Scott Byerly - The man who took skateboard to the water/Orlando : ASUS FIND YOUR ZEN Short Film 3/3

Uploaded by searchofincredible on 23.07.2012

I mean I got into this wake boarding sport
when I was super young
There wasn't too many people in front of me
Just had a clean slate
you know, to do whatever I wanted to do
Pretty much you know, just having fun with it
I was very fortunate
to be involved at a young time in this sport
and to just run with it
and to try to come up as many things as I could
For wake skating, power
I don't think we'd mean like, being strong
It's more like finesse, like comes natural
Wakes take a long time to land you know
so you just have to get out there
making it everything second nature to you
and it just comes with practice
Putting in all your time and everything
for that one moment for it to pay off
it feels really good when you are in that zen moment
where everything is natural for you
The weightlessness
Back there behind the boat, being free
I was just dreaming of stuff you that we could do
and it's all reality now
Like some of these guys out here now are
just came from skateboarding
and then just taking it to the water
It's just what I've envisioned since day one
when I started wake skating
you know, this is what it needs to be
It's to that point right now
where just seeing that is the biggest pay off for me
being involved in this whole wake skate thing
From start to, you know whenever I'm done
So what this wake boarding
wake skating stuff that we do
we want the best possible equipment under our feet
It’s the same thing with the computer
you know, out on the road
traveling, filming, updating our social media stuff
it's good to have, you know
like a super light weight, thin like the ZENBOOK
it just makes life easier
It's pretty crazy, you know
I got three kids, and a wake board company
a boat with my name on it
traveling doing boat shows and appearances
and my wife does a lot of the balancing for me
like taking care of stuff when I'm not at home
so like balance for me is just
having a good family environment to come home to
and being able to take my daughter to school
and you know someone who supports what I do
like just the family life really balances me out