Alborghetti - How to enjoy the beaches in Paraná

Uploaded by multimandan on 28.08.2009

Look here, oh, uh, Paraná
On the first page of
the newspaper Gazeta do Povo
er, the Sunday edition
How come Paraná
How come the state governor of Paraná
Mr. Roberto Requião, good afternoon Governor
Why is it that you have an apartment
in Balneário Camboriu?
Why don't you have an apartment on the beaches in the state of Parana?
Because the beaches in Paraná are SHIT.
When you get in the water
you have to move the shit off to the sides
as they are massive turds this big and hard,
Get it? That huge stench of shit
on all beaches in our state of Paraná.
You have to first dive under
only to surface with a turd on your head.
When it's not on your head,
it's in your ears.
When it's not in your ears,
it's in your mouth.
You come out of the water
eating shit.
Beaches in Paraná are SHIT.
Those who don't have the money
have to resort to beaches in Paraná
taking a dip in the middle of the shit.
But they are not small tiny cat turds.
Those are giant logs!!!
So that when you dive,
you have to move the shit off to the sides
and then you'll be able to enjoy the beach.