Infinity Scarf Winter White Cream Color Designer Scarf Handmade Crochet by 2 Sisters Handmade

Uploaded by InfinityScarfs on 05.12.2012

Hello! This is Anne Dixon from doing a quick video on one of the most FAVORITE
infinity scarfs in our shop. The Winter White Cream Color Infinity scarf.
Its soft, warm & versatile.
You can wear this handmade crochet infiniti scarf as a single loop scarf or circle it
to make it a trendy chunky cowl. You can even wear it as a hood and cowl scarf.
It is made with soft bulky yarn that is not the least bit itchy, it's 100% acrylic (vegan).
The yarn used for this item is super soft, a winter white cream color.
The scarf will look outstanding with your outfits, jackets, sweaters & coats; and will
keep you warm and cozy these fall and winter days.
Plus, We take Custom Orders, so you can even order it in a different color!
Check out this fabulous designer infinity scarf cowl today. Click the link below the
Thanks for watching!