Convo's Resolutions for Year 2013

Uploaded by convorelay on 03.01.2013

It's hard to believe that 2012 has come to a close.
Where did the time go?
Here at Convo, we want to grab this opportunity to look back
on our 2012 New Year resolutions.
We had three resolutions:
The first was to receive FCC Certificate.
It was Convo's goal of 2012,
and sure enough, we were granted a conditional certificate.
However, this doesn't mean that we're done.
It is still our goal to receive a final and official certificate.
As for the second goal,
when Convo first started up our only available service was through the VideoPhone.
In 2012, it was our goal to make Convo accessible
through laptop, computer, VideoPhone, pagers, Android, iPhone-- you name it.
In reality today, all devices have access to Convo.
Thirdly, Convo wanted to establish a community center
and expand our customer service to include interaction with the Deaf community.
As you can see, our community center is now in the making,
which means that this is yours too.
Need to reserve a room? Need Internet access?
Now you have this community center.
This is for you.
Now, with 2013 at our front door,
what will be Convo's goals for this year?
What are our New Year resolutions?
These are Convo's goals so far:
we want to make sure that Convo isn't simply a VRS company with the technology and interpreters.
No, we want to expand our services so that we become a center
for those who want to know Deaf business owners and how to contact them.
We want to utilize this information in a community exchange.
Convo Anywhere, our no-download service available through our website,
has since been for making VRS calls only.
In 2013, we want to broaden our services to include
making point-to-point calls to VideoPhone 200, OJO, and more.
Now you can chat with friends with Anywhere!
As for our last resolution, it's going to be a big goal that won't only be an improvement for Convo
but a game-changer in the VRS industry.
What is it?
This is an important one, a huge goal for 2013 and beyond.
Your VRS experience has been typically consisted of starting a video conversation with an interpreter,
engaging in the call, and then you and the hearing caller hanging up.
But that's not all that there is to it.
On the hearing caller's side, when they pick up the phone, what's the first thing that they hear?
"Hello, this is VRS Interpreter number ---, I'm now connecting you to a Deaf caller."
Well, what about who you are?
You're the important person here and you should come first, not VRS.
Convo's goal is to re-prioritize so that you come first, VRS second.
Now, we're curious about what your New Year resolutions are!
Come over on Facebook and Twitter and share them with us and everyone else!