Aleene's Decoupage Clipboard Art Frame by Tiffany Windsor

Uploaded by Cool2Craft on 30.12.2012

Hi! I'm Tiffany Windsor. I have a super cool way for you to display
interchangeable artwork
on a clipboard.
With this clipboard project it's very easy to personalize it for your own style.
The first step is to take your clipboard and remove the clip at the top.
All you need to do is to just use a screwdriver.

Now you have the back of the clipboard that lays flat so it's much easier to
craft on.
I want to decoupage onto the clipboard
so I take my
scrapbook paper
and I just line up the clipboard
and draw a line where I want to cut to fit the scrapbook paper.
Take your scissors and just cut along your lines.
I like to check my cut paper to make sure that I have a nice fit
and that it will cover the clipboard.
And the next step is to use your Aleene's Matte Decoupage. You could also
use the gloss finish
and start brushing it on to the clipboard.
And you want to move fairly quickly in this step
this will soak into your clipboard
and so you want to continue to move along and cover the entire
clipboard with your Aleene's Matte Decoupage.
Smooth out any excess ridges of the decoupage medium.
We're going to quickly set this aside
so that we can apply the decoupage medium onto the back of our cut paper.
And apply this right down onto the wet decoupage medium that's on the
and you do have a few minutes to slide it around just a little bit so that you
have it placed exactly where you want it.

Smooth out some of those extra bubbles with your hand
and then apply a coat
of decoupage medium
over the top of the paper.
Once I brush it on and while it's still wet, I just use my finger
and start to push out any air bubbles that do start forming
and this is where it's really important that you have enough medium so it still
remains wet
for you to push out those bubbles.
And finally I'll come back and just smooth out
the decoupage medium,
and then you would let this dry completely.
For the next step in this project, I want to layer several pieces of my
scrapbook paper
over a piece of lightweight mat board
and again we're going to use our Aleene's Decoupage medium.
I'm lining up the first layer of scrapbook paper
you want it to line up fairly closely but it doesn't have to be exact
we can cut this down when the piece is dry so that all of the edges are
completely even.
I've already applied decoupage to the back of this piece
and I want to line it up
and apply a coat over the top.
Once you finish applying your Decoupage, just let this piece dry completely.
Let me show you how to assemble your clipboard art.
I attached the clip back onto the board
with the screwdriver,
I tied a looped bow and attached it to the clip with wire
and on that layered scrapbook paper that we decoupaged together, I glued a piece of
ribbon in place,
and I also
took a frame and painted it to match my decor, and used a wet wipe to pull the extra
paint back so it's a reverse antique effect.
Iremoved all the extra hardware from the back of the frame so I can glue it
flat onto my scrapbook paper, and I glued an embellishment in the center.
This way, your clipboard can be interchangeable
with different artwork that you create. So you just clip that ribbon right into
the clip at the top of the board.
There you have a great mixed media clipboard art piece.
The Aleene's Matte Decoupage and the Aleene's Original Tacky Glue are available
at Michaels.
It's terrifically tacky
and creatively cool!