Wish to See You Again taiwanese drama Episode 13 這裡發現愛

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Wish to See You Again Chapter 13
What I mean is...
don't you want to marry Xiao Xian
and become a part of our family?
Get married?!
Stop coughing already!
Why are you guys looking at me like that?
Did I say something wrong?
Xu Le and I haven't even thought about this yet.
Well, you guys
can think through it now.
I object!
Neng Xian just graduated from college.
She's still young.
Xu Le is still without
a stable income
or stable emotions,
a mere writer!
Isn't having the two of them get married now too early?
Hey, Old Pan!
You always have to oppose everything, don't you?
You were the same way with Zhen Zhen's situation.
Once she wanted it,
you started saying this was bad and that was bad, this had problems, that had problems.
And until, now she hasn't gotten married, she just keeps mooning over that Ah Hao.
I'm going to deal with our daughters from now on. I don't need your interference!
Fine, I'm going to ask you two,
if you two don't want to get married, that's fine.
Are you two even dating?
Fine, no problem.
Xu Le, you tell me.
You're not talking.
Are you going to tell me you're just playing around with Neng Xian?
If you don't want to marry her, that's fine.
But from now on, I don't want you seeing her anymore.
Mom, do you have to be like this?
If we don't want to get married, can't we even see each other?
Can't we just be friends?
When you are like this,
it's like you think I will never get married.
Why are you forcing me on Xu Le?
How will Xu Le see me?
Neng Xian!
This is really humiliating! Terribly humiliating!
Xiao Xian!
Auntie, don't worry! I'll bring her back!
Neng Xian!
Neng Xian!
Neng Xian!
Neng Xian!
Neng Xian!
Neng Xian!
Neng Xian!
Go away! Leave me alone!
Your mom's just worried about you.
I know.
I don't need you to tell me.
I know how she is.
I'm mad about...
What about you?
What's with your attitude?
Getting married or not isn't important,
the whole time I've known you...
The two of us,
what's the meaning of it?
From the first time I met you till now,
you've grabbed my hand several times.
What's the meaning of that?
When I hold your hand,
inspiration would come.
Then at Ah Hao's house,
you've said to me:
Liking you...
I don't know when it started.
After it started, it became a form of a habit.
After becoming a habit, it developed into a form of longing.
Was that your confession to me?
No, it wasn't.
Then why did you say all that to me?
Because you gave me inspiration.
I suddenly got the lines for
my story.
So all of this...everything
is because I'm the source of your inspiration?
Is that all?
how about that time at Love River,
at Ali Mountain...
The owl cups, were they all only for the sake of inspiration?
Of course not.
All you've ever said to me,
is that I love to eat,
I get all worked up over nothing,
I seem really serious,
but actually am not too bright.
You said I was your girlfriend,
and also your slave,
and that I was your hands.
You said you were really worried about Lu Yi, but aren't you worried about me?
You never give me a feeling
that you want to understand me.
So tell me, what do you feel about me?
You can't even say it,
can you?
I like you.
I like you.
I'm sorry.
I'm the problem.
I don't understand you well enough.
I promise,
starting today,
I'll try to understand you better.
I'll work hard, too.
I'll work hard, too.
I'll work hard, too.
Such a simple joyful color
With open arms I can have it
Your simple smile has already replaced
the ordinary rainbow
and is the most beautiful, most loved.
Your world is pure white
such a comfortable and freeing color.
Are you okay?
Let me get you a towel.
You should go take a shower,
otherwise you'll catch a cold.
Thank you.
Why so fast?
Why are you shivering?
I'm not, the hot water's all gone
so I just washed real quick.
I'll just eat hot pot soon, and I'll be fine.
Ah Hao, did you know that the markets
have special times
when you can buy beef really cheap?
Try it and see if it's fresh.
If it's good,
then we should always go to that market during these times.
I'll cook yours first, okay?
Zhen Zhen,
you're a great girl.
You should find someone who's going to love you more.
I'm telling you guys now,
when I grow up, I don't want to get married,
and I don't want to live here,
otherwise I'll be driven crazy!
I wanted to tell you something.
I wanted to push them to get married,
because I went to the temple...
Didn't I tell you, you don't need to be so superstitious?
What were you asking for?
Isn't everyone getting along good enough?
I went, because...
Because I...Because I...
Xiao Xian.
Mom, Dad.
Sorry for making you guys worry.
It's fine, I'm just glad you're back.
Don't worry about your mom, she's just like that.
Auntie and Uncle,
I've thought it through.
I'm in love with Neng Xian.
I'm serious about her,
we haven't made any plans for marriage.
But I'm willing to give it a try.
Try it out...
What you're saying is...
Treating you like my own family,
before we get married, continuing to date...
Xu Le...
This is too great!
I told you
heaven is looking out for us!
Looking out for us!
Why don't you hurry home and pack?
Falling in love is easy, getting along and living together is another story!
I think, before you get married,
we should all get to know each other better.
You can come stay at our place for a bit.
You can treat me as your mom,
and him as your dad,
and Zhen Zhen and Hui Hui as your sisters.
Even though we don't have a lot of money,
we support each other,
take care of each other.
What's your problem?!
What's YOUR problem!
You're a great girl.
You should find someone who's going to love you more.
You're always the one giving to me.
I'm afraid if I don't reject you now,
you'll get in even deeper.
When I was in America,
I left my fiancee
because I didn't want her to suffer with me.
But now,
I'm allowing another woman suffer along with me.
I don't feel like I'm suffering!
I can't treat you to a nice meal.
I feel that I'm wronging you making you fight for cheap meat at a market.
In addition to that, we have to cook over a dinky little stove
in this run-down apartment.
I can't even offer you a hot shower.
You deserve so much better than that.
I don't care!
I just want to be able to love you!
Do you still not understand?
There's no way for me to return to you the love you are giving me.
I can't keep going on like this.
At least not until I can take back my dad's company.
and a very strong love.
Coz I believe in love.
I'm holding on but it hurts so badly.
Coz I believe in love.
I thought I'd be happy 'til the end.
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties,
It's just that I can't let go right now.
I'm just foolishly hanging on,
I've never let go.
I hope for the day you'll understand.
What are you doing here?
Are you okay?
Thank you.
I just wanted to really love him very much.
But he rejected my love.
Can you tell me
why loving someone hurts so much?
Ah Hao, he... has always been the one to give and to provide,
whether it was in a friendship,
or to the person he loves.
I think for Ah Hao,
until he finds his old self back,
he'll never be able to give again,
much less love someone.
Do you know,
if someone wanted to buy back
Ah Hao's dad's company,
how much it would cost?
I think Ah Hao mentioned once,
it would cost millions.
Making a fist, do you want to hit somebody?
Well, I'll go along with that.
Bullying the new transfer student...
Boss, right here, there are 100 books
to sell.
One book is NT$50.
But what?
Boss, I'm buying a book.
One book is not enough; I'll buy two!
New Year's!
If we don't eat a meal together,
how can we tell other people that we're brothers?
Let's toast for a sec!
Come! Happy New Year!
With real friends,
there's nothing that can't be said.
What Xiao Ma said isn't wrong.
There's nothing that can't be said.
Anything that's stupid is fine, too.
Even if you hit rock bottom,
you'll never be alone.
(NT$33 mill~ USD$1.1 mill, avg. salary in Taiwan is about USD$10,980/year)
Hello! Yan Wu Xu!
You have a really nice place!
Daddy Pan said he wanted to come over
to help you pack up some clothes.
I've got some things to take care of.
No problem.
You take care of your stuff; we knew you'd be busy.
That's why we're here to help you.
This place isn't half bad!
Is it all yours?
Are you kidding?
Our future son-in-law
is a famous writer.
But it's missing that "homey" feeling.
Where's your stuff? I'll go help!
No need!
Auntie...no need!
You don't have to, I can do it myself.
It's no problem, we're family. I can do it.
Wait! Auntie!
Xu Le,
why is all you have here instant noodles and biscuits?
Is this what you eat everyday?
Uh, I only eat this stuff
when I don't have time.
What's "have time", "don't have time?" You should control how you spend your time.
Eating this stuff everyday, they have no nutritional value!
Why are you and Ah Hao so alike? Your lifestyle and habits are a mess!
If his dad was alive,
he'd be worried sick!
You're exactly the same.
You've had no one to worry about you, so how about we'll worry for you now?
Uh, okay.
Uncle, may I ask,
when Ah Hao's dad was in America,
his company's name...
In English, do you know what was it called?
English name?
I think it sounds a lot like the "Hao" in Ah Hao.
It's called "Hower!"
as long as they're with the boy they like,
even if they're doing something simple,
they'll feel really happy.
Maybe the method you're using to chase Lu Yi
is too fantasy-like.
So it doesn't feel realistic.
Hello, Lu Yi?
Can you get off work a little earlier?
Great, then I'll come pick you up.
Let's go.
Where's your car?
I didn't drive today.
Then are you going to carry me?
I don't want to.
Just lean for a bit.
I don't want to.
Come on!
Where exactly are we going?
Walking down your future husband's street.
Actually, I know,
I'm happy when I'm with him,
but the wound in my heart
still aches.
No matter how strong
my heart still breaks
When the expression in her eyes is no longer loving
You'll get sick!
she still hears
Love won・t stop, it still seeps out
Welcome home, Madame!
This is my new home.
You've never been here, huh?
I'll go get a towel for you to dry off.
If we don't dry you off, you'll get sick.
This won't do, it's too slow.
I'm going to go get a blow dryer.
Xiao Ma,
you treat me so well,
how am I supposed to repay you?
How about with your body?
Actually, what I want the most is
one of your paintings.
Hello? Is this Mr. Chang?
I've already transferred NT$30 million over to your account.
The other NT$50 million
I'll transfer to you
within the month.
Please don't forget your promise to me.
Give Ah Hao's dad's stock in the company
back to Ah Hao.
Erm.... Whatever you do, don't ever mention my existence to anyone.
That must be Xu Le, I'll get the door.
Xu Le, I've been waiting for you.
Auntie, sorry for that.
No worries, have you eaten?
Some instant noodles would be fine.
What do you mean, instant noodles?
My mom has some food waiting for you.
That's okay, if you want noodles,
I've got noodles, I'll go make you some.
Thank you, Auntie.
Don't be so polite!
Come in quickly!
Why are you back so late?
Some things just came up.
Xu Le, hurry up and come in!
Xian, come in.
Hurry up and eat, so you can get to bed early.
Here...come on in!
Come in!
Come on!
You can stay in Zhen Zhen's room.
The sheets are all fresh, I changed them for you.
Auntie, thanks.
Aiyo, stop being so polite!
After this, we'll all be family!
Alright, get some rest.
Good night, Auntie.
Good night.
Good night.
From now on, we'll be family!
Remember, family!
Good night.
Good night.
What are you still doing up?
I'm working on my book.
Then why don't you keep writing?
Nothing's coming out.
Neng Xian,
I feel like this is the first time
you and I have been this close.
Breakfast time!
Come, Xiao Hui.
1 2 3 4 5
Hui, you're missing a place setting for Xu Le.
Xu Le is way too skinny.
I must fatten him up.
Morning, Mom.
Where's Zhen Zhen?
She left at the crack of dawn.
At the crack of dawn? Where did she go that early?
I...I don't know.
When I got up, she was already gone.
All night long,
she was hiding under her blankets, crying.
What happened? Who bullied her?
Is it because of work?
I told you
not to let her work!
It couldn't be that. Working at a publishing house is so innocent,
all she does is read books all day. How could that not work out?
Could it be that she tried to write and couldn't write anything, so she ended up crying?
Xiao Xian, do you know what is going on with your sister?
Wake Xu Le up for breakfast.
Doesn't he write books for a living?
I'm going to ask him how writing can lead to this!
Hey, he writes at night, so let him sleep a little more,
you don't need to wake him up so early.
It is unacceptable to live with such unusual habits.
Wake him up for breakfast! Go!
I don't want to.
What do you mean you don't want to?
You haven't even married the guy yet, and you're already not listening to your father?
Xian! Don't listen to him, let Xu Le sleep more.
If he's going to live at our house, he's going to eat here!
He's our son-in-law! He needs to abide by our rules!
Hey! What "our house"?
What you're saying is a bunch of crap! What's so wrong with sleeping more?
You! You!
- "You" what?! - If you're not going to wake him up, I'll do it myself!
- What is the meaning of all this? - Wake up!!
What do you think you're doing?!
What do you mean, "What do you think you're doing?"
You feel for him, but if you let him go on like this, you'll spoil him!
Don't you get it?
What's wrong with feeling for him?! Why are you even talking like this?!
You'll hurt him by caring for him like that! You need to understand this!
I understand!!
Because you're old, you don't sleep much!
But he's different! He's young! He's a writer!
He gets inspired to write at night!
- Aren't writers people? - Of course!
People need to...
People need to live healthily! Don't you get it?!
I understand! Then are you a person?!
Why do you get up so early?!
I get up early to exercise! To keep my body healthy!
You're crazy!
Keeping my body healthy allows me to take care of you!
If he went to sleep early, he could wake up early!
Moreover, he needs to start getting exercise!
I'm going to get him out of bed right this instant!
Then, he won't be able to stay up at night!
I'm going right now to get him up? What about that?!
That's because you're old!
Why are you inflicting this on him?
What's all the ruckus about?
I'm already up.
Could you guys not fight about me anymore?
We're not fighting, we're just talking.
Come. Eat breakfast.
Come. Eat breakfast.
Good. Come.
Come. Sit down. Eat breakfast.
Xiao Xian. Get him some food.
Come. Sit down...
Here, have some milk.
So, it's like this,
Zhen Zhen has been a little weird lately,
I was wondering if it's because
she's got some trouble at work?
I thought maybe you could enlighten her a bit?
Enlighten her?
Yes, enlighten her...
It might be because I asked her to write,
and she didn't know how to do it, so she feels bad.
Either that or she and your good friend
Ah Hao are fighting.
I'm telling you!
Whatever the case may be,
she's your big sister now, right?
You two should talk more.
Come, eat!
Whether she has problems at work,
or is arguing with her boyfriend,
isn't it supposed to be
your responsibility as parents to help her resolve those issues?
Let's not talk about this anymore. Come...eat breakfast.
Have some breakfast.
I'm not hungry.
I'm going to go back to my room.
It doesn't matter...
If you move a little, you'll get hungry. Let's go. I'll take you to the park to do Tai Chi.
No need...
Dad! I beg of you! That's old people stuff!
What "old people"? Aren't you going to get old? Isn't he going to get old?
When you're old, if his body is unhealthy, how's he supposed to take care of you?
Let's go!
Let's get going!
You really are weird!
He doesn't want to go! Don't force him to go!
I'm taking him to exercise his body! Helping him take care of our daughter! What do you mean "force"? Let's go!
Take it easy!
He just got here!
What are you trying to do?
That's why we have to start now! If we start now, his body will be healthier!
You really are a weirdo!
What "weirdo?"
Old people do their old people things!
Stop the fighting!
I'm not hungry.
I'm going to go back to my room.
It doesn't matter...
if you move a little, you'll get hungry. Let's go. I'll take you to the park to do Tai Chi.
No need...
Dad! I beg of you! That's old people stuff!
What "old people"? Aren't you going to get old? Isn't he going to get old?
When you're old, if his body is unhealthy, how's he supposed to take care of you?
Let's go!
Let's get going!
You really are weird!
He doesn't want to go! Don't force him to go!
I'm taking him to exercise his body! Help him take care of our daughter! What do you mean "force"? Let's go!
Take it easy!
He just got here!
What are you trying to do?
That's why we have to start now! If we start now, his body will be healthier!
You really are a weirdo!
What "weirdo?"
Old people do their old people things!
Stop the fighting!
Please teach me how to do Tai Chi.
Heaven and earth are made up of yin and yang*
(Note: Yin and Yang are Chinese words for complementary and opposite forces making up life's force)
Within yin and yang are 2 extremes.
Within those 2 extremes are 4 elements.
Within those 4 elements are 8 gua.
(Note: Gua - a term referring to the 8 trigrams, from the Chinese classic: "Book of Changes")
Within the 8 gua are 16 directions.
Within the 16 directions are 32 positions.
Within the 32 positions are 64 gua,
Therefore, forming heaven and earth and everything in it.
It is called Tai Chi.
One of the most important fundamentals is breathing from your lower abdomen.
Stretch your head to the sky. Plant your feet firmly on the ground.
Overcome nature. Strengthen your body.
Xiao Xu! Yan Wu Xu!
Come! Hurry!
Let's go!
Come! Let's go!
Let's go!
Wait a minute! What are you doing?
What do you mean what am I doing? I'm going to Di Hua Road.
I need someone to help me carry my stuff. It's really heavy.
What? Is our son-in-law only for your use? A son-in-law is for everyone's use!
Uncle, I'll go help her. I'll finish this another day.
Not "another day", it has to be EVERYday!
I'm telling you! You must train everyday!
This is not a joke!
These scallops look very fresh.
Do you have ones from Hokkaido?
So fragrant!
Mrs. Liu!
That medicine I ordered, is it ready yet?
Yes, it's ready!
That's great!
We don't need to buy much of this. It's NT$1900/unit.
Who's this handsome guy you've got with you today?
Xiao Xian's boyfriend,
my future son-in-law.
He's very handsome.
Let me see...
He's so shy! Really!
He really is handsome.
He's a writer.
Really! A very talented one at that!
So amazing!
Let me get Mrs. Jin and Mrs. Lee to have them take a look.
Mrs. Jin! Mrs. Lee! Let's go have a look together!
What's the matter?
Don't be scared.
They're all my good friends.
They all really take care of me.
Let's go.
He's really handsome, right?
So handsome!
Come...great... don't say anything...
I'll talk for him. He's called Ye Zi,
like the leaf from a tree, that kind of Ye Zi.* (*Ye Zi means leaf)
Ye Zi!
Come! Look here!
"With passion and imagination
World Renown Leisure Author Shares:
Ye Zi"
Take a picture!
Don't push.
I'm his mother-in-law.
I get to stand next to him.
Mrs. Wu.
Handsome, don't get hit!
Mrs. Wu, here!
5 4 3 2
Auntie, I don't feel well!
You don't feel well?
After this, we'll go to the clinic and have a look.
No need, I...
I just... maybe I didn't sleep well.
I'll just go back and rest a bit and I'll be fine.
Okay, just wait. We'll go back, and you can sleep.
Afterwards, I'll wake you up for lunch.
Auntie, my....
I forgot something at home... I'm going to go back and get it!
I'll go with you.
No need!
Xu Le!
Xu Le!
Xu Le, come back early for dinner!
Taipei 101's "Run to the Top of the World."
From the 1st floor to the 91st floor,
there's a total of 2046 steps.
This is the world's tallest Vertical Marathon.
The theme of the event is "Run to the Top of the World"
and to let your dreams take flight.
We hope that we can
ignite our participants' fighting spirit and perseverance
with highest passion and zeal, enabling them to sweat
and challenging them to reach for the clouds, running to the top of the world.
This Vertical Marathon was led by Ah Hao.
It was a complete success!
You all worked very hard.
Ah Hao! So handsome!
Thank you all for your cooperation.
New Year's is almost here.
Things will get even busier.
Before that happens, let's have a staff trip to Sun Moon Lake.
[Note: Sun Moon Lake - the largest natural lake in Taiwan as well as a popular tourist attraction.]
Staff trip?
Can we bring guests?
Each staff member can bring one guest.
Who do you want to bring?
The future wife?
Okay, Xiao Ma,
I have some important matters to discuss with you.
Is this Ding Yu Hao?
I'm your dad's
partner from the U.S.,
Chang Tian Jin.
Can we meet
and talk for a bit?
Have you been doing well?
What do you think?
I really, truly care how you've been.
After my dad died,
you told me the shoe factory was improperly managed, and it was going bankrupt.
But at the end, you've bought all the stocks when the price dropped.
You made all my father's blood, sweat, and tears amount to nothing.
You made me to become a spendthrift who incurred huge debts.
And you have the nerve to ask how I'm doing? If I've been well?
In the business world it's always been "if you trick me, I trick you back."
My dad treated you as his best friend,
yet you betrayed his trust.
You didn't think I'd let you off that easily, did you?
Do you know why my dad liked orchids?
Is it important?
Wasn't it just a hobby?
Every year, my dad would give you orchids he grew himself.
Because orchids represent the saying: "a hedge between friends keeps the friendship green".
(Note: Chinese proverb referring to friendship between noblemen)
But I don't think you were his friend.
You're right.
That's why I'm here today
to pay back your dad.
What do you mean?
I've made enough. I want to retire.
I want you to take over your dad's business.
Do what you originally were supposed to do.
Are you here to mock me?
It's true.
I'm a mess.
I couldn't even keep the business my father left me.
I've made it so that I don't have anything now.
Isn't that enough?
You come all the way here to play a joke on me?
Are you done yelling?
If you're done,
please tell me if you're willing to go back to the U.S.
to take over your dad's company.
Okay, do you want to keep living like this?
I don't understand what you're saying.
This is a legal agreement containing your shares of stock.
After you sign it,
your father's company will be yours again.
Jason, were you looking for me?
Yes, Xiao Ma.
You're a good leader with a lot of great ideas.
This skill set is hard to come by these days.
Right now, an opportunity has opened up to have you go to Switzerland for a year.
When you come back, you can take over my position.
This would be considered a promotion and the company acknowledging you.
Are you willing to go?
Would I go by myself?
You can pick one of your staff to go with you.
If you're willing to go, I'll take care of the rest.
Of course I'm willing!
Keep up the good work!
We'll come together.
Ok, bye.
Where's Ah Hao?
I think he had a meeting with a visitor.
A visitor...
Ah Hao,
I have a good news.
The company wants to send me to Switzerland; I'm finally being acknowledged!
So while I'm away,
I'm handing this team over to you.
I'm happy for your opportunity,
and grateful for your trust in me,
but I've got to go back to the U.S.
Don't push!
I'm the mother-in-law! The spot next to him is mine!
Mrs. Wu...
Handsome guy, don't get hit!
Mrs. Wu...here...
5 4 3 2
I'm supposed to...
Xu Le, you must come over for a bit.
He gave you the stocks back, just like that? There must be a catch.
That's what I thought at first, too.
But the stocks are all right here.
Also, my father's been dead now for three years.
The last two years, they've been in the black.*
(Note: Means - they were making a profit)
Why would he trick me?
He could very well not have contacted me.
Xu Le, what do you think?
I don't think there's any real problem here
or any catch.
Just consider him as feeling guilty
or finally developing a conscience.
True. This world still has some warmth in it.
Are you going to go the States?
I don't really know yet.
These three years
I had nothing,
I thought my life
would just continue like this.
But now, all of a sudden, this thing happened,
I can't actually accept that it's real.
If you believe it's real,
then it is.
Ah Hao,
even if he's pulling a fast one, you still have to go back.
You can't keep feeling guilty about what happened with your father for the rest of your life.
You need to face it.
If I just leave Taiwan like this,
are you guys going to get mad at me?
Of course we will!
Just like last time, I'll still tell you,
Go to America and eat shit.
Hello? This is Ma Yong Rui.
Do we have a meeting?
Okay...I'll be there immediately.
Bye bye.
I've got a meeting to attend. So... we'll talk more this evening.
So, are you going to take Neng Zhen back with you to the States?
Lu Yi?
I already know about your situation.
Neng Zhen?
Sorry about calling you,
but I have something I need your help with.
What do you think you're going to do?
I'm not going to tell Xiao Ma anything about it.
Do you still love Lu Yi?
There's no way the two of us could ever be together again.
You already know, she's born to live a blessed life,
how could I let her stay with me and suffer?
I have no idea what my future will be like.
If I keep hurting her, I'll hate myself even more.
Ah Hao...
Xu Le...
You're the one who's supposed to understand me best.
Lu Yi hasn't been able to forget you.
She can't love Xiao Ma with her whole heart.
Did she tell you that?
I'm going to be leaving soon.
Sooner or later, she'll forget about me.
What about Neng Zhen?
Her heart has only loved you.
You've never given her even the slightest chance.
Whether it's Lu Yi or Neng Zhen...
Either one would become my burden.
Right now...
Right now, I don't want...
Right now... I really don't feel like thinking about these matters.
I'm sorry
for calling you up, out of nowhere,
to talk about this stuff with you.
So you're saying,
because of the situation with Ah Hao's dad,
he's unwilling to stay with you?
Ah Hao said,
that until his dad's business is bought back,
he wouldn't be able to settle down.
But I still feel like he just doesn't want to be with me,
and that's why he said that to me.
Lu Yi,
please tell me,
who is the girl Ah Hao can't seem to forget,
his past fiancee?
Who is she? Where is she now?
Didn't I tell you before,
I don't know?
You are Ah Hao's high school classmate,
you definitely able to help me find her.
I really want to find her.
Why do you want to find her?
I want to ask her,
if she doesn't love Ah Hao anymore,
please tell that to Ah Hao,
so he can move on.
he'll never be able to love another girl.
That's impossible.
Hasn't he already accepted you?
No, he hasn't.
Do you know,
one night when Ah Hao was drunk,
he mistook me for her,
and held me, saying over and over how much he missed her.
Lu Yi,
I really want Ah Hao to be happy.
You never know, she might be able to
help Ah Hao start over again.
You want him to be happy so much,
that you don't care if the girl he chooses isn't you?
It would be really painful.
But if Ah Hao
can live a blessed, happy life,
it'll put my mind to peace.
If he goes back to her,
wouldn't that mean you've lost him?
Does love only
mean sacrifice to you?
I don't really understand it.
I was only thinking,
she must be a really amazing, perfect,
outstanding woman.
If she was to be with Ah Hao,
Ah Hao would be happy for sure.
No! You're wrong!
You're totally, completely, wrong!
She doesn't have any idea what love is.
She only knows how to selfishly take love,
she has no idea how to give back.
She doesn't even know what she wants!
Do you know who she is?
I do.
Because that person,
is me!
I thought I'd be happy 'till the end.
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties,
I just can't let go now,
I keep holding on
I only now realized,
that someone as ordinary as Zhen Zhen
is better than me.
I've been holding onto this knot in my heart,
been in pain for three years,
I wanted to prove to myself I could love and be loved,
so I stayed with Xiao Ma.
I don't even know if I love Xiao Ma.
How could I treat someone who
loves me so much like that?
I hate who I am right now.
I'm just foolishly hanging on,
I've never let go.
In a while, will you be free?
Yeah, I'm free.
Can you help me with something?
This is our newest ring, just got in today,
there is only one in the world.
It's so beautiful!
I can already imagine what it'll look like on Lu Yi's finger.
Try it on for me.
My hand is nowhere near as beautiful as Lu Yi's.
That's okay, I just want to get a sense.
Where'd you buy that ring?
This looks like a cheap kiddie ring. Did you buy it from some street vendor?
Oh, I know.
It must be Xu Le.
That guy really does have unique taste.
He didn't buy it.
Xiao Wu bought it for him, and then he gave it to me.
This person saves money even when buying a ring.
was he able to get you with such a cheap ring?
Come, randomly pick one,
I'll get Xu Le to pick up the bill.
How can he say, he's a best-selling author?
This is really, too petty.
Don't! It's really unnecessary. As long as it's sincere, it's enough!
Vice Boss,
you are buying a ring for Lu Yi,
why are you dragging me into it?
You're my most important partner, of course I need to worry about you.
Thank you, Vice Boss.
there's something
I need to ask you about.
Go with you to Switzerland?
For us, this isn't just recognition,
but a great career move.
I need you.
I know.
You're worried about Xu Le, right?
I already thought about it.
Xu Le can come with us to Switzerland.
After all, writing can be done anywhere.
But there's also my family.
If you want to go, we can deal with that.
I'll go and deal with Xu Le. You deal with your family. How's that?
Stop hesitating.
If Xu Le goes, you go.
I'm going to find Xu Le now.
Didn't you just buy this car?
(Note: Lamborghini costs about USD$200K which is appx. NT$6.1 mill)
And now you're selling it?
Do you want to see a newer one?
No need.
Alright, then.
Please sign over the pink slip.
What? Can't bear to part with it?
No, that's not it.
Let's go.
Go where?
To eat.
I don't feel like eating.
Then let's just go for a walk.
I have something important I want to talk to you about.
What is it?
The company is sending me to Switzerland!
I want to take you and Nancy with me.
I'll tell you more about it when we get going.
Aren't you dressed a little too bummy to go out?
Go change! Hurry up!
Lu Yi?
"Xu Le,
I know we agreed on the situation,
but I've thought about it for a long time now,
if I can't love Xiao Ma,
I can't lie to him.
I'm sorry."
Let's take your car.
Xu Le,
you're hiding something from me.
Why are you lying to me?
What are you talking about?
The situation you and Lu Yi agreed about.
What is it?
You're hiding something from me.
Why are you lying to me?
What are you talking about?
The situation you and Lu Yi agreed about.
What is it?
What are you and Lu Yi
lying to me about?
Lu Yi and I..
Xiao Ma...
You keep lying to me!
I didn't mean to.
You didn't mean to.
You are my best friend!
How long have you been lying to me?
I was going to tell you
that you and Neng Xian, me and Lu Yi,
should go to Switzerland together.
Yet you treat me like a fool?!
Xiao Ma!
Xiao Ma!!
Xiao Ma!
Lu Yi,
Do you know how important you are to me?
Do you know how much I love you?
Xiao Ma, I...
I really like you.
I know, but...
Before you give me an answer,
I want to give you something.
I made it myself.
You must really want someone
who can love you, cherish you.
Lu Yi,
will you let me take you with me?
My eyes drift to the sand
New land emerges from my hope
Lu Yi,
no wonder you always look unhappy,
no wonder you always...
Vice Boss,
if one day,
the person you love is with someone else,
what would you do?
Leaving a footnote behind,
Worked so hard but the regret couldn't help but come.
Vice Boss.
I have something to ask you.
Last time you said,
you saw Xu Le with someone else,
that person...
was it Lu Yi?
The smile points inward
a reunion of trust.
Hello? How are you?
I have an urgent matter, I'm looking for the public relations department, 35th floor's
Mr. Ma Yong Rui.
He's not here.
Then, in the same department, connect me to Ms. Pan Neng Xian. Please hurry.
Xu Le, you're here...
Xu Le, you're hurting me!
Xu Le!
Where's Xiao Ma?
First tell me,
why does Xiao Ma know
about you and Lu Yi?
He misunderstood me.
I don't have time to explain right now.
Could you, please tell me where Xiao Ma is?
Xiao Ma bought a ring.
He and Lu Yi are meeting up tonight.
He's going to propose.
It's Lu Yi.
Xu Le wants me to trust him.
Do you trust him?
I choose to trust him.
You're late.
You're never late.
Don't worry. I won't do it ever again.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Will you marry me?
I'm sorry. I can't right now.
Why not?
I need some time.
Xiao Ma,
we haven't even been together half a year.
Is that the real reason?
We've already known each other 10 years.
Xiao Ma, don't force me.
Whatever the case may be, I can't right now.
Do you love someone else?
Answer my question now.
Nothing else is more important than your answer.
I don't know.
Your call is being forwarded to voicemail.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Hello, Lu Yi.
Xiao Ma saw the text message you sent me.
He thinks you and I...
No matter what happens, whether or not you go with Ah Hao to the States,
you must never, ever let Xiao Ma know about you and Ah Hao.
I'll call you later.
Why is it Xu Le?
Xu Le?
Xu Le and I...
Are you going to tell me there's nothing between you and Xu Le? Am I right?
Then why
did you text him, saying you can't love me?
And why
did you stay overnight at his place?
I can explain that to you.
I've wanted to tell you all along.
Before I was with you...
I don't want an explanation!
I don't want to hear about your past.
I can forget anything that ever happened.
I just want to ask you,
will you accept my proposal?
I beg of you!
Xiao Ma...
I'm sorry.
I really can't.
I wanted to tell you that
I'm going to Switzerland.
I bought a ring so I could propose to you.
I wanted to prove
I didn't depend on my family,
but rather, I depended upon my own efforts
to gain the status I currently have today.
I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you,
being with you forever,
forever loving you.
But now I know.
I'm leaving soon.
Staying here...
in this place where you are...
I can't breathe.
No matter how strong,
My heart still breaks.
When the expression in her eyes no longer comforts me.
No matter how I pray
she still hears.
She still sees my pitiful state.
No matter how strong,
my heart still breaks,
When her lies become too perfect.
No matter how I pray
She still hears.
Love doesn't stop, it still seeps out.
No matter how strong,
My heart still breaks
No matter how I pray.
Xiao Ma,
I'm sorry.
Love won't stop,
it still seeps out.
Preview subbed by Lukia
My best friend
spends the night with the woman closest to my heart.
Yet isn't willing to give me even one reason.
Every time I think about it,
I feel so sad.
Please believe in me.
Can you please believe in me?
Lu Yi really does love you.
But you have to give her some time.
You're done playing with Lu Yi.
Then I go back to replace you. Is that how it is?
You and Lu Yi...
did you guys get together like this?
It doesn't matter why you're lying to me,
I no longer believe you.
Please leave.
Why can't you
love me as I love you?
This is the ring
I originally planned to propose to you with.
Lu Yi,
you're free now.