Processed vs. Natural Foods (ASL)

Uploaded by ProjHOPE on 05.12.2011

Hi! My name is Bethany and I work for Project HOPE at DEAF, Inc.
In this vlog we are going to discuss processed food.
What does "processed food" mean?
It means the food itself is not natural.
Instead, it is made in a large factory
where many different chemicals are added and mixed in
along with different flavors and preservatives.
And all of these ingredients are not natural.
Here are some examples of processed food: Lean Pockets, Smart Ones, and instant noodles.
If you look at the ingredients,
you'll notice lot of big words that are hard to understand.
Those big words are the names of all the chemicals in the food.
For example, this Smart Ones box says the food has "artificial flavors" in it,
which means that the company that makes Smart Ones has added fake flavors in the food
and then they sell the food with those chemicals mixed in.
Natural food doesn't have any chemicals, fake flavors, or preservatives added in.
It's all natural food that is ready to eat.
Natural foods include fruits, vegetables and whole grains, for example.
It is very important to look at the food label
so you know what is in the food that you're buying.
If you buy a can of black beans, look at the list of ingredients on the can.
The only ingredient it should say is "black beans."
If the can says "black beans" and a bunch of other ingredients with long names that you don't understand,
then you know that these other ingredients are the chemicals and preservatives added in by the food company.
So it's best to buy the can with only natural black beans in it!
If you want improve your eating habits by eating more all-natural foods,
but are not sure how to choose, or where to start,
here's a suggestion.
When you go to the grocery store, the first thing you usually see is the fruits and vegetable section,
if you walk through that section, there's usually a fish section in the far back corner,
and then the meat section is usually along the back of the store, along with
the dairy section, where the eggs, cheese and milk are,
and then you turn the corner and there's the bread section.
If you notice, those are all natural foods.
Grocery stores usually have natural foods along the perimeter (along the walls).
The processed food tends to be in the middle aisles of the store. Most of the food there is not natural.
However, some food in the middle aisles are real and natural!
You just have to look at the ingredients to make sure.
There are many different reasons to avoid processed food.
Some processed foods are high in salt,
high in fat, and high in calories, which isn't healthy.
For example, the word "Lean" on a box of Lean Pockets might make it seem the food is healthy and good for you... right?
Well, let's take a look at the food label... it says that
ONE Lean Pocket sub has 810 mg of sodium (salt), which is a lot of salt for only one sub!
If you ate 2 subs, that’d be over 1,600 mg of sodium (salt), which is too much for one person.
Natural foods are naturally low in salt—some don’t even have salt!
Natural foods have less fat, less calories, and less cholesterol,
which is why they are healthier.
But “natural” foods are not the same thing as “organic” food.
"Organic" means something different, so
you don’t have to buy organic foods in order for it to be natural.
Did you know that some scientists believe that artificial foods may increase the risk of cancer?
It may be a good idea to try and eat less foods with artificial (fake) flavors, fake colors, fake dyes, and preservatives
and eat more healthy, all-natural foods
such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, milk, and whole grains.
Would you like more information? Please contact us.
Thank you!