101213 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 13.12.2010

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for December
13th of 2010.
Gold is currently trading at 1391.90 Silver is at 29.31
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 47.49 Oil is at 88.93
and the US Dollar is at 79.91
Celente: American Empire is Collapsing
Celente predicts the collapse to come in US will rival what’s going on in Ireland right
now. “The American Empire is unfolding and collapsing
in front of everyone’s eyes,” he says. The solution is to bring production jobs back
to the US and cut spending. But, will anyone in goverment listen? Doubt
November Federal Budget Deficit Highest On Record
At $150.4 billion, the federal budget deficit rose to the largest November gap on record.
Officials from the Treasury department say that Novembers's gap was 25% more than November
2009. With the recent tax deal between Odrama and
the Republicans, the deficit will be the largest in U.S. history at 1.5 Trillion dollars.
Not to worry, I am sure Benji Bernanke will double-down on the quantitative easing.
Something’s Wrong in the Silver Pit
Based on the Bank for International Settlements semiannual report from June 2010,
a gold to silver ratio at 48:1 is extremely contrived and
reeks of manipulation on the part of the Federal Reserve and
the Banks they are charged with regulating. In fact, based on the report, the proper gold
to silver ratio should be roughly 3.3:1, or a with gold at $1400, silver should be $422.
Speaking of silver... Next...
Markets to Swing Sharply
Expect a healthy pull-back in the price of commodities.
For Example, Silver could go to 25 or even 22 dollars an ounce.
Personally, if the price of silver goes that low, it will be hard to find anyone who will
sell and deliver it to you for that price.
Swine Flu: It’s Back
Yes folks! H1N1 is back and with a vengence. As of now, it has claimed 10 British adults
with early signs that the illness has spread to other European countries.
So, here is another chance for you to line up for those mercury ladden vacines!
They will soon be coming to a neighborhood near you.
We Need To "Create A Real Crisis"
Listen to this from Democrat Keith Ellison from Minnesotta.
"I think we need to create a real crisis."
I guess the new motto for elected officials is.
"Never let a crisis go to waste, and if there isn’t one, create one."
Gas Pump Prices Close In On Average $3 a Gallon
The average price of gas is nearing three dollars with the West Coast already paying
$3.21. This is, in part, due to the increase of oil
by 5 percent in the last ten days.
Can't blame seasonal travel on this one, and because of the economy...
Tis the season to syphan gas... Fa la la la la la la.
Okay, I'll keep my daytime job.
Finally, please prepare now for the forthcoming economic, and subsequent social, unrest that
will hit the US. Good Day