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The cure for cancer has been discovered.
In 1928.
The cure for virtually every form of chronic disease
was discovered even earlier, purely by accident.
By one man.
A German Jew named Dr. Max Gerson.
Although his discoveries were adhered to by Hitler and the Nazi Party,
Dr. Gerson's family paid the ultimate price.
Dr. Gerson's seven siblings perished in the Holocaust.
But their attempts to entrap him were in vain.
Dr. Gerson's unprecedented gift of healing the hopeless lives on.
"I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine." (Dr. Albert Schweitzer - Nobel laureate - 1952)
The Gerson Miracle
Narrated by: Dr. A.F. "AL" Oeming
These scenes before your eyes would be incomprehensible 100 years ago.
What has become daily normal life,
is no longer synchronized with the blood that flows through our veins.
Seen from this actual NASA's satellite pictures, we have illuminated the night,
in a macabre celebration of our progress.
Toxins kill, whether quickly or slowly over a period of years,
cloaked to the disguise of old age.
Warm air moves north and airborne transport of dioxins
eventually reaches the once pristine Arctic.
Arctic peoples are showing major health problems from bio-accumulation of dioxins.
30 million gallons of crude oil spilled into the pristine waters
of Alaska's Prince William Sound.
The "Exxon Valdez" oil spill (1989)
was like the Russian nuclear Chernobyl accident.
They are considered historic disasters.
Over 30 million gallons of oil
from individual consumers in the form of automobile run off
enters the ocean every week, the exact equivalent of the Exxon oil spill.
In our oceans PCB's (Poly-chlorinated biphenyls) and over 200 other hazardous compounds
are first consumed by microscopic organisms called zoo-plankton.
And from there the poisons travel up the food chain
to polar bears, seals and whales, and then to people.
One thousandth of one millionth of a gram of dioxin
can cause harm to the body.
Yet, humans are now inadvertently
consuming 3 to 600 times that amount, every day, from the Arctic to Antarctica.
Trees - the very living organisms that clean the air
and produce the oxygen we breathe are sliced off at the ground
with the most careless abatement if there is a unlimited supply.
In North America alone we have intact only 2%
of our wilderness areas of a century ago.
At one point it had been said that a tree squirrel could jump from tree to tree
following the hardwood with coniferous forest belts from the east coast to the west coast.
Global human populations have become a problem
only because of our collective consumption
at the expense of the environmental sustainability.
And the illusion of instant economic reward feeds the self-destruction.
We are refusing to live in harmony with nature and our bodies are the alarm clock.
In the late 1940's, the incidence of cancer was 1 in 16.
Today it is one in two in industrialized nations.
Cancer cells are essentially parasitic and immortal.
They do not develop special functions,
merrily developing their own blood vessel network,
to save the nourishment away from the normal cells,
and then grow to such abnormal state
then they will kill their own host.
In addition to this ugly killer,
a plethora of other chronic diseases is dramatically rising.
Shockingly, now the chance of each of us getting cancer
or some other chronic disease
at some point in our life, is almost assured,
because of two key factors that are the underlying cause:
This discovery was at the core of the young MD's research
his name is Dr. Max Gerson.
As a boy in Germany, in the late eighteen hundreds,
Max loved to play in the forest and gardens of his grandmother
fascinated by what he observed.
He watched with great interest
whenever chemical fertilizer was applied while planting potatoes.
reactions to these toxins,
and they would crawl out and away.
Day by day he gained insight in the relationships between plants
and the nutrients they gained from the soil.
Young Max concluded from these and many later observations
that the soil and all that grows in it
is nothing something distant from us, and it must be regarded
as our external metabolism which produces the nutrients
for our internal metabolism.
Therefore, the soil must be cared for properly,
it must not be depleted and poisoned,
otherwise it changes result in serious
degenerative diseases in animals and humans.
Under a microscope, active cells known as chloroplasts,
busily undertake the process of manufacturing chlorophyll
and the miraculous process of photosynthesis begins.
These live cells and enzymes in vegetation are the nucleus
of what we need to ingest to heal a sick body or maintain a healthy one.
Prior to receiving his doctorate as a medical student,
Max Gerson suffered from severe and repeated migraine headaches
leaving him essentially unable to function for days.
After three years of experimenting,
Dr. Gerson was able to eliminate his migraines completely,
by eating only certain raw fruits and vegetables.
Apples were staple.
Cooked vegetables were also included,
minus the fat, salt and spices and alcohol
present in the standard heavy German diet.
By 1918, the word was spreading about the Gerson migraine diet.
But at one occasion, a patient returned with an observation:
not only have the migraine been relieved, but a skin tuberculosis also disappeared.
The astounding news spread like wild fire.
In April 1924, famous lung specialist Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch
offered to do a clinical trial on 450 incurable skin tuberculosis patients.
At the commencement of the study, Sauerbruch said to Gerson privately,
that if even one patient should improve,
he would believe every word of Gerson's treatment.
446 out of the 450 patients recovered. Over 99%.
Dr. Gerson and his wife Gretchen had three daughters:
Joanna, Gertrude and the youngest: Charlotte.
Of all the children, Charlotte took a special interest in her father's work.
Even as the youngster much for the delight of everyone, especially her father.
By the late 1920, Dr. Gerson fame had spread throughout Europe,
specially after he cured
Dr. Albert Schweitzer's wife, Helena, of pulmonary tuberculosis
and Schweitzer's daughter's skin disease.
When Dr. Schweitzer was 75 years old, he came to Gerson with diabetes
and was also cured.
Between 1933 and World War II, Gerson and his family fled
Nazi persecution, eventually settling in New York.
Dr. Gerson's seven siblings died in the Holocaust.
Throughout the 40's, Dr. Gerson's success in his New York clinic
astound the medical community, but also evoked the dark forces within it.
Dr. Gerson was curing patients with cancer,
and as a consequence he testified before the U.S. Senate
on July 1st, 2nd and 3th in 1946, along with five of his recovered cancer patients
and the medical records of five more.
So astounding was his testimony that on the evening of July the 3th 1946
renowned NBC correspondent Raymond Gram Swing
declared on his radio broadcast to the entire United States,
that for the first time in history, it had been discovered the cure for cancer.
The public response was overwhelming, staggering!
Lighting the switchboard of NBC nonstop. Out of control! Unbelievable!
But what happened next was even more so.
Two weeks later, Raymond Gram Swing was fired from his position at NBC
that it held for over 30 years.
And the Pepper Neely anticancer Bill of 1946, Document No. 8947,
now gathers dust in the archives of the United States Printing Office.
All through these years Dr. Gerson's daughter, Charlotte worked intensively with her father.
Now married, she had a son, Howard, and a daughter, Peggy.
Charlotte encouraged later her father to publish the first book in 1958:
"A Cancer Therapy - The Results of 50 Cases"
Published in numerous foreign languages and selling in the hundreds of thousands,
this book demonstrated to the world the seemingly miraculous examples
of patients with every form of horrifying and advanced cancers,
given up to die by their medical doctors and surgeons.
The patients came to Dr. Gerson with their biopsy reports, X-rays
and other medical records and found cures under Dr. Gerson's care.
Some of these patients, almost 50 years later are still alive today.
Of course, although the title is about "50 cases",
these merely serve as representatives of thousands of complete recoveries,
well beyond the 5 years survival mark.
And the miracles of recoveries by the count of thousands across the world continue to this day.
At the time of his death in 1959, Dr. Gerson was tracking over 1,500 patients.
The files has been preserved by his daughter Charlotte
who is now (2004) in her eighties.
Charlotte carries on the work of her father through the establishment of
the Gerson Institute in California and a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.
She loves to reminisce by Dr. Gerson's legacy.
We have some letters here from Albert Schweitzer.
and they had a very active correspondence, my father, Dr. Gerson, and Albert Schweitzer.
And his family were patients.
And he also expressed in this letter his admiration
of the specific cancer research that Dr. Gerson did.
Of course all the letters are in German and I am trying to translate some.
As well as the remarkable results that he saw, not only with cancer patients
but with his wife, who had tuberculosis and their daughter,
who had a very undecipherable skin disease.
One of the things Schweitzer did was, he gave Dr. Gerson a gift of a
carved crocodile, actually this is an elephant's tusk and the natives in Africa made it.
This was a gift to Dr. Gerson by Albert Schweitzer.
Many of the famous whose life were snuffed out pretty early by usual cancer,
who contributed so much to society undoubtedly would still be alive today,
had they either known of the Gerson therapy or follow through with it.
We have seen so many patients who are returned to creativity and long lives,
after being told that they had 3 or 6 months to live.
Charlotte established the Gerson Institute in 1977 in San Diego, California
with the purpose of educating the public and patients alike about the therapy
in highly effective ways, with seminars, lunches, consultations,
follow up cares for recovering patients, mailings of books, packets and media kits;
the list of activities of the institute are as various and numerous as the patients themselves.
In addition to the Gerson Institute, the Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico,
was established over 27 years ago to treat patients for cancer and other chronic diseases.
Laws in virtually all the United States prohibit any other treatment for cancer
other than radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.
Even though they are usually defective at best
and completely ineffective at worst.
Chemotherapy, for example, does not cure cancer at all
and usually merely poisons and kills the patient instead of the cancer.
On this particular day, two medical doctors from Czechoslovakia
consult with the Anita Wilson, who is executive director,
about by the possibilities of opening a hospital in Czechoslovakia.
... strengthens the immune system, rid the body
of years and years of accumulated toxins from the way we live...
I've been so impressed with the international interest in this work.
Not a day goes by that we don't hear something from a patient or
a physician, or a group of people perhaps interested
in starting a clinic or a support group.
Many of the staff of the Gerson Institute
have had personal experiences of the potent effectiveness of the Gerson therapy.
Carroll Beard - President of Gerson Institute.
I first met Charlotte Gerson in 1975,
my daughter was 9 years old at that time and had suffered from asthma attacks,
almost every other month. She had an asthma attack that lasted 7 days.
When I heard about the Gerson therapy, it sounded good to me and made sense
I went home and practically throw everything out of the coverts,
changed her way of eating and Debbie never had another asthma attack.
In 1999 I started getting sick.
And experiencing a lot of pain, chronic fatigue
In high school I was in one of those dieters
anorexic and bulimic when it wasn't really written about.
I think I destroyed my digestive tract.
The doctors couldn't diagnose me,
but exactly they said irritable bowel syndrome, They weren't sure.
They finally gave me a CAT scan, I had a fight for that
It took about a year of arguing to get a CAT scan
which revealed some lesions and tumor on my liver.
They said that one was suspicious of metastasis,
but they didn't think so, they wanted to wait and see.
Well, I knew about the Gerson therapy, so I decided I would just go on the therapy.
A year later that same tumor, the one that they thought could be a metastasis
was gone, totally gone.
And my energy was back, the pain had left the soon as I had start eating the foods.
It was just the way to go for me.
I used the medical doctors as a diagnosis and knew already what I was going to do.
There are several interesting things about the Gerson Therapy,
but one I'd like to mention is the healing reactions.
I was 16 in an automobile accident.
When I was 16 years old my face hit the windshield and I had over 150 stitches in my face.
After being in the therapy for about a year, I noticed
one day when I was rubbing my nose,
that I can feel the bone in the right side of my nose for the first time.
Prior to that there had been a lot of scar tissue: and lumpiness right in this area.
And I could feel the bone. The scar tissue dissolves along with tumors.
It's the body's reaction of healing.
Another staff member Susan Brant, Charlotte Gerson's niece,
at one time was diagnosed with an inoperable cervical cancer.
I did the therapy 19 years ago, and so I can sit here
and say that I am a success.
Many recovered patients visit the Gerson Institute regularly,
to donate their time to encourage others.
Paul Sclecy.
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1990,
through the rectal exam, the serum gram, and the biopsy
determined I had three sections of cancer, malignant cancer in the prostate
and they wanted to take the prostate out the next day.
I told them that "Don't call me, I call you"
I didn't want that removed.
In search for cancer agencies, or alternative cancer agencies, and I found Gerson.
I talked with Gerson Institute and with the hospital in Mexico,
and talked with the doctors and the patients.
After three months, I found that I was loosing weight, I readily lost 27 pounds,
and after 18 months my PSA showed 0.06
which to me was the end of the treatment.
I was cured, the doctor thought I was great, he said I had a better PSA than he did.
I am not an easy man to go along with, because I'm unmarried.
You can tell me something, but I don't believe you, until, you know, I put my hand, then I believe you.
Institute Gerson, they have getting my life back.
Dr. Gerson discovered early in his research,
that vegetables and fruits must be juiced, to flood the body with nutrients
that had been lacking within the human organism
for so very long, sometimes for decades.
A particular type juicing method must be utilized, however,
implementing a grind and press device.
When the vegetable is inserted, it is pulverized to the point
the fiber cells in the vegetable are ripped open
leaving a mush that falls onto a cloth, ready to be pressed.
Once the pressure of 1 ton is applied,
all the vegetable's available nutrients and living enzymes flow out
giving a potent concoction of nutrients.
When juice is drunk it can enter the bloodstream almost as fast as alcohol.
This juicer was originally designed
of the 1930's by a scientific researcher, named Dr. Norman Walker.
Dr. Walker maintained that when we provide live organic nutrients
to our bodies on a consistent basis, the result would be not only vibrant health
but ideal longevity of approximately 120 years of age.
Dr. Walker died of June 6, 1985 at the age of 117.
The effectiveness of the juicing is obvious.
An enormous amount of nutrition
can be captured in a glass of juice in minutes
and in a few more minutes, be flowing within the veins of the patient.
If these same amount was eaten, it would take hours of digestion
and much of the nutrients and enzymes within the food
would be burned up in the digestion effort.
Dr. Gerson required his patients to drink one 8 oz (250 ml) glass of juice 13 times a day.
As you can see an entire day with the juices
is equivalent to an enormous amount of food,
which weights a little over 20 lb a day (9 kg).
But you don't just drink juice.
In addition, the patients also enjoy a cornucopia of delicious organic foods,
that exceed the wildest imaginations.
Not only is the food colorful and tasty
but serves as a complement to the juices
and it's once again an organic medication straight from the table of Mother Nature.
But just eating different is not enough
to heal a seriously ill patient.
Nutrition is only half of the equation.
Resolving the accumulated toxicity in the body is the second half.
- I got to die from something.
As detrimental to health as a cigarette symbolizes,
there is a Pandora's Box of poisons and stresses on the body that are just as bad,
if not worse than cigarette smoke found in our day to day life.
The lifestyles we now live
have us dying while we are still alive and seem to be healthy.
It is slow, relentless.
Realizing this, Charlotte Gerson included a chapter about it
in a book about the Gerson therapy,
that underlines in layman's terms the principles of the Gerson Therapy.
Within one section of the book,
environmental stresses that can lead to cancer are underscored.
Types of these hits are in the most surprising places.
Our exposition to toxic today's environment borders on the absurd.
It is practically impossible to avoid.
It is analogous to dodging bullets
in a hale of gunfire from multiple machine guns.
Not only are there poisons we ingest,
but stresses such as electromagnetic fields
and microwave radiation, that interfere with the bodies own electrical circuitry
and rearranges molecular structure
causing damage, sometimes irreversibly, to the brain and other organs.
A typical example of daily toxic ingestion or precursor hit
be when you get in your automobile.
Prior of even starting the engine, you have already ingested dioxins
given out from the dashboard to the fancy fitting of the seat.
Suppose you continue your journey and stop at a motel for the evening.
Perhaps you choose a non smoking room.
However, someone else is taking the parking spot in front of your room
and left the car idle for a short time,
even for a few minutes, a nightmarish mix of airborne toxins in the car exhaust,
have slipped in to your room from the space under the door.
Once inside, from the power switch activating electromagnetic fields
to the microwave radiation leaking from the oven
as it prepares your plastic rapt,
heavily salted and preserved, nutrition-less instant dinner
to the carcinogenic chemicals in the soap on the bathtub room.
You are inundated with hits.
The soap and shampoo are just the start however,
what is reabsorbed through your skin once you turn on the bath tube faucet
which will provide chlorinated and fluoridated water to help you get clean.
Chlorine and fluorine help destroy the thyroid gland.
The toilet seat has been sanitized for your protection.
But what does that mean?
The residual toxins in the chemical cleaning process of the seat
will reabsorb by contact once you sit down.
The toilet paper will also smear chemical and solvents
to dyes into your bloodstream.
The towels use chemical detergent residues
that will be activated once they hit the moisture of the skin.
At the bathroom sink, you may actually drink the chlorinated water
from a cheaply manufactured plastic cup,
that allows serious toxins from the plastic itself into the water.
The freshly painted wall and it's vapors are nothing
compared to the plywood, and the continuing emission of formaldehyde gases.
Over to the lamp, to get a cup of coffee to relax.
It is coffee that has been sprayed with chemical poisons, grown inorganically.
The artificial sugar and the artificial cream give nice a touch to the mix.
The good news is that you are not going to use a cell phone to receive or place a call.
As the cell phone repeated lengthy uses have shown
to interfere with and challenge the neurotransmitters of the brain.
The amount of radiation from the TV will be small.
When the TV set is discarded or incinerated,
it will come back to you via the air, water or food.
This room contains a brand new carpet.
The out gassing of chemicals for the next 6 months is extremely hazardous
to body tissue if inhaled.
As we finally turn off the light to sleep, electromagnetic fields from the clock next to your head
will almost imperceptibly influence the slumber and dreams one hopes to have.
Even the film to make this movie
uses extremely poisonous chemicals in its manufacturing and processing.
As ridiculous as this scenario may sound
it is one more hit for your body to fight.
The good news is that most of these toxins
can be removed, with strict adherence to the Gerson Therapy.
But how is this fully accomplished?
The answer is organic coffee.
Dr. Gerson discovered that if a patient drank
more than a pint of juice a day,
the powerful enzymes would dislodge poisons in the body cell systems.
And this is where the coffee comes into play.
Once the poison is dislodged into the bloodstream
and absorbed by the liver, the liver can become overwhelmed and even damaged.
And yet must get some help.
Dr Gerson found that an organic coffee solution introduced rectally,
stimulates the bile ducts and the liver to essentially dump
captured free radicals and pathogenic poisons into the colon for expulsion through the rectum.
When coffee enemas are utilized in conjunction with juice drinking
it is detoxification at its finest.
The immune system will now have the upper hand
in destroying cancer or other degenerative conditions.
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