Custom Made Earrings Tutorial - Laura Friedman -

Uploaded by CustomMadeCom on 29.03.2012

Basically design a pattern of a shape for an earring, or a dangling piece for an earring
And you cut the sheet metal, flat sheet metal
It could be sterling, brass, it could be gold if you want
Filing is part of it, then you go from the basic shape
You can change the shape, you can leave it flat
Or hammer, use different kinds of hammers
Use soft hammers that don't mark so much, or use harder hammers like stainless steel hammers to make a shape
Other tools to bend, there are all sorts of amazing different kinds of pliers that each do different things
Then forming, and making decisions about how you want to finish
Do I want to scratch it? Do I want to hammer it?
Do I want to keep it smooth and shiny? Do I want to change the shape some?
And then I have to test out how it hangs