Dong Yi, 59회, EP59, #03

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That's all for you, marshal.
Take him to be questioned.
His Royal Majesty!
Sire, I don't know anything. It's a conspiracy!
I'd never harm the Crown Prince.
This is all a trap set by Consort Choi!
You haven't quite grasped why I'm here, I think.
Listen to me.
I didn't come to hear excuses.
Or your confession, for that matter.
You're guilty of treason against the Royal House for your own profit.
Surely you know the penalty for that.
It will not be an easy death.
Well? Resume the torture.
Consort Choi to see you.
Send her in.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
So you found the proof.
But tell me, how did you work it all out?
With your help, Your Highness.
None of this would have been possible without your faith in me.
Not at all. I'm the one that should be thanking you.
I very nearly wronged the Royal House.
You had faith in me and stopped me in time.
Your Highness.
No petitions, no protests.
They are guilty of treason against the Royal House.
A crime for which there can be no pardon.
There is no room for mercy or your usual whining, is that clear?
My privy counsel will read my ruling.
Jang Muyul, Im Sanhyun, Kang Moju, Yi Sungyu..
For the crime of high treason against the Royal House, guilty.
By order of the King they will receive the most severe sentence the law allows.
Jang Muyul and Min Hongjun, death by beheading.
Their heads shall be placed on pikes at the capital gates.
Im Sanghyun, Kang Moju and their conspirators, exile and death.
May this action restore peace to the land.
I hate seeing you like this.
Such a waste.
Your keen intellect could have been put to better use.
Better? Who are you to lecture me?
Your day will come.
Yuning, heir apparent?
A peasant tramp's little brat?
Stop dreaming.
It will never happen, not in Korea.
Dong Yi, Yuning, all of you..
Yun will destroy you the moment he's crowned King.
Do you imagine he'll let you live? Do you imagine the New West will?
You'll be killed, every one of you.
Just wait..
Your ends will be much worse than mine.
Whatever my end, whatever new world we face..
I'll tell you all about it when I see you on the other side.
Take him away.
Your Grace.
How much more blood will it take?
Consort Jang, Muyul, both dead.
I envisioned a palace free of conspiracy and intrigue.
Where blood wasn't paid with blood.
Now I wonder if I'm any different from them.
No, trust me, you're different.
You father once wondered the same thing.
Is it just to take up arms for a better world?
Yet without pain, without effort, that world will never be.
And so we must take up the sword.
You never took the easy way.
You never used their methods to wield influence.
You never wielded influence for yourself.
You're fighting a battle now that no one else can fight.
But remember, there are others that share your vision and are here for you.
Please, please don't let yourself weaken.