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Scarlett Johansson will have her directorial debut with a Truman Capote short story.
Capote wrote Summer Crossing around the 1940's
but he ignores it until someone else finds it and publishes it in 2005.
It talks about an adolescent girl who finds her sexual independence and
wants to free herself from her stifling family in New York.
Variety reports that Bill Spikings (The Deer Hunter)
will produce the movie which will be adapted by New Yorker screenwriter Tristan Skylar.
Who knows how Johansson will do as a director?
It's true that in the last years she worked with most important directors:
from Robert Redford to Woody Allen, from Brian De Palma to Christopher Nolan.
Director Steve McQueen has produced a movie
in which finally the incredible qualities of Micheal Fassbender come through.
Shame, which got the best reviews at Venice Film Festival and in Toronto,
it's not just a movie that captures New York's beauty,
but also reveals a story of extreme intimacy.
The director got a NC-17 rating but in his story he's never gratuitous or erotic.
Fassbenders puts on scene the greatest of his performances.
Carey Mulligan is also in the cast, she plays Brandon's sister,
Fassbenders role, and in a scene she sings with a beautiful voice
“New York, New York” by Liza Minelli.
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