Warning - Eyelash Extensions Risks

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Imagine your world like this. [pause] [music]
It is so easy to take our eyesight for granted. But lose it and your world changes. In an
effort to avoid the seemingly high price of eyelash extensions many people are attempting
this procedure on themselves as if they were simply painting their nails. Applying eyelash
extensions is not a 20 minute do it yourself project that you can take on in your own bathroom
with a kit you bought online or at the neighborhood beauty supply store. This is very dangerous
and not worth the price you may pay in trying to cut cost. Eyelash extensions are tediously
bonded to each individual lash. This procedure typically last up to 2 hours when done by
a professional. If you attempt to do this on your own it could take all day and that’s
if you are lucky. Sharp tweezers, such as these, are used to apply each individual lash.
You do not want your eyes open with these objects in such close proximity. The eyes
must remain close the entire time of the procedure. So that the strong fumes from the adhesive
do not irritate and damage the eyes. So, obviously you cannot do this procedure on yourself with
your eyes close. In order to ensure that your eyelash extensions are applied in the safest
way, have this done only by a professional that is specifically trained and certified
in applying eyelash extensions. Keeping the eyes close during the procedure is not the
only precaution to take. Be sure that your eyelash extension technician is utilizing
a formaldehyde free, pharmaceutical grade lash adhesive. Now the only company that utilizes
this quality on adhesive is NOVALASH. This adhesive can only be purchase by a certified
individual and it is relatively expensive. But you do want to guard against the damaging
fumes of these adhesives. Formaldehyde, which is found in most eyelash glue, may cause skin
irritations, allergies, and more. Your eyes are worth the extra care. Now it is vital
to take the utmost care when having procedures done that involve the delicate eye area. The
benefit of having beautiful lashes upon waking up every morning makes this procedure priceless.
It is something that every woman should do to treat themselves. Now in order to find
out how to find a certified eyelash extension technician go to my website MsToi.com. And
also link on to my video here on my YouTube channel Professional Eyelash Extension Before
and After to actual see a professional demonstration of eyelashes being applied. And don’t forget
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beauty tips. The is Ms Toi I hope to see all you Nani Glams next time. And let’s make
sure we can see that we can see this beautiful world.