Interview with Javier Serrano "Xotic Guitars XS-2 Natural"

Uploaded by XoticGuitars on 23.06.2011


Now I want to talk about the guitar I'm using.
I usually use different brands and styles of guitars...
...depending on my needs.
This Xotic guitar was made for me with measurements and...
...and adjustments that I wanted.

Colors, cover and wood...
...everything was customized.
I really like the two singles and the humbucker.
They really help me in live performances.
It's designed with very well balanced Bass and Trebles.

The saddle and springs are...
...designed by Raw Vintage.
They have a very characteristic sound.
It's very close to the vintage sound.
It's a tone every guitarists love.
They were manufactured with the same qualities as vintage guitars.
The response of the springs are very smooth and fine tuned.

Let me show you.

I want to talk about the Xotic pickup.
The singlecoil sound like this. I really like the sound.

It has the characteristic of the real humbucker.
But it sounds very transparent.

You can really feel the saddle.

I feel very comfortable with this guitar.

It's very cool!