TL;DR - Video Game Culture in Korea

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So this week's question is just for me
This question comes from KnightOfZexen and he asks
How big are video games in Korea?
I know they have a big PC MMO fandom
but what about console gaming like you do on PS3?
So you might have been told from our interview with ZE:A
When we asked about video gaming and PS3 and Skyrim
They really didn't understand Skyrim but they understand PS
Now console gaming isn't really that popular in Korea
It is a lot bigger in North America
I know in Canada at least, they got really big game stops
which where you can walk in and has wall to wall of video games
Here in Korea, if I wanna get a PS game
they barely have it in the super market
You go into Homeplus and there are like 10 of them
And they are really old and out of date
Some of them are from Japan
for example, I couldn't get the Final Fantasy here in Korea
I have to get back to Canada
And also the instruction books are in Korean
not that I've ever read instruction booklets
nor do I think anybody else reads the instruction booklets
All video games teach you how to play
But that doesn't mean video games culture isn't big here
It's quite huge
But it's more PC gaming
Counter Strike,
Diablo is now huge
So lots of all nine PC gamings are huge here in Korea
They also have PC bangs
which literally means PC rooms, so computer room
They are pretty much just like cafes, full of computers
And you can go there and you can use your e-mail
or you can browse the internet
But majority of people go there to do PC games with each other
And this is where all the Starcraft magic takes place
Now, Starcraft is pretty freaking huge here
You might have seen our videos long long time ago
when I tried to get into Starcraft in Korea
which I got completely destroyed and humiliated and I never played it again
Starcraft is so big here that they actually have TV channels dedicated to Starcraft
It's dead intense
Now that I say the consoles of gaming doesn't exist here in Korea
It does,
they actually have something really cool
They have something called Puhl-suh Bahng
in which instead of a room full of computers
you have a room full of big tvs with a lot of different game consoles on them
So you can go there with your friends for 3 bucks an hour
You can play whole bunch of like PSs and XBOX's video games there
Seriously they've got a whole wall of video games
and you just pay 3 bucks and you can just switch games and play there
It seems like whenever they do go there play the Phul-shul Bhang
the only game I see Korean people playing are soccer or FIFA
actually FIFA and soccer are the same thing
but there are different kinds of soccer games
But I don't really see people like playing Street fighter or like Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy
Now they do have fighting games here as well
but I'm mostly see them play arcades
So I see a lot of people play Take and SIx or King of Fighters in the actual arcades
But I don't see them really play on consoles that much in PS Bhangs
There are few people I've seen with a Nintendo
and also very few people with PS
but the most of it is PC Bhangs
I think there is a really big difference between like video game cultural mentality in here
Korea video game mentality is more of a social experience
You usually go with your friends to the PC Bhangs
and play Starcraft together or play Counter Strike together
Well, the kind of video I'm used to is Japanese style
like one player RPG games
you play by yourself and that's it
It seems like two different systems here
Korea more social PCs
Japan more anti-social console
But then again, don't quote me on that
I don't live in Japan
I could only say this only based on the video games I've played from Japan
and that's my guess
Maybe they also have a big PC game culture there as well
I can't say it yet, cause I don't live in Japan
Please don't take this as a gossip,
I'm just guessing
All I can comment on is that Korea video gaming
And yah, that's it
There's a short rundown of video games are like in Korea
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