Illicit Financial Flows, Malaysia

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How are you?
How are you?
What's up? Anything new?
China ranked top in
illicit outflows
This report released by Washington based financial watchdog,
Global Financial Integrity GFI
You know?
Illicit outflows or capital outflows is intended to disappear from any record
in the country of origin
In addition,
earnings on the stock of illegal capital flight outside of the country
do not return to the country of origin
The capital outflows
stem from crimes, corruptions, tax evasion and other illicit activities
Yes, right
China is full of crimes, corruptions, tax evasions
and illicit activities
China is the world's second largest economy behind the US
As of 2011, China's nominal GDP by industries is worth
more than US $7 trillion
The economic reform brought benefits but at the same time also opportunities for
the capital flow
Therefore, it is not too surprising to see China being ranked at the top
What is surprising or shameful is Malaysia
What about Malaysia?
Malaysia recorded only less than US $280 billion
GDP last year
However, Malaysia is ranked 2nd by GFI with a lost of more than
US $64 billion in illicit outflows
GFI claimed this report were made with conservative estimation
Many cash transactions like drug trafficking, human trafficking
and other crimes were not included!
This is surprising!
And shameful!
Malaysia Boleh? -Boleh?
Malaysia Boleh?
Boleh for the wrong reason