HetaQuest 39 [ENG subs]

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It looks like we've succeeded...
So, this is the beach that Peter told us about? I still can't believe we would be able to teleport that far.
But doesn't this place feel different to you? I'm sure this is the right place.
Yay! Now let's head for Ramneyg!
Oh?! Alfred! Does the teleportation spell work on ghosts, too?
Arthur, are ghosts also made of chemical elements?
Where do you think the human mind, or spirit, lies?
What? Well, feelings come from the heart, which is in the chest, and rational thought is in the head.
Oh, but a friend of mine says the spirit lies in the stomach! It feels cold when you're nervous, and warm when you're happy. It's pretty handy!
Our bodies were disintegrated into basic elements and reconstituted in this place. If our spirits weren't made of these elements, don't you think they would have been left behind in the lab?
...?! I had never thought about that...
If that were the case, there would be nothing here but lumps of meat shaped like us.
But we're still like this, which means that our spirits are indeed made of some kind of element.
I see. If ghosts are made of elements, then it's not so strange, after all.
... Uh, wait a minute, the way you just said it, I got the feeling that you weren't sure our spirits would teleport successfully...
It can't be helped. It's not like I could experiment with human spirits before.
I'm glad you didn't tell me that before now. If you had told me in the lab, I wouldn't have gone through with this spell.
That reminds me, what was that white pendant that we found in the envelope?
You mean this one?
Oh! You brought it with you?! Well, what IS it, then?
To put it simply, it's a mobile receptive magic circle. The circle carved into this stone plays the same role as this one on the ground.
Since it has a small surface, it's considerably simplified, but apparently, the use of the Memory Stone supplements its lacking functions.
Hey, that's pretty handy! (It's like a cell phone!)
But if it's mobile, what about the coordinates? You can't tell where it is.
That's not a problem. This pendant is constantly sending its coordinates to the sender.
But then, doesn't that mean that the person who fought America knows where we are, too?
If that man appeared right in front of America when he had the pendant, that means he teleported using its coordinates.
Don't worry, though. I made sure to overwrite the info about the sender that the pendant is sending coordinates to.
That's a relief.
What now? This beach is north of Ryuhang, right?
If we're north of it, we'll find that city called Ryuhang if we go south, right? Why don't we go there?
And maybe we can ask around about the imperial capital. Let's do that.
I'll destroy this magic circle. After all, it's still where chimeras come from.
There, that should do it.
Now, let's go to Ryuhang!
Gilbert! Why is Roderich under house arrest?! I'm not even allowed into the manor!
Lady Héderváry, you may be His Majesty's childhood friend, but you cannot talk to him in that manner.
No, it's all right. I want to talk to her alone. You are dismissed.
... Yes, sir.
So, how's your dad? Is he still confined to his bed?
We're not talking about my father! So, you've chosen a new imperial aide?
Replacing Edelstein with a new aide... It's the same thing that happened to his father! What's going on?!
Feeling defeated? You sound just like Rich Boy.
You had better not try anything funny, or else your long-awaited wedding dress will turn into a mourning dress.
What's that supposed to mean? If you do anything to Roderich, you'll pay for it!
You guys are so predictable. When I told him the same thing, he readily accepted his house arrest.
You're not the only one hurting over Ludwig's death! We are all mourning, just like you!
So why....?
... Not just like me...
Oh, by the way, is that red brat still at Roderich's?
You mean Yong Soo? He's recovered enough that he can move normally, but ever since he heard about his brother, he's been really depressed.
Maybe you should let him go back to Saia so he can see his people...
Bring him to the castle. I'll take care of him right here.
...!! What are you going to do to him?!
Don't be so suspicious. The big brother who lost his little brother, and the little brother who lost his big brother. We make quite a team, don't you think?
I just want to talk to him. About how we're both Jewel Users left behind...
The military were getting busy. Everyone at the harbor had a lot of weapons and gunpowder. Oh, God, don't tell me you...!
Okay, Lady Héderváry is leaving. Be nice and escort her home, will you?
Gilbert! This is not what Ludwig would want! GILBERT!!!
It's very nice here, "Gilbert". I can cause so much destruction.
← Lytia → Ramneyg
Thank you for your time. Xièxiè!
Take care. Just keep going along the coast in the northeast and you'll reach Ramneyg.
Excuse me, do you have a minute?
What is it? I'm busy. Please make it quick.
(Oh, it's China! Now I've met all the Allies in this world!)
(He looks a bit old, though.)
I just overheard that if you keep going along the coast in the northeast, you'll reach Ramneyg, but... why not just take the road to Ramneyg?
Didn't you know? The checking station at Ramneyg is closed. You can only go through if you have a permit.
What?! But we're in a hurry!
Can we come with you through the path along the coastline? We've got urgent business in Ramneyg.
I don't mind. I wasn't really looking forward to having just the monsters for company, so it's just as well.
Great! Thank you!
Let's go to Ramneyg!
And what's your name? I'm America. These are Arthur and Matthew.
I'm Wang Yao. Nice to meet you.
Wang Yao joined the party!
Since we're here, we might as well buy things we need and gather information.
[Punch] Strikes all enemies.
[Red Dragon] Deals damage to all enemies with a tornado of flames. Uses up drive gauge.
[Front Fist Punch] Pulls fist back and punches the enemy in the face. Powerful, but it may be evaded.
[Spin Kick] Deals damage to one enemy with a spin kick.
[Continuous Attack] Continuously deals damage to one enemy.
[Life Drain] Drains HP from one enemy.
[Red Star] Tonfa imbued with the element of Fire. It may make the enemy draw back.
[Circlet] A protective magic head ornament.
[Mystic Cloth] Clothes made of special cloth, easy to move in.
[Life Ring] A ring that automatically restores HP little by little.
Wang Yao: Patriarch A traveler met in Ryuhang. Has business to attend to in Ramneyg.
This is the intermediary village of Ryuhang. It's located between Lytia and Ramneyg.
Have a safe trip... I've been trying to get in touch with relatives in the imperial capital, too.
Right when I was coming back from visiting my hometown Lytia and on the way to Ramneyg, this happened. Rats.
I've heard that the path along the coastline leads to Ramneyg, but there are rumors of bandits there, so I don't really want to try it...
You can't get past the checking station at Ramneyg.
They allow people in carriages with the permit, but not travelers or anything else. It's very troublesome.
Ever since the checking station was closed, many travelers have been stuck here. It's a lot of work looking after all the horses.
This is a weapons and armor shop. What do you need?
Have a good day!
This is a weapons and armor shop. What do you need?
Have a good day!
Welcome. This is a curio shop. Is there anything you would like?
Thank you.
I've heard that His Majesty the Emperor has been acting strange lately. He used to be so popular... I wonder what happened?
I can't help but have a drink in between jobs!
Disable random encounters? - Yes - No
Hyper Potion obtained!
What's wrong, Wang Yao?
What business do you have in Ramneyg, anyway? I don't know how you did it, but it must have been a lot of trouble to come all the way from Âge.
If you don't tell me what you're planning, I won't let you go any further.
W-wait a minute! We... we're just innocent travelers! Can you please lower that weapon?!
Innocent travelers don't go around carrying magic-fueled weapons, nor do they handle magic so skilfully.
Since Saia serves Ära, I must make sure you are not a threat.
I did feel like this was being too easy...
We're here to rescue someone we care about! We won't let your emperor do as he pleases with him!
If you're going to invade us, just do it. We can give you neither your imperial aide nor our king, okay?
Imperial aide? What happened to Ludwig?
What? You don't know? Well, do you know about the peace conference?
I'm sorry, but I was in bed for a long time and I don't really know what's been going on in the country. I couldn't get enough information in Ryuhang, so I'm heading for Ramneyg.
I don't know if you'll believe us Âgeans, but if there's anything you don't know, you can ask us. It's a long story, though...
Ludwig is dead...?
We haven't been able to confirm that yet, but that's what the Emperor of Ära said in his letter.
Following the instructions in the letter, the King of Âge came to Ära on his own. We have come here to stop him.
I see. Now that the imperial aides aren't together, no one can stop the emperor. He can do anything to rip apart the Blue Lily...
You do realize that even if you save your king, what awaits you is not a happily ever after, right? Knowing that, are you still going through with it?
Of course!
That's why we're here! We're not giving up!
If you don't let us pass, we'll go over your beaten-up body. We will save him no matter what.
Who said I wouldn't let you pass? Come on, we're going to Ramneyg!
Really?! But what made you—
I figured you offer no immediate threat to the people who live in Ramneyg. Now there are Saians there, as well.
Are you going to Ramneyg to meet the Saians who live there?
Of course. I only act in my own interests now. Frankly, I'd rather not waste my time cutting you guys up.
That stings, man... But if we bring the King back and a war breaks out, won't it be bad news for the people of Ramneyg, too?
What will happen afterwards does not concern me. Let's go, now. As I said, I have no time to waste.
Disable random encounters? - Yes - No
Today was very productive, eh, Chief?
Ever since the checking station was closed, more and more people have been coming this way! They're great prey!
This is even better than kidnapping for ransom!
What are we going to do about these guys?
They appear to be bandits...
Look, bro, more prey!
Hehehe! If you don't want to get hurt, hand over everything you have!
Not another waste of time! Can't we just get right past them?!
We're still at a distance from them. I can blind them with my magic, and then we can run for it.
America, I know you want to fight the bandits, but you do understand the situation we're in, don't you?
Yeah, yeah, we're in a hurry. I'm still itching to get rid of these scoundrels, though...
What the hell are you whispering there?! Hurry up and give us all of your stuff!
Chief, check out that guy's sword! We must have it!
Y-you can't have it! The Lis Bleu is for the King and it's extremely important to him!
What?! Is it that valuable?! Then we're definitely taking it from you!
Oh, no! I leaked information about the Lis Bleu!
Too late! Give us the sword!!
How dare you come after something so important like the Lis Bleu!
Now we have to get rid of them, right?!
Yeah, all right... Was that drama really necessary? Just to fight some bandits?
Evil must be destroyed!
(What a dangerous ideology...)
Power Up obtained!
America is now Level 19!
:DDDD Do you scoundrels surrender? Your days of evildoing are over!
What a waste of time...
The more fights we win, the more we earn!
I have no idea what you mean!
You've slowed us down. We have to hurry up to get to Ramneyg.
America picked up Sea Roar Staff!
Did they drop this?
It's a rare staff. Let's keep it.
[Sea Roar Staff] A staff imbued with the element of Water.
You might be able to get down from here... Would you like to try? - Let's go! - I don't think so.
You might be able to get down from here... Would you like to try? - Let's go! - I don't think so.
Turns out there was a Mimic in the chest!
You might be able to get down from here... Would you like to try? - Let's go! - I don't think so.
You might be able to get down from here... Would you like to try? - Let's go! - I don't think so.
Silver Angel obtained!
You might be able to get down from here... Would you like to try? - Let's go! - I don't think so.