Elmer's Hardware How-to: Outdoor Flower Box Repair using Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue Max

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 26.07.2012

Hi, I'm Mark from Elmer's and today we are in the final assembly of our outdoor flower
uh... for this project as you can see i've pre drilled holes for screws but i
still wanna reach for my Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue Max it's a great
adhesive for all-weather conditions it's the only stainable wood glue out there and
it's really just can add to the strength and integrity
of the flower box itself so let's just go ahead
and run a quick bead throughout
the interior of the box
all three sides
i'll go ahead with the end piece and i want to coat
both surfaces
and after a run a quick bead when i get my
finger on there and smooth it out after just so I get a good
smooth coat
of glue
all the way across
now as we're setting this into the flower box
make sure we line it up
carefully because once this wood glue max sets up
it's gonna be hard as a rock that's great stuff
and of course we're gonna
take a damp cloth and wipe off any excess
and get it good and flush
grab a quick clamp
and tighten it up just touch, make sure we are
lined up and again just wipe off any excess with the damp cloth
that's fine
now i can go ahead and
finish up with the screws, let this cure for good twenty four hours and then
we'll be ready to paint, stain and decorate as you'd like
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