Super Robot War MX Gameplay and Translation

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Name: Hugo Medio ; Age: 20
Name: Aqua Centrum ; Age: 23
Main Mecha Setting: Garmred (Super Robot Type)
"Center Project" developed Mobile Suit prototype, which equips the Terminus Engine.
Garmred is specifically designed by the Project team to be a melee combat robot.
Main Mecha Setting: Cerberus (Realistic Robot Type)
"Center Project" developed Mobile Suit prototype, which equips the Terminus Engine.
Cerberus, specifically developed by the Project team,
to fulfill the purpose of high mobility and long range shooting combat.
Please pick a specific mecha serie.
The characters from the serie will be given 150% experience bonus.
As well as 2 extra units on mechanical upgrades.
Since the time of Universe Calender has arrived,
over 70 years of time has passed...
Events, which can shake the destiny of humanity,
have been continuosly happening.
For instance, from the other world, an armed force named "MU"
has appeared above the sky of Tokyo, and began a battle with the Earth Federation Army.
Falling into a full-armed warfare, MU, at the center of Tokyo Bay,
has made an unknown circular sphere, which is isolated from within.
Immediately after the incident, the South Pole
has a enormous meteor falling down.
The terrible disaster is the later known "Second Impact",
which has brought the Geosphere into a chaotic age.
Slowly moving on, being through the massive warfares,
such as the "One Year War" and the "Lizard War",
the Geosphere thought that it has finally come to a stable age;
yet, the "Gryps Conflict" and the "Devil Gundam Incident" have happened at an
incredibly close timing.
Meanwhile, the uninvited immigrants, the aliens of Baam,
have started their invasion on Earth.
On the other hand, within Earth, the "Mycenae Empire", the "Demon Empire", and the "Dinosaur Empire"
have all made their move to invade.
This is a crisis that has never happenned to the Geosphere;
however, with the interference of the Super Robot Alliance,
each forces have been successfully pushed back.
While forming a peace treaty with the aliens of Baam,
the "Neo Zeon", which was active during the end of the "Gryps Conflict",
has also been defeated.
But, the flare of battles has yet come to an end.
The "Lunar Empire of Giganos" declaring war against Earth, and the attack of the unknown "Angels", as well as the "Hisago Plan",
have covered their shadow over Earth.....
Humaninty, as of now, has been directed to the Finale;
and it seems to be the time to take the first step......
Mitar: "I've read your report, seems like the case is following the plan."
???: "In deed."
Mitar: "Medeus' development is about done. What's gonna happen with the pilot?"
???: "He's still standing by at the meeting point."
"Before we reach there, it's only gonna be me and AI 1."
Mitar: "mmm"
???: "And, Dr. Zapat, I assume the pilots of Cerebus are..."
"Hugo Medio and Aqua Centrum, those two, right?"
Mitar: "Of course, they're chosen from the beginning only for this"
???: "But..."
Mitar: "I understand that, at the moment, the test result isn't as pleasing"
"But, you've got to understand the reason is because of the instability to the TE engine."
"Afterall, their abilities cannot be undermined."
???: "........."
Mitar: "Or, is there a sense of guilt in you?"
"Especially Aqua Centrum... She's your..."
???: "I just thought that it would be suitable to use them as that child's rival."
Mitar: "That child? You meant AI 1?"
"Ah, I guess you're quite similar to that thing's parent afterall."
???: "...and why did TE engine become that side's Mobile Suit's gear?"
"AI 1 can also be capable of controling that thing, though I think it's still far from a good result"
Mitar: "It just came in handy. The balance right now is quite bad between the two sides."
"Plus, the AI 1 right now has DFC system, there is nothing it can't learn."
???: "Such as Sensor Control...sounds insane"
Mitar: "But, Aqua's data is something essential to AI 1, though you do not want accept this fact."
???: "...nah, AI 1 and Lazmnanium's true strength cannot be executed completely without a perfect TE engine."
"and all the the information on the Engine are only between them and you, doctor."
Mitar: "mmm"
???: "Lastly,... the main targets are the two battleships, right?"
Mitar: "That's right. Dianthus B and Neo Agama..."
"Their objectives seems to be collecting the forces of deterrence."
"If you mark them down, you can retrieve all kind of data you want."
"Got it. I will approach them closely first. See you, Doctor."
"Ah, if there's a good result... nevermind, that's enough. Just that, prove my theory is right."
"Lastly, I do not associate with them."