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we have so many great guests on the show i'm really excited about today's guest
jeffrey hazlett is a global business celebrity a
a book author a keynote speaker he's just
a renaissance man
so let's welcome Jeff to the show.
Hey, good to see you Jeff. Thank you so much for having me by the way i want to start this off
i noticed that you are always wearing a hat
and all the interviews
and i just thought that I should wear my hat as well
you know, so I brought my hat, and I want it to be known
amongst all of the marketers business people that watch the show that my hat is
So I want to state that right off the bat that I've got a much bigger hat than Mr. Ogden does.
You're a South Dakota cowboy, so everything has to be big.
Exactly! The first time I was introduced to my wife's great-grandmother
she's a small, petite thing. My wife is five foot one about one hundred and five
Grandma Agnus looked up at me, and she looked down at Tami
and she looked way up at me and she looked at Tami and said
isn't he bigger than necessary
and I'm starting right off the bat bigger than necessary
but you know
they taught me to take my hat off in south dakota
i happen to be out of my office in south dakota today i've just flew in from
Los Angeles
so I'm going to take it off because otherwise I'll blow the hat off with all
the stuff that we're going to share on this interview. Absolutely Jeff!
I've gotta say your bandwidth must be terrific because you're coming in
wonderfully well and the
last time we did this you didn't so you've must have upgraded South Dakota, I
don't know. Yeah, well the whole state I've actually borrowed some money from Trump
I bought the state
and i've been adding infrastructure changes ever since
*laughter* Good!
Well I'm going to start off with the question I ask every guest on this show and I'm gonna ask you
and it's real simple: Who are you and what do you do?
Well they term me as a global business celebrity but I've been called a lot of
different things
Forbes Magazine called me the Celebrity CMO, the German bloggers have called me
the chuck norris of marketing but
really what we do is we work with very high-growth businesses with the
Hayzlett group
and we work with a number of of major brands as well as small brands but all
those are very
high-growth companies and that in essence is what we do
I'm also known as a speaker and author. I do a lot of speaking and I've also
written two best-selling books "The Mirror Test" and
on my newest book "Running the Gauntlet"
and so both of those have been runaway bestsellers and we've been very, very excited
I just like to tell people I am here to help and that's what we try to do.
I like that Jeff, and helping is such a great concept.
And I've got to say, here's the Mirror Test, so that's your other one.
Side by side! Right there! Look at that!
Two bestsellers right there.
Mega-hits! So I say go to Amazon and buy these books! They're fun to read.
So, anyways. You've got an extensive marketing background
you were CMO of Kodak,
you've done a lot of stuff. So what do you see as some of the,
and you do a lot of speaking about this,
the world keeps changing, right? And there's new marketing channels and strategies.
What do you think are some of the things people are missing today?
well I mean I think the biggest thing that people are trying to do right now
is get closer to your customers, I mean
you know I was at a sales seminar not too long ago
or event or conference and
someone said that it's all about relationships and I said well when did it stop being about
relationships and
especially with the things that we're seeing in social media.
What we are seeing is a real
resurgence of getting closer to our customers which
we should have been doing all along the most businesses that have been very
close to their customers have done a great job and you've always seen that
exhibited in companies such as Apple,
or Nordstroms, you know who they are.
But we are seeing more and more of that. We're seeing trends about how
how we get in front of our customers to know what they're thinking
before they know what they're thinking
you know we're working with a company like Sight Marketing
where we see a company that says
how do they stay a half-second or one second ahead of the customer
and being able to pull together the information
use all the data that's out there because being able to
access a multitude of data and then be able to make some sense out of it
In another area is certainly you know in terms of the online research that was
we are seeing. We're working with a company
called iTracks out of Canada
which is all around mobile marketing
and focus groups and when we used to do that behind a two-way glass mirror about
how to put that online, how to put that on a a mobile device will be able to get
input from your customers as you need it
that's real critical
and then let's talk more about the mobile side you know we work with companies like
and others, but in particular Verizon,
and utilize the analytics
you get
from all that you know and and they have a mobile strategy for a lot of marketers
you know their mobile strategy is I have an iphone app. Well you need a lot more from
that and so you really need to be starting to think about when your
CEO or the rest of the executive team turns to you and sys
what's our mobile strategy that you have one in place because
that mobile device and
you know that you have that phone
is the most personal device that we have today
as individuals, as consumers of information
and utilizing that tool.
We know
where our phone is more than our children are
that's how critical our phone has become part of our lives
Those are some things, and many others that I see
but those are you know the three things: how do we get closer to our
and access the data
and build a community so that you're closer to a customer
anticipate what their needs are to be in front of them.
how to be able to get more in-depth information from our customers
Where they're at today which is online and mobile and via video
and then the third area in terms of being able to have a strategy in place
to take advantage of all that information
i think that some great advice and i especially appreciate your comment
about the personal relationship we have with our mobile device. I told
Christina that my iPhone is a female. Why?
Because it the last thing i see at night and it's the first thing i see in the
morning so it's definitely female.
I gotta tell you TMI baby, TMI. Too much information right there!
And I can imagine that when you
get up in the morning i think your phone turns its lenses off. I'm just going
to point that out.
Well I'll also give one other quote which I found which was very interesting. Years ago
A top executive at GE talking to Jack Welch and said what would you recommend
than i do first
And he said, go talk to customers they never lie to you. you
Well, I mean, some customers will lie to you. Let's be straight.
I'll be able
to tell you what I mean about that later
but there are some customers that will lie to you. The key is to listen correctly
and to get the information and to get
to see it in action. When you see things in actions and see how customers
interact with you in real life and that's really truly where you can get
it and use it
and then act on that information. Always go to the customer.
Absolutely, absolutely.
now there's a lot of discussions about the differences between the B2C
marketing and B2B. Where you see is the main differences?
Oh, one's with businesses and one's with consumers?
But aside from that
there are some differences in the way in which you reach out to that but the
methods are pretty much the same but the scale is different
in terms of how you would utilize it
and the way in which you would utilize it but i think the same inherit issues that you
have in terms of
the disciplines that you have around branding
or product marketing or product positioning and messaging and then
you know all the tools the tactics
you just do them a little bit differently in the way in which you deploy them but
that's pretty much the same. I've had
and bold saying for many many years a box of soap will cure a disease or a
political candidate
there's not much difference in marketing its just in the packaging
so the way in which we would go to market is different but the tools are
really the same
The disciplines are the same. I've done both B2C marketing at a major major you
know brand worldwide
an iconic brand
and I've also been, well hopefully, one of the best B2B marketers
I tend to like B2B marketing better
because you can have more control on it in my opinion
you can see more immediate results from that in my opinion
And you can try
lots of different things and to me it's more about the relationship than it is
the media
or the mediums
and so i typically do, or I typically do
more B2B and that's most of what we specialize in
sounds good an earlier guest said it's all P2P
right person-to-person. You know, it really is.
it's always about people that is the most important thing
I don't know who
who wrote the book everything we learn we learn by kindergarten pr we learn in
kindergarten. There's a lot of truth in that.
I don't remember.
One of the things you talk about in both of your books
are your personal conditions of satisfaction
what do you mean by that? What are your personal conditions of
satisfaction. Yeah, well personal and then I talk about mutual conditions of satisfaction
I do actually cover both of those
yesterday I flew in on a red eye from where I had been filming a
television show
the whole day before. And I got in the morning
on the first thing i did was meeting with the new team members who had about
six or seven of those
together and I hadn't had a chance to meet some of them
and so we spent time working on mutual conditions of satisfaction or what
we're talking about what we call promises
and how we have a customer and a performer and everything that we do
as an action cycle in the middle of that action cycle sits the promise
But on the personal side
you know what is and why is that you're doing what you're doing i think it's
very important for you to be very clear
about the things that drive you in your business or drive you in your
your profession or or the things that you want to do in life and so for me
it's around a couple of things i want a build
personal wealth and so I have wealth for me and my family
i want to have fun in everything i do
and when i grow professionally so
if i mean engaging
in something
that doesn't meet those ends for me or doesn't fit that filter
then why would i want to do those things and that's reason why
i've gotten out of other positions because I just didn't find them
as fulfilling as before or they weren't fun
but to me i have to have all those things. Those are my own personal
conditions of satisfaction so
my question to those that are watching today are what are yours. What are
the things things that you use to define
what you're going to do and how you're going to
build your life or build your
your profession or your relationships
if that doesn't meet those personal conditions of satisfaction
then why are you doing you know
and I actually think in my first book
The Mirror Test I said why are you in this game?
In the game of marketing the game of life of the game or
and the game of being married or whatever might it might be, you can apply these things in that manner
and be able to say these are the reasons I do it and they meet my needs of
my personal conditions of satisfaction so that when
it's over i can say yeah, I'm satisfied
i want to do that
and then I can take that into the business side
and actually be able
to show people how to do this
you know on the business side as well
Very good Jeff
some good stuff. Now you talk about personal conditions of
satisfaction so i think this is a appropriate next question of
marketers who were on here who want to grow professionally
You've gone from
from working for a company to speaking and writing
what do you recommend how people actually build their own selves and their
own careers
Well I think what is it you want to do and how do you want to stand for the things
that you're doing in life, you know
in terms of of life itself. I mean what is it you want to do? You want to be a
global business celebrity, you want to be a
the best at the PR side, you want to be
the best marketer
so it's got to be very clear about what what you're trying to do and
how you try to do it
yet we almost have to go back to that question what do you want to be when you
grow up
you know ... exactly
good now one of the main themes in Running the Gauntlet is change. Change the
mood change the culture change everything
Why is change so important?
well i think the biggest thing you can do
is once, and we do this as business owners and as business leaders all the time
we're trying to set things up and we get it set up we think well once we get it set up
let's try the efficiencies of it, and now we know we can rest back
and that's not when you should be resting you should be going okay once i
get there how can i make it that much better
so it really gets into a mindset of what it is we can do in our businesses and
lives just to continue to change
and i just found you know that's fine. Oprah Winfrey says you should
change your hair-do every three years so I mean
if Oprah says it's right, it's gotta be right
So really, the point is
it's continue improvement and just in being in the state of change all the time i
mean you're just that much further
in continuing to get that business rolling where you want to
or your personal life whatever just to me it makes perfect sense. I couldn't
understand why you wouldn't want to do that
very good point i think and I think it
leads us into the next point. A thing you said in Running the
Gauntlet is the company's need to adapt or die and we have so many examples
of companies that failed to adapt. Some of the names are Kodak obviously
Hostess has been in the news recently
you know Twinkies haven't changed much
Well there's nothing wrong with a Twinkie man, it's just the people who are running
that business that are the problem. I mean the Twinkies...
we all know that a Twinkie will last for a lifetime no matter what. If you just
leave it in the container
100 years from now you'll still be able to eat it.
You're right. so why is it so important that companies need to
adapt to a changing world
Because the world is changing. Nothing stays the same. It's never been the same
for the last five years it's not going to stay the same for the fifty years. It's not going
stay the same time
for the last five months
Things are continuing changing so why wouldn't you want to adapt?
i think we're all agree that you know darwin's theory of evolution is
changes as it has been
because certainly one's proven itself out in terms of adaptive species well
have been doing the same kind of things
in our business while realizing neutrals i mean if you if you're still sticking
to writing letters by hand i think it's pretty much noticing that time go by
you know in the early e-mails are becoming that though
so we have to learn to adapt in order to change if we don't so we gotta change
adapt or die
that's the bomb line i'm
to meets pretty fundamental
you're right at five counties have to continue
early continue to adapt and especially as you know when you're on top campaign
he showed a great chart i remember saying of thus a little i'll just drop
off a class uh... which happened at kodak india got a continual that's gonna
happen everybody's business info he just
just leon
we have not been nothing's said that it's it's written in
so nominate luggage and and dot racing around the dogs in the race
uh... you know
it's better to be the first started in the second week of the second one
doesn't have a preview
between eleven and so
it's always better to be willing to host the mood in the second at the last word
allocates or we'll get into the end of the year a lot of companies are starting
to mark the plans together for two thousand party
dot what do you think they should be thinking about as they start moving into
a new year
does nothing for growth one of the ways in which they can go
you know the top-line growth or margin share
well market share
so coming back to most marketers
if you look at it
you get to the fundamental things that they were being measured at all
he'll be measured on the top-line growth we've been measured by a margin growth
urban measured by customer satisfaction
and they certainly measured by some level of brand value
envelope marketers and a major companies are also
uh... measured by how well they get along with other people and to see
sweetened so most dominant carrier looks about as much about that is going to be
other worlds
so that should be a focus on the customer and the customer satisfaction
you typically winston top-line growth realism
long-term growth
so continually focus on what is that we can do to put customer forced
in customer centric
living more customers entered it leads to those things so i think organization
should really step back and take a look at
are we doing the things that are customers are asking us to
an army anticipating the bosnians are ahead of time
again getting back to my boys before about some of the major trends around at
my homeboy
thinking about all that data
we have seventeen c_ r_ m_ systems
fifty five different databases
that i think the government controlling everything explained lots of pain and be
able to find out those customers who what household abuse you haven't been
terms of how they're interacting with your various products services uh... and
buying those services
but then how can i eat you know i something the state a second ahead of
so i'm anticipating these these while researching my doing to find out what
those needs are showing no but true
you know the truth and the customers are doing and i mean in-depth customer bogus
research that i won't be able to be mobile
or someone
the online not the way used to do it
on clinton that drinking in-state instantaneously mel happening every
and then the third piece of that
is how i go to where they are you know i talk about sam chemists and singers who
was a good balakrishna medium but i think you missed the really smart
intellectual person in terms of the stock used to tell people that were
starting to go through the whole routine
uh... they believe in the desert you lived in the senate who doesn't grow on
the same as it moved to where the buddhist
and so in this case the good piece that was talking about earlier and trends and
that's world mobile devices and on mobile justices work
people are are now moving to
so how did you become part of that infrastructure and be part of how we
interact with customers with again the most personal device that they're going
to possibly use
at some great advice on what is jeffrey hazlett local business like partying
cowboy planning for two thousand thirteen
and then i should probably will have to this woman in her sleep
do you know i think jeff you've got to do this space arrogant of the activity
yourself all of your guest wear hats i think
that would probably be a really cool thing to think about that
well we have a good but if you're wondering is there is presently bridger
mentioned we're gonna cause for customers
we're trying to submit their needs
and then we're going to go to whether or not so it's a big part of what we do
undergoes he has a lot more abysmal uh... certainly on the spokesperson for
our companies and pouring look the brand in terms of the activity
so this is a lot more on television this year
well maybe with the show it to that will be doing over home
but you'll see there's been a lot more outspoken in uski items in the issues
that marketers and businesspeople apace in because of the court
unrelated business personal loans have been
bought and sold over two hundred and fifty businesses in my career
and i'm going to continue to be very
advocate for growth in this next on the upcoming year
great stopped up and i i i i hope you have a great year in two thousand team
last question
aren't you worth it probably one of our you in your organization in your blocks
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how did they find out about jeffrey hazlett
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middle class
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crates topped it off
i think that jeffrey except for being the guests on the show he was a really
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