Heavy Lies the Crown

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(Voiceover - Male) Over 200 years have passed since the historic groundbreaking of the warp five research and development facility on Earth
(Voiceover - Male) It was there where the legendary Zefram Cochran gave his commemorative speech
(Voiceover - Male) A speech which ignited the vision of multiple generations
(Voiceover - Male) "Imagine it" he said, "Thousands of inhabited planets at our fingertips.. and we'll be able to explore those strange new worlds.."
(Voiceover - Male) "..and seek out new life and new civilizations.. go boldly.. where no man has gone before"
(Voiceover - Male) Today, when much of the Federation finds itself recovering from internal strife and external conflict
(Voiceover - Male) There are those who still embody the rugged individualism of the early explorers
(Voiceover - Male) There are those who still understand the founding purposes and strive to fulfill the vision of Starfleet
(Voiceover - Male) There are those who are still out there.. forging a new frontier
(Shelby-Comm) Checkmate.
Again ?
(Shelby-Comm) You know, you're the worst chess player that I've ever met.
Surprised you ever made it through tactical training.
Never underestimate the power of cheating. You should try it sometime.
I don't need to. Not with such feeble competition anyway.
Yeah well, at least I'm a graceful loser.
No you're not. That reminds me, did you ever find that rook ?
Er, hmm, never mind. You know, there's a special kinda hell for people like you.
(Hunter) Talking of which, how are things in your neck of the woods ?
You know the patch. Tholians, Grey, the Syndicate. .. the Commodore.
Like I said, special kinda hell.
Well, it's better than babysitting colonists.
(Hunter) OK, you got me there. I, er, don't suppose you've a vacancy for a good First Officer ?
Oh, sorry, that job's already taken. Besides, you're not that good.
That's not funny.
From where I'm sitting that's very funny.
(Caed-Comm) Caed to Hunter. Sorry to interrupt Commander, but you're needed on the bridge.
On my way. Thanks for the game Elizabeth.
Anytime. Shelby out.
(Rick Garran) That damn Romulan won't let the transports land !
Lieutenant S'Ceris is just doing his job. He'll get you your transports down once the area's secured.
Secured ? From what ? Hostile flora ?
Starfleet regulations..
Have no place here, this is a civilian operation. The sooner you people realise that and just get out of our way, the better.
Civilian operation or not, system defence is still our responsibility.
(Rick Garran) Right, well we'll see about that.
(S'Ceris-Comm) S'Ceris to Cole.
(Cole) Please tell me you're done.
(S'Ceris-Comm) We are. You may inform the captain that the landing zone is secure.
Good work. I'm sure Doctor Garran will be grateful.
Cole to Talath.
(Talath - Comm - Female) Go ahead, Lieutenant.
Everything's ready at this end, cleared for your approach Ma'am.
(Talath - Comm) Acknowledged. ETA three minutes twenty. Hope you put coffee on.
Boiling up a pot of the real stuff as we speak Captain.
(Talath - Comm) I knew there was a reason I kept you around. Don't forget the cream. Talath out.
Oh, good morning Commander, here's the engineering status report.
Thank you.
The starboard ventral array is still acting up
I'd heard.
How was your game ?
You lost again didn't you ?
You did.
Maybe it's time you found a new game. Have you ever tried..
When's your next crew evaluation due ?
What's Stiles doing at the helm ?
She lost a bet.
A bet ?
It was a long voyage.
(Alarm) The Captain's transport's entering the ionosphere. ETA is three minutes.
(Hunter) Remind me again why we're not just beaming the supplies down ?
(Talath - Comm) Because, Commander, there's nothing quite like a little seat of the pants flying.
(Hunter) You could have just booked some shuttle time Ma'am.
(Talath-comm) There's a world of difference between pushing buttons and flying, Mister Hunter, I would not expect you to know that difference.
You sound like you're having fun Captain.
(Talath - Comm) Damn straight. Handles like a wild lithtor. You should take the next one down, then you can see for yourself.
I'd like that.
(Talath - Comm) And those of us who can appreciate the experience, may as well enjoy it.
Whatever you say, Ma'am.
(Talath - Comm) Knew you'd see it my way, Commander. Maybe, when this mission is over, I won't fire you after all.
I'd appreciate that.
(Talath - Comm) I thought you might.
Captain, is your attitude a little steep ?
(Talath - Comm) Hold on.
(Talath - Comm) There's a problem with the guidance systems.
Can you abort ?
(Talath - Comm) Negative, the helm isn't responding.
(Talath - Comm) The thrusters have locked up I'm going to try and..
What happened?
Looks like the comm system's down.
What's their heading?
Still accelerating towards the colony. At current rate, they'll impact the main settlement in sixty-three seconds.
Any chance they can pull up?
Yeah it's possible, but they'd have to restore at least partial guidance within thirty seconds.
(Hunter) Can we beam the crew out?
I can't establish a transport lock.
(Hunter) Well why not?
It's an old ship. The hull's still ionised from re-entry.
(Hunter) Keep trying. Tractors ?
(Stiles) Not at this range. Forty seconds to impact.
Then get us closer. Caed ?
I can't give you transporters. I'm sorry.
(Hunter) Then lock torpedoes.
Commander !?
If that transport hits the colony.. Torpedoes. Now.
Aye Sir. Torpedoes locked.
Standby. Ensign ?
We're in tractor range, but I don't know if this'll work.
It'll work. Reel 'em in Mister Stiles.
Engaging tractors.
(Stiles) Shearing forces exceeded. We've lost the beam.
I'm trying !
Tie in warp power and redline the emitters.
Got it ! Re-establishing lock.
(Stiles) Dammit ! The tractor beam can't handle their momentum, shearing forces exceeded again.
Fifteen seconds.
Fire torpedoes.
(Title music)
Chiron IV is our future, our destiny. It's time we took control of that destiny.. and its defence.
That would be premature.
Why? You don't think we can handle it?
Starfleet won't always be here. We wouldn't want to be.. overly reliant.
The sooner we can protect ourselves, the better.
But surely the Merchant Service should be concentrating on its primary duties for now. The colony won't build itself.
Do I detect a hint of conceit, Commodore ? The Merchant Service may not have the spit and polish of Starfleet, but we could still teach you a few tricks.
Yeah, we'll give you a call next time we need some crates moved.
(Prentice) Hm-mm
I don't doubt that.
(Rick Garran) Oh, I think you do.
Then you should think again.
(Rick Garran) I don't need to. How many times did Starfleet try and tell us this sector wasn't safe for us feeble civilians ? You never wanted us out here.
You wouldn't be out here without us.
(Rick Garran) Only because we forced your hand. Tell me, Commander, what are you afraid we'll find ?
Rick, you're not helping.
Gentlemen, please. This is an argument for another time. I appreciate Starfleet's efforts on our behalf, but my decision is made.
(Finney) The Merchant Service will assume control of systems defence as of 0800 hours tomorrow. Finney out.
Well, that could have gone better.
Ya think ?
We are on the same side you know.
You might want to tell them that.
I won't need to.
Oh no. This isn't my problem.
Don't be so sure.
Aaron, I don't really think that..
(Prentice) Intrepid needs a Captain.
Promotion by assassination ? I'm not a Klingon.
You did what you had to.
Perhaps. But that doesn't mean I was right.
Right or wrong, the only choices that matter are the ones you can live with.
What happened was tragic, but you did save a hundred and fifty lives. Like it or not, you can live with it.
I hope you're right.
Always. Rank hath its privileges after all.
Fine, I'll think about it.
That's all I ask.
(Comm Alert)
Go ahead.
(Kreiger - Comm - Male) Sorry to bother you, Commander, but we've completed our scans of the asteroid.
Very well, bring us about and set a course for the next one.
(Kreiger - Comm - Male) Aye, Sir. Bridge out.
Ergh, you got nothing better to drink ?
(Cole) Ahh, just the man I wanted to see.
What's this ?
Ah, couple of things I thought the merchant service might be able to help us out with. Thanks.
And you're giving this to me because ?
Well I tried giving it to your brother, but he told me to.. shove it up my..
(Garran) I get the idea.
So you'll talk to him then, yes ?
No, I don't think so.
(Cole) Why not ?
There's about as much chance of getting help from my brother as there is there is of Jim Kirk walking through that door dressed as Elvis.
Elvis who ?
(Garran) Ah, never mind. Just trust me okay, Rick won't help us.
Just what is his problem anyway ?
(Garran) He doesn't like Starfleet much.
I get that. I just don't understand why ?
(Garran) He blames Starfleet for our father's death.
Your father was in Starfleet ?
(Garran) No, he worked for a crimelord on Farius Prime.
So what does Starfleet have to do with his death then ?
He used to leak information to Starfleet.
Until his employer found out, yes ?
Yes, and Rick blamed Starfleet for not protecting him.
And you don't ?
No, I did. Part of me still does.
And yet you still joined Starfleet ?
There was a war on. I wanted to help.
How did Rick take that?
Badly. We still haven't talked much since.
The war's over, you stayed on.
Where else would I go ? Besides, I like what I do. Why'd you stay ?
Much the same I guess. Maquis were gone. Didn't have a hell of a lot to go home to.
Ahh, we're a pretty sorry pair aren't we?
(Cole) I suppose we are. So, will you ask Rick ?
No. I don't think so. Look on the bright side, I'm sure we'll survive without Saurian brandy.
Try telling that to the Prentice. Best get going, I'm due on the bridge.
Are you gonna do any work today ?
(Merik) Probably not. Besides, it only takes one of us to complete the surveys, and it might as well be the artistically challenged one.
Doesn't it bother you at all ?
What ?
(Rick Garran) Starfleet.
Why should it ? Besides, did you see the look on Prentice's face ?
You're too easy to please.
You have to make time for the simple pleasures.
You got something ?
(Rick Garran) Yeah. Something odd, some kind of artificial power source.
(Merik) One of ours ?
If it was one of ours, you think I'd be..?
You really need to get rid of that piece of junk.
Better a piece of junk than Starfleet cast-offs.
What do you call that ?
That's different.
Sure it is. At least Starfleet surplus is reliable.
You were saying ?
Never mind. Merik to Ariadne.
Ariadne, respond.
Mine too.
Let's get back to the settlement.
You could ask S'Ceris.
I don't need any help.
You've been working on it for weeks.
It's a dead language and an obscure dialect. How long do you think it should take ?
Didn't you say you wrote the book on this dialect ?
I said Ral wrote the book. And I'm still not asking S'Ceris.
Not asking me what ?
(Cole) Caed's trying to translate some Debrune tablet she found on Akerris Five.
I was unaware you had an interest in such things.
(Caed) My first host was an archeaologist. I still like to dabble.
I figured you could help her out.
Do you speak Latin Lieutenant ?
Then why do you assume that I am conversant in a dead Romulan language ?
Told ya.
Ship's approaching from the colony.
(S'Ceris) I'm not familiar with the configuration.
It doesn't match anything in the database.
Try hailing them.
(S'Ceris) No response... I believe they are trying to evade us.
Yellow alert. Plot an intercept course and engage.
(Caed) Could the colonists have an unregistered ship ?
Possible, but unlikely. The ship's technology appears organic.
Then who ?
(Alarm) They're opening fire.
Red alert. Tell them to stand down. (Klaxon)
No response.
(S'Ceris) Shields holding. No damage.
Evasive pattern gamma. Return fire, disabling only.
Pattern gamma, aye.
Firing phasers.
(S'Ceris) Vessel disabled.
Stand down to yellow alert, prepare a boarding party. Let's see who they are.
(Explosion) (Alarm)
That's one word for it.
Scan the colony.
(Caed) Scanning.
That can't be good.
(Cole) On screen.
Get all the data you can. Something tells me we're gonna need it.
(Rick Garran) It is a conspiracy.
That's your answer to everything.
Fact, Starfleet does not want us out here. Fact, Starfleet engages in genocide whenever the virtues to which it claims to adhere..
Those are just.. rumours.
They're not rumours. They sold out their own people to the Cardassians.
(Finney) Starfleet are far from perfect, but I have a hard time believing they would go this far.
This happened just after we took over control of system defense. Do you think that's a coincidence ?
(Rick Garran) And let's not forget the convenient way they managed to destroy nearly a third of our supplies.
If Starfleet didn't want us out here, they could have found much easier ways to do it.
Ah, but this way, there's gonna be no questions asked when the survivors limp back with the "sad tale of our demise".
We don't have time for this. I need you two focussed, not arguing about conspiracy theories. Where do we stand ?
Still no luck getting anything back online. We rigged up some solar panels, but we can't get any energy out of them.
Why not ?
We're not sure. There aren't any mechanical problems, so we're assuming something is simply damping our power sources.
(Merik) But without tricorders we can't be certain of anything.
We could setup some old fashioned batteries. If it is a damping field, it might not work against chemical energy sources.
Give it a try. I take it there's still no word from the other ships ?
No. But we can be pretty certain they're in the same shape as the rest of us.
Then we need to work fast. Rick, requisition whatever and whoever you need. I want..
(Weapon fire)
Governor, stay there. Rick.
(Rick Garran) It's Starfleet. I told you.
Sensors have identified a duonetic field. It's damping any artificial power source within a fifty thousand kilometre radius of the planet.
What's causing it ?
We don't know yet, but the entire convoy was caught in orbit, they're dead in space.
It's fortunate we were surveying the asteroid belt.
Any chance this thing's a natural phenomenon ?
(Cole) If so, it's one hell of a coincidence.
It doesn't seem likely. I've run several scans of the planet already, but there's no apparent sign of anything, natural or otherwise, that could be generating the field.
Which would suggest that somebody doesn't want us to find it.
Whatever the origin, we need to get those people out of there before they freeze to death.
Is there any chance we could take the ship in?
The Commodore and Commander Garran are working on that possibility now, but realistically we're talking about several hours of engineering.
(Hunter) We don't have that much time. What about transporters ?
We could extend the range, but not for long at that kind of power level.
At best we could get, a dozen people before the system fried. Probably less.
So that's not an option either. Have we learned anything from that alien scout ?
(Cole) Caed and S'Ceris are still surveying the debris, but, nothing useful in it so far.
(Navar) Information on this region's extremely limited. I'd recommend we focus on the problem at hand, and worry about identifying our adversaries later.
I agree. We need to find the source of that duonetic field and disable it.
(Stiles) That might not be so easy, Sir. Assuming we can even find it, do we have the time ?
Right now it looks like our only shot. Concentrate your efforts on the search Ensign. And let's hope we get lucky.
There's not much left.
No, whoever these people may be, they are most efficient.
Kindred spirits ?
I find it ironic that a culture which claims to embrace diversity, so readily assumes that all Romulans are cut from the same cloth.
You mean you're not?
Romulan culture is no less diverse than yours. A pity so few in the Federation truly appreciate that.
But at least we try. I wonder how many Romulans would try to comprehend my people ?
More than you might believe.
Really ? Have you ?
Didn't think so.
You are making fun of me.
Who me ?
(Alarm) Hang on, that's interesting.
Indeed. This may be of use.
Caed to Hunter. I think we've got something.
It's here. Somewhere within a two kilometre radius of the colony site.
You can't be more precise ?
(Stiles) No, something down there's interfering with sensors as well. There's no way of getting an exact location without going down there and physically searching.
What about the survey teams ?
There's no sign of them. Possibly due to the interference, but I was able to detect intermittent weapons fire.
(Hunter) Ours ?
(Prentice) What about the status of the convoy ?
The orbit's stable, but they're still without power. We need to disable that duonetic field, and we need to do it soon.
We know roughly where the fields being generated. We're still in weapon range, we should sweep the entire area with phasers.
And what about the survey teams ?
You think they're still alive ?
I don't know, but if they are..
Our priority should be the convoy. There are over a thousand people on those ships, they'll be dead within the hour if we don't act.
(Prentice) Ensign, is there any way we can cut through that interference?
Not in an hour.
Even if there are survivors on the surface, we're not in much of a position to help them.
Maybe we are, just not from up here.
She's right. If the only way to pinpoint this thing is to get down there and physically search for it, then that's exactly what we'll do.
You want us to go sight-seeing ?
Yeah, pretty much. Bridge to Engineering.
(Gaines-Comm) Little busy down here, Sir. What do you need ?
I want you to boost transporter range enough to send an Away Team to the planet.
(Gaines-Comm) I can do that. But you realise you'll only get a single cycle before the entire system blows out.
A single cycle's all I'll need. How long ?
(Gaines-Comm) Ten minutes give or take. You're not gonna make a habit of breaking my ship are you ?
No promises, Chief. Let me know when you're ready.
This is a bad idea. We don't even know if anyone's still alive down there, and you want to put more people in harm's way ?
Navar does have a point.
Forty minutes. That's all I'm asking.
This is a bad time to start playing the hero.
That's not what I'm doing.
(Navar) No ? So this isn't about you just trying to prove a point ?
(Hunter) It's your call Aaron.
This is a one way trip. If you cannot do this, I'll have to use the phasers anyway. Whether you're down there or not.
Very well, get your team together.
(Hunter) On my way.
(Navar) Commodore, I strongly urge you to reconsider.
I do not like this any more than you do, Navar. But those people deserve a chance.
I hope you're right. But you'll understand if I lodge my objections.
That's your prerogative, Commander.
If you'll excuse me.
Stiles, get me Admiral T'yla on subspace. I'll be in my office.
Aye, Sir.
They're right behind us. Is this thing going to work?
That's what you said last time.
Well, I'm allowed to be wrong once.
Actually, this makes eighty-seven.
You've been keeping score ?!
Actually, Gita is.
Gita, she runs the betting pool ? Why would she..?
It was a long voyage.
Well, if I were you, I wouldn't bet against me this time.
I could get to hate you.
Later. Come on, you can work while we moving.
The Voyax is the nearest ship, but even at high warp she's still weeks away.
There is little point in diverting Captain Andrew from his present mission. Whatever happens here, it would be over long before he arrived.
Agreed. I'm sorry Aaron, I'm afraid you're on your own.
Nature of the job Admiral. No apology necessary.
You know, you should review those sealed orders. Perhaps there's something useful in there.
Sealed orders ? I don't..
Ah, forgive me. I must be thinking of.. another officer.
Of course Sir. Easy mistake to make.
Yes, it must be my age. Terrible thing, senility. Well, good luck Commodore. Tyler out.
You should not be leading this mission.
Well why should everyone else have all the fun ?
I believe Captain Talath made a similar point. Shortly before she died.
I'm not Talath.
No. You're not. But you are acting captain. Starfleet regulations are quite specific.
I'm a Romulan, Commander. My people are creatures of duty. We believe rules exist to be followed.
Your father was human wasn't he ?
Consider this an opportunity to become better acquainted with your, less dutiful 'bad blood'.
I do not consider my human ancestry to be 'bad blood'.
I was joking S'Ceris. It's a human thing.
I'm quite familiar with humour. I'm not a Vulcan, nor do I require the services of a dictionary in humanity. Sir.
Get your gear together, report to the Transporter Room.
(Dalonna - Comm - Female) What they're doing is dangerous.
I did explain that, but there's only so much I can say. Perhaps if I could explain..
(Dalonna - Comm) You know we can't, Jacen. They chose their path, and we can't change that. For now, all we can do is watch and wait.
I know. But that doesn't make my job any easier.
(Dalonna - Comm) I'm afraid that's the price we pay so others don't have to.
(Door Chime)
I have to go.
(Dalonna - Comm) Contact me again when you get the chance.
Commodore Prentice. Can I help you with something ?
(Prentice) Therein lies the question, doesn't it ?
What is it you want, Commodore ?
(Prentice) What does anyone want ? Insight, wisdom, the meaning of life perhaps.
You'll have to be a little more specific. Philosophy was never my strong suit.
(Prentice) Very well, I'll cut to the chase then. We both know you're acting under sealed orders. If you know anything that can help us..
There's nothing you need to know.
(Prentice) Interesting choice of words.
You learn to be precise in my line of work.
(Cole-Comm) Bridge to Commodore Prentice.
(Prentice) Go ahead.
(Cole-Comm) Mister Hunter's asked me to tell you, we're ready.
(Prentice) Understood. On my way. Commander Navar ?
Commodore Prentice ?
(Prentice) There is more to duty than the chain of command. Please try to remember that.
Computer, open all files related to the Surai.
(Computer) Searching.. Unable to comply. No such files exist.
Authorisation, Navar kappa 732. Resubmit search.
(Computer) Working.. Level red authorisation confirmed. Access to files granted.
You're sure these'll work ?
(Garran) Yes, but only at the higher settings.
Mmm, oh well, guess we won't be stunning anyone then.
(Prentice) What about the explosives ?
Quantum micro-charges. They should be most effective.
Alright, let's go.
Just try to remember this is not a field trip. Be careful, all of you.
I'm always careful.
(Caed) What about the time you called the Romulan envoy 'dumber than a Klingon village idiot ?'
(Cole) In front of the Klingon delegate.
Area secure.
No sign of any defences?
None at all.
I find that disconcerting.
(Garran) Maybe they weren't expecting any trouble.
I would have.
Maybe they don't think like you.
Then that would suggest they are fools, and a fool would not have succeeded thus far.
(Caed) We should split up.
Alright, two teams. S'Ceris, you're with me. Standard search pattern people, and watch your backs.
The Away Team are down safely. Engineering are still trying to modify our primary systems, but the Chief thinks it'll take at least another hour.
Reporting for duty.
I think we have it in hand.
With all due respect, you need every hand you can get. I was tactical officer on Endeavour for four years.
Didn't you just object to this course of action ?
I'm still a Starfleet officer. Under the circumstances, I thought my presence would be helpful.
Why Commander, do I detect a touch of conscience ?
I'm afraid that's classified.
Just as I thought the day couldn't get worse.
Man the Tactical console Mister Navar.
I don't like this.
(Cole) That makes two of us. S'Ceris was right. I can't believe whoever built this thing didn't leave defences.
You're becoming quite the pessimist.
I prefer pragmatist.
(Caed) Hold on.
I think we've found it.
Don't think, be sure.
It's an active power source in the middle of nowhere. It seems a fair bet to me.
OK, let's check this out.
This is too easy.
No, you're not a pessimist.
They'll enter orbit in twenty two minutes.
Get me Hunter.
(Navar) Putting him through now.
(Comm Alert)
Problem ?
You could say that. We've got company. You've got fifteen minutes, not one second more. Clear ?
Crystal. Hunter out.
(Navar) Commodore..
I don't want to hear it Mister Navar.
With all due respect, if they don't destroy that generator soon we'll lose the entire convoy. You're gambling over a thousand lives on one away team.
Well in that case Mister Navar, you'd better hope my luck's in. Red alert. (Klaxon)
(Shipwide Comm) All hands, battle stations.
(S'Ceris) There is a clear danger, and any help is weeks away. Even if we were successful today, it is unlikely we could protect this world from a concerted attack.
But these people are Federation citizens. We have a duty to protect them.
(S'Ceris) I am not certain they want our protection.
I'm sure there are a few Romulan 'protectorates' who feel exactly the same way.
Hardly. Romulan citizens would never question the wisdom of the state.
Of course. How foolish of me to think otherwise.
You are many things Commander, but a fool is not one of them. Self-indulgent, reckless perhaps. But not a fool.
(Rick Garran) Phasers down !
Rick, what the hell are you doing ?
Anything I have to.
Hold your fire ! We're Starfleet you idiot !
Come to finish the job have you ?
Rick, put that damn thing down !
I will. Once they're under guard.
Red light on the starboard ventral array.
Run a bypass to the port array instead.
This is ill advised.
I'm open to suggestions Commander.
We do not want to be here when those ships arrive.
We'll wait, until I say otherwise.
Mister Navar, I do not give a damn who you're working for. You are not in charge here, so either follow my orders or get off the Bridge.
As you wish, Sir.
Why are they still shooting ?
Perhaps they don't like you.
Don't you mean us?
Ahh, forget I asked.
Rick, this is insane !
I know what I'm doing.
It doesn't look like it from here.
Just keep your head down, OK ?
Not as if I have a choice.
(Caed-Comm) Caed to Hunter.
Go ahead.
We're taking fire. Garran's been hit. We've found the generator, but we can't reach it.
Standby. We don't have time for this.
You've got one minute to surrender.
They have a working phaser.
Thank you S'Ceris. I had noticed.
I was simply suggesting that they know something we don't.
Maybe.. But that works both ways.
Keep him talking.
Exactly how am I supposed to do that ?
(Hunter) I dunno, talk to him. Tell him a joke. You're familiar with humour aren't you ?
Bring us about, heading 229 mark 43.
Commodore, are you familiar with Garth's Gambit ?
Of course, but I don't think anyone's tried it since Axanar. Why?
Don't tell me, I don't need to know.
Call it a hunch, if you like.
In for a penny I suppose. Make the preparations Ms Raman.
This is your last chance. Put down your weapons or I'll vaporise the entire rockface, and you with it .
Doctor Garran, you are being irrational.
(S'Ceris) The Klingons, they have a saying; 'only a fool fights in a burning house.'
(S'Ceris) While quite possibly the only piece of wisdom Klingon culture has ever produced, it is nevertheless wisdom you may wish to consider.
Drop it !
I'm not telling you twice.
(Rick Garran) I'm not making it easy for you.
(Merik) Rick, maybe we should listen.
(Rick Garran) You know we can't trust them !
It's not just your life. What about everyone else ? What about your brother ?
Oh I hope you're right.
You're not the only one.
(Hunter) We can talk en route.
(Rick Garran) We're not Starfleet. If you want our help, start talking.
In less than thirteen minutes Intrepid will have no choice but to bombard this area from orbit. We have precisely that long to provide an alternative.
(Merik) After you.
(S'Ceris) Give me your phaser.
Why would I do that ?
Would you like it to work, or not ?
What makes you think it doesn't ?
Matt, get ready to move.
Hold on.
There's your opening, go.
The ventral array's still down.
Bridge to Engineering.
Faldor here sir.
Where's that ventral array Ensign ?
I'm sorry, sir. One of the plasma relays blew out when we ramped up power to the tactical array. We'll have it back online in a minute.
I'll hold you to that Mister. Bridge out.
Commodore, you should see this.
Great, they're early. Warn them off.
No response. They're scanning us.
The ventral array's coming online.
Not a moment too soon.
They're opening fire.
Shields holding.
Hostiles status?
(Stiles) Approaching position alpha..
Now !
That's your cue Navar.
Yes sir.
It worked.
(Hunter) Matt !
(Navar) Commodore..
I know, time is up.
(Hunter) S'Ceris
Keep firing.
Target phasers on the surface, and prepare to fire.
Phasers locked.
S'Ceris to Intrepid.
Incoming transmission from the Away Team.
On speakers.
Lock on to my signal and prepare to fire.
Acknowledged but make it quick Lieutenant.
(S'Ceris) Intrepid.. Now !
(Alarm) The field's down.
Confirmed. All vessels are coming online.
I guess they didn't want a fight.
Should I lay in a pursuit course?
(Navar) I wouldn't advise it.
Sir ?
No. Plot their course and stand down from Red Alert. We'll save this one for another day.
(Backus - Male) The telemetry's coming in now. The scans match those recorded by the Entente in 2272.
(Backus - Male) It's definitely the Surai.
(Judah - Male) Now, they don't quite look so tough when they're running away like that.
(Bishop - Male Borg Voice) The Surai are scavengers. They prefer their prey to be more.. manageable.
(Judah - Male) Yeah Bish, it sounds like the Borg to me, huh ?
(Dalonna - Comm) And like the Borg, they're persistent. This is just a reprieve nothing more. Transmit our data to the Director Tom. He'll need to know.
(Freman - Male, Recorded Message) Anyway, the Arizona's gonna be laid up at 592 for about a week, it's a pity you're not in dock
(Freman - Male, Recorded Message) There's this new Bolian restauraunt I wanna try and you know what..
Catching up on your mail ?
Uh huh.
Old friend ?
Is there any other type ?
Not for you apparently.
(Caed) So, have you made your mind up ?
Yeah, coffee and croissant. Care to join me ?
I was talking about the promotion.
My mistake.
(Caed) Some might call it evasion.
What, you bucking for Counselor now ?
Not after what you did to the last one.
What happened to the Captain wasn't your fault.
I was in command, it was my call, my responsibility.
For what ? Doing your job ?
It's not that simple.
Yes it is. You had a choice to make and you made it. Right or wrong, you did exactly what any good Starfleet Officer would have done that day.
(Caed) You know I'm right. Think it over.
You're right, it is a transport. What's left of it anyway.
They certainly did a job on it.
If they hadn't, we wouldn't be standing here talking about it.
(Rick Garran) Well seeing as we are here, I'd like to find out what really happened.
(Merik) Starfleet looked into it. They didn't find anything suspicious.
I know, I know.
(Rick Garran) Look I'll grant you, Prentice and his drones may have.. helped us
They're not all knowing, they may have missed something.
And I do not believe that this was just an accident.
Alright. Let's start mapping the debris field.
See if we can find anything useful.
Now you're talking.
(Door opens and closes)
(Hunter) I'm sorry I'm late.
Ah, that's the actual phaser carried by Garrovick when he confronted Chang on Andoria.
I see.
Took me years to track down.
Really ?
I believe there's a dealer in the Triangle who's offering a case of six for.. ten strips of latinum.
Uh-huh.. About your request..
Under the circumstances, I thought it for the best.
If by that, you mean we haven't had our last.. discussion, I'd probably have to agree.
Then you are approving my transfer ?
Perhaps I misunderstood you ? I thought you said that..
(Hunter) I know, I know.
(Hunter) You're a good officer, and this ship needs good officers, especially the kind that.. keep me on my toes.
Then I will withdraw my request. If I may, a question?
(Hunter) Sure.
On your toes ?
It's a human ex.. actually, a friend of mine once suggested it was the definition of a First Officer.
(Hunter) I'm beginning to think she was right.
Sir ?
(Hunter) It's not important.
I see. If there's nothing else.
No, and thank you Mister S'Ceris.
(No Dialog)
(Title Music)