Jeremy Bird introduces Dashboard on

Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on 23.05.2012

Hi everyone. I'm Jeremy Bird, the National Field Director for the Obama campaign. Welcome
to the Dashboard, the organizing network of supporters working to re-elect
Barack Obama.
Think of Dashboard as an online, nationwide field office. It's all about connecting supporters
like you and bringing you the best tools to build this campaign in your community.
When you first sign up for Dashboard, you'll get plugged right into our grassroots network.
You'll get exclusive updates and inspiration from organizing happening across the country,
and you'll stay up to date on upcoming events happening near you.
Once you're ready you can take the next step and join your neighborhood team, a group of
local volunteers who have stepped up to register, pursued, and turn out the voters in your community
between now and election day.
As a member of your team, you'll build relationships with volunteers in your neighborhood and organize
block by block to win in November. These teams will form the core of our organizing strategy
and yours will be part of tens of thousands of neighborhood teams across the country.
Once you join a team, you'll have all the tools to bring the campaign field office right
to you. You can call voters, report your progress, see photos and updates from your team members,
and a whole lot more.
And if you're a neighborhood team leader, your day to day tasks are gonna get a whole
lot easier and faster. You'll be able to recruit new team members and manage your team's progress
from wherever you are.
No matter what you're doing to help the President, Dashboard is about empowering you to take
action in your community. After all, volunteers are the foundation of this campaign. Supporters
like you reaching out to one another and working together to build a grassroots organization
we need to win in November.
Thanks guys and have fun exploring Dashboard.