Joachim Garraud @ COACHELLA festival

Uploaded by joachimgarraud on 24.06.2011

There are lots of people,
and I'm, one more time,
very proud to be here,
and super excited.
We're going to make a tour,
to take some good ideas for Inox Park...
When Americans organise something,
they do it at 100% !!
Let's go !
I'm very stressed !
I hope that everything will be fine,
because it's already difficult technologically speaking.
See you !
That's it ! This was Coachella.
It was a great experience, and it was fantastic !!!
I loved it !!!
I got enough adrenaline to stay awake for months !!
public was crazy, super technology,
everything worked well.
I played every track I love.
Hey, look at these balloons:
they come direct from Burning Man Festival !
We are now in the backstage of Coachella.
It's behind the scenes, and it's a real village.
Excuse me ?