think my real favorite Beyonce song is 'Halo�