Dima Bilan [Eng subs] Personal Belongings - Part 3

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This student book - which college does this book belong to?
It's from the Gnessin State Musical College, which is on Povarskaya.
The one you've just talked about?
Could you tell us please, to conquer the musical Mount Olympus, which human qualities should one give up? Kindness, courtesy? Or not?
I had periods when I said that to myself. That I won't do certain things anymore, which I considered good, because they are not valued or they are exploited. For example, I even had some writing about it.
I wrote about why in show business anyone sincere, who wants to talk about themselves honestly, is considered either a simpleton, or a fool, or an idiot or something else.
It was terribly infuriating and upsetting for me. I thought "How can this be?" If you join a company of, say, artists when you are entering the ranks of our show business.
Probably everyone asked themselves that question. I promised myself that I'd never do it again, won't do good, subjectively speaking. There were many various situations.
For a long time there was a biased attitude towards me. For example, even if we consider Jurmala, where I also had to go through a kind of school of life.
Yury Shmilievich was an independent producer, after all. He wasn't part of any coalitions. Didn't share with anyone, so to speak.
So I was the object of frequent outbursts at rehearsals, and I always carried the label that I work with Yury Shmilievich Aizenshpis.
Before, it used to upset me terribly. I was awfully disappointed, and I was deflated. But I've outlived.
And this desire to prove that I'm not the same as everyone else, that I'll be better - that turmoil really gave me some sort of push, and I am grateful for that.
I am grateful to Yury Shmilievich Aizenshpis as well.
When all this came out of the bag it seemed that it would go on forever (points to the diaries)... What is this, anyway?
This is a good tradition. The first sketch happened when I came to Moscow for the first time, and I had to share with someone...
All this was written by you?
Yes, written by me.
You wrote so much?
I wrote so much.
Is that poetry, prose?
There's poetry, there's prose, there are white poems, which swiftly turn into stories.
So, you seriously write, do writing?
: You know, I wrote more and more often when it was emotionally difficult for me, when I had to share with someone - at that time with a book.
And now?
Now I write less. Can you imagine?
So, for you this writing - this is just a psycho-therapeutic activity, i.e. when problems pile up and you need to purge yourself of them?
At some point, I remember, I pestered with questions. Each child goes through a stage of asking their parents: "What did you do? How did you study, dad? Tell me, show me. What was that and where?"
And to be honest, we moved a lot, and that's why many various facts were lost. Some facts from the life of people you want to emulate.
And I got this feeling, that I'll correct this mistake for myself, I will definitely keep everything. If I have children, I'll tell them and show them everything. Look, I experienced this here, and that there.
- You did all this for children? - Yes.
- Is it possible to read some of it? - I can recite without all this.
- From memory? - Yes. - Go on.
Love knocks on piano keys, as if it's making us forgive, And think again, and come back from the dead,
To fall in love again, to love without shame And maybe even unrequited Until last breath, until last frame.
Again, chords slap in the face, skin crawling from despair. The only words left to say at the end of the affair, "Forgive me. I'll be the past".
But the sun still rises and, seemingly, finds this And for a moment hides, goes away, aghast
Turning away from shame, from this disgrace Of another destiny of simple happiness. With shadow in its place Revealed by your grudging feelings in a crumpled napkin.
Life chooses unpredictable, spinning roulette of fate making. You're leaving? So let it be. I'll, too, pretend this pain is trifling to me.
This is a poem of a tormented person. Do you feel suffering often?
Well, yes. Yes, it happens.
You give an impression of an absolutely successful, lucky guy, who doesn't really suffer and has 158,564 girlfriends...
And the same amount of money, right?
Yes, and the same amount of money.
You know, how can I say, probably one of the driving forces, the fuel of my progress forward might be this suffering. It helps.
I'd like to say that sometimes I realise this really is the fuel for advancing in your life. Although I do enjoy what I do. But a lot had to be learned in practice.
For example?
For example, when Yury Shmilievich Aizenshpis passed away. When I saw people, who I thought were people... In the same month two of my friends and Yury Shmilievich died.
And I experienced something unbelievable. I was at a memorial service in the Cinema House and I said this, "Let's be real! Enough of being heartless! Let's value each other!"
This speech turned into a morality preaching, perhaps. And some people approached me and said, "You know, you shouldn't have said all that. It might have offended some people.
They are not interested that it's your opinion and that you have a right to it. And accusing someone at this time is stupid". It was immediately obvious who was offended by those words. It was said quite seriously...
Is the world of show business cruel?
Very cruel...
But why are you saying that with such a charming smile?
Because it's necessary to understand what you are involved in and what's going on.
And where is cruelty?
In all this perceived beauty, in all this chase. However you think you're in control of it, you can't control it; eventually you get in too deep.
And you realise, you'll be an unhappy person if you don't overcome these difficulties.
Are you scared of losing your fame? Are you scared that ambitious replacements will turn up?
They'll turn up in any case, obviously.
Are you scared that at some point it will happen? There are very few lasting singers like Josef Kobzon, who became famous and - God, give him health.
There are very few singers like that. But there are many singers who soared and then disappeared. Are you afraid of this?
I think, it doesn't apply to me anymore.
What doesn't?
Soared and disappeared. Why? Probably, because the fear that it might happen mobilised me... I'm sharing today, I'm very honest today...
Thank You.
Already now I understand that, probably, I've become part of history. I'm pleased. You know, to be honest, this might have been one of the main motivations in my life.
Not only enjoyment, which, in principle, influences everything else, but also the fact that I'll probably become part of history in some way.
How do you see your future? Will you continue to be who you are? Or would you like to try something else?
Of course, at this time I'm trying different things. Now, I'm trying to ice skate.
I see myself connected with music, singing obviously, because I think nothing else will give me as much pleasure as this does.
Maybe I'll form some sort of recording company. A few more big steps are needed to achieve this.
So, you won't leave this path? You won't become an artist, a writer, a poet?
But why not? I'd really like to act in a movie. And have been choosing a script for a long time. I have a lot of them. I'd really like to start with something serious.