Konferencja w Tarnowie - prezentacja LearnIT

Uploaded by ChrisCiapala on 22.03.2010

The title of the presented project is LearnIT.
This project has been funded with support from the
European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme.
It is the Transfer of Innovation project.
TOI projects are mainly focued on:
- exploiting products elaborated within the framework of previous projects
- transfering its content
- implementing and adapting the content to new circumstances.
The main goal of the LearnIT project is to:
- transfer and update two products created
within two different Leonardo da Vinci projects;
- create an innovative training system which is available anytime anywhere; designed for IT professionals in the SME sector.
One of the source projects is called TALAS
from which we transfer an innovative training approach
which was elaborated within the framework of the project
coordinated by an Italian organisation.
ICTinSME project was the second source
from which we transfer didactic materials
used in the process of Technical English language learning
which were elaborated and created within the framework of the project
coordinated by Bulgarian organisation.
Therefore, LearnIT project is a combination of
TALAS and ICTinSME results with added innovative value.
The project is innovative in three different perspectives:
Sectoral, Geographical and Technical
Sectoral perspective - former training approach was used in
Tourism sector.
Now it meets the needs of IT specialists in SME sector.
Geographical perspective - the products are transferred,
translated into new languages
and adjusted to the needs of partucilar countries.
Technical perspective - tools elaborated within the framework of previous projects
are updated and adjusted to the latest technichal standards.
LearnIT project has two main target groups.
Namely, IT professionals in SME sector, especially women.
The others are training institutions, which may include
new solutions to their training offer,
young people with technical education, IT teachers
and others who use innovative solutions
based on e-learning supported by m-learning.
A brief introduction to m-learning.
m-learning is a method of distance teaching
supported by wireless technology.
Three basic devices that are used to facilitate m-learning:
Smartphones, palmtops and laptops.
LearnIT project is generally focused on the training provision
mainly through Smartphone devices
that are based on three different operating systems
First of them is Symbian, then Microsoft Mobile and Blackberry.
Here are presented some examples of Smartphones.
The partnership that has undertaken the project consists of
Danmar Computers from Rzeszow as the coordinator of the project;
OAKE Europe from Manchester, UK
DC Center from Rzeszow;
AcsymirySoft from Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Femxa Formacion S.L. from Vigo, Spain
and FOR.COM. - Rome, Italy.
Thank you very much for your attention.