Denmantau // Almost Famous America Tour - The Movie 3/3

Uploaded by denmantau on 28.10.2012

Go, go, go!
So tell me guys... What is the current mood right now?
It's surely really depressing, isn't it?
It looks like you're feeling really bad
The mood is between hangover and the next beer
That way you can't see my privates, can you?
Okay what's happening here, Paul?
Well, snow in summer!
Snow in summer?
Snow in summer! For real?
Right through the legs
Snowball-fight in summer, that's normally only for the rich, isn't it?
Do you know what I'm gonna do when I'm freezing tonight?
Tell me
I'll jump in a comfy jumper
and come back here
with your jumper?
Oh Gosh Jakob! That truly is fairly irresponsible of me...
oh boy
Yeah, why don't you show our viewers
the awsome mountains we're enjoying right now
Check this out
Back there we got snowy mountains
Yep, there is snow
Over there, too
All over the place
Now it's time to chill out
Finally we can relax after the whole stress in L.A.
Appointments, appointments and more appointments...
If I would wash my feet right now
They'll be dirty when I walk back That's bollocks!
So you can...
No, go over there and wash your feet
... massage my feet. They aren't that dirty.
Dude... your feet are totally black
Jonas show me your feet! I'll show you what's black
Ok, you didn't walk barefoot today, did you?
Allright, go and wash your feet...
Show me your feet
Nasty. What happened with them?
Well, that was a plopped blister
But now, go over there, wash your feet, put on flip flops and come back
But then they'll get wet... that sucks.
So were a pair that can get wet, for example Milans
Mine shouldn't get wet as well...
Why not? You can put on your sneakers
How much was it?
Nice that you tuned in to the denmantau...
Shut up
I didn't expect you
Nice that you tuned in