Rasberry Ketones Reviews - My Weight Loss Story Raspberry Ketone

Uploaded by RaspberryKetonesLife on 27.01.2013

Hi everyone, Sam here. I’ve made this short video for anyone who
is just starting out trying to lose weight, or for people who have been trying to lose
weight for a while but are struggling with it.
I know exactly how that feels, so I wanted to tell you about a weight loss solution that
a friend of mine put me on to, called Raspberry Ketones.
If you haven’t heard about Raspberry Ketones before, don’t worry, because when my friend
told me about it I did my due diligence. I’m going to let you in on the good and bad about
Raspberry Ketones, and whether they really work.
If you’re wondering what Ketones are, I can tell you they are compounds that appear
naturally in Raspberries, but in low doses. Like most supplements, Raspberry Ketone concentrates
the natural compound to high doses to maximise the health properties.
I was able to find a couple of medical studies which showed that raspberry ketone prevented
weight gain and helped prevent the onset of obesity. I think it’s misleading to say
that ketones burn fat on their own, but the studies I read did say that ketones help increase
normal metabolism and the speed at which fat is broken down. I’ll actually include the
references below the video because I think they are helpful.
I guess I was just tired of feeling depressed every morning when I got on the scales, but
what convinced me to try raspberry ketones was the massive results people were reporting
when they combined the supplement with exercise and healthy eating. I actually had to order
mine online. A couple of months in and I now wake up feeling
fantastic and I’m not afraid of stepping on to the scales anymore.
Raspberry Ketones aren’t cheap, but I’ll put a link directly below this video and show
you how to get a free month supply. All I know is that being able to walk past a mirror
without wanting to cry was priceless for me. I wish you luck with your weight loss. If
you are interested in Raspberry Ketones, click the link below to get started. Bye!