YellowJackets in Kenya

Uploaded by UniversityRochester on 18.03.2011

Many people think music is an extracurricular,
but for some it's a way of life.
"It can be a social tool, it can be something
that is used to advance education, really.
We found that kids will want to attend school more
if there are music programs."
"It's important to learn how to read music. Does anybody here know
how to read music yet? Oh my goodness!"
This should be a nice little trip.
What we want to do is bring the YellowJackets to Kenya.
To learn how music inspires, and, in doing so
unites two opposite corners of the earth.
"I'm particularly happy to see young people who have an interest in
going to Kenya."
We are going to immerse ourselves in the
lives and culture of the Kenyan people.
We're excited to learn their Kenyan songs, and who knows?
Maybe even teach them some Lady Gaga.
Stevie Wonder said music is a world within itself.
With a language we all understand.
"A very special and warm welcome to you, YellowJackets."
And by doing this, by going, we hope to prove
that music really is the universal language.