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It's my town and I like it.
Their homes and their people are simple, and I want to ...
in their joys and sorrows.
Today they are happy with its procession.
All rise for something to celebrate ...
What is lost in memory of some ...
but still vibrating the hearts of many.
They climb all but one Friar who comes down from ...
convent to the town.
Good morning, brother.
- Good to see you, brother. - I go to his village.
- In my village there is none. - Follow us will be only 15 days.
- How good you be here basking. - Good morning.
- A girl like you? - Same. It is the friar.
Came today too, even the party upstairs.
My party is here I see the girl.
Please come, brother. Come on in.
It seems that today is better.
- All are gone. - Because they were ...
Today is the feast of ... let's see a thing.
- You know who is this party? - The Feast of Marcellin.
Nicolas did not go. What you Marcelino knows about?
- And you know something? - I forgot all priest, not ...
have the courage to parties.
For I came here for them tell a story.
Do you think it is necessary Today?
I think so.
- It's a story? - It's a story for a girl ...
and another for their parents.
Come on, you must know, you were born here in ...
town his father should have told you.
My grandfather, but I forgot.
So, listen.
All lands that exist here in this town ...
you were born, this house where they live ...
one day were held French troops.
And up there where now all are in place ...
where is the convent, were refugees the úItimos ...
enemies who were fleeing already defeated.
But as they went burned homes and crops.
Spaniards to defend what theirs is ...
raised against them.
We had won, but in remaining our own ruins.
Although we all prefer that.
Plantations to sprout again, burned trees ...
dried and cured is their wounds.
The houses torn down reergueram is again.
It began to revive. Was only a ruin.
The home of that great former masters ...
almost lost in the field.
Why only one remained ruin, while everything was ...
being rebuilt?
Maybe because the place has to be government property.
Some years later, three brothers Franciscans arrived ...
the mayor of this town, to ask a favor to the mayor.
Now we are only 3, but with the permission of ...
lords to erect there a home, we would come to be more.
If you believe that our work may be ...
usefulness for the county.
- What you have to use? - We need God's help ...
and our work.
Already have my permission. I think masters will be very helpful.
- The board should be consulted. - Here I command you.
In these ruins I lost my father, and does not have time to ...
expel the invader.
Although my adviser, he does not know.
Only can take care of horses.
He will accompany me to Ios home, and there will give them ...
tools and food.
Within a few days go up there to take a look.
- God bless you. - Now we send the ...
Spain and the Spaniards, we need that many will ...
to help us be the best.
But why so much laughter?
- They want something, yes or no? - Help!
Look, they're going faster.
- What is happening? - Nothing, nothing.
We need help others will.
- Good work. - The work was hard, but ...
with common effort.
- The joint effort. - With the joint effort.
As the years passed. The friars no longer were few, were 12.
The work and the love that had at all, did ...
over time, the convent seemed ...
not only solid but also beautiful.
One morning. An ordinary morning like all others, brought ...
a big surprise for the monk.
A boy is a baby!
An abandoned baby near the door!
Come on, it's a boy! Is a newborn very ...
beautiful. Come on, hurry!
He was out there, I got it and began to cry.
What is it? Blessed be you.
Who left?
And you said brother he cried when raised.
- Why? - I do not know.
- What do we do with it? - I liked him very much.
You can not pick up.
- Are you hungry. - What could we give him?
For now just water.
We could not get with it, Father?
Here's the water.
- What he's hungry. - Brothers, brothers ...
not cling so quickly to this creature.
Nothing or almost nothing we could do for him.
Something we can do with permission from ...
your paternity.
We could at least do Io Christian.
Come on.
- And what name we give him? - What do you think of giving ...
the saint's name day.
- Okay. - St. Marcellin.
Who will be the godfather? Brother Francis?
Marcelino, I baptize you in Name of the Father, Son and ...
Holy Spirit, Amen.
Listen brother, the sun is very high and we're late.
I think it goes without saying to those who will drive ...
to the different villages that seek to inform, is the first ...
lack some newly born in a house.
And if there is any alarm that in some of the villages.
Second, is there any mother ashamed and unhappy ...
which could help the brothers and return your child.
In return I want to be informed.
- Where are the spoons? - Are in the kitchen.
- The spoons are here? - Are in the cafeteria.
Well, but somewhere should be such spoons.
Do you know where Thomas is the brother?
- Sleeping through the night. - Well, let's get us alone.
- What is missing? - The spoons.
Here are the spoons.
It was not on purpose.
He did not stop crying, is sick.
And why are you sick?
Why cry. When baby cry is because they are in pain.
And when you're in pain is because you're sick.
When you are ill cry. He is crying, is sick.
Good afternoon, my wife said, as it will pass ...
there, take it to the boy the friars.
Thank you. For our boy, God bless you ...
her and you, too.
- Farewell, brother. - Goodbye.
- Do not push too much. - But I did find it.
- Finally, he smiled. - He smiled, but if I stop ...
an instant, you'll see.
I believe that while basking try to ask ...
description as your paternity asked, no ...
we find anything.
The only thing I can say that is not missing boy ...
in the village where I was.
- News? - Finally.
They want us to leave brothers alone?
Well, the boy is still here and have not yet found at all.
Siblings, parents Marcelino do not exist, should be ...
probably in the sky.
- I rejoice. - Which are in heaven!
That's what I said.
Therefore this will 2 months creature lives with us.
Brethren, our work is very different from that of creating infants.
12 dependent brothers a boy.
And our obligations are so many.
- We will fulfill our obligations. - And in our playground.
Nor would help much to boy do not we leave.
Need a mother.
We must seek him a family.
A good family, honest, working, Christian.
Preferably a household already have children, do not you think?
Father, look at the monk.
Welcome, brother.
Today I did not come to ask, I come to give you, sir.
As you wish, Fr.
You know that up there have a baby we created during 2 months.
We look for his parents, but they died.
You Roque is an honorable man, his wife too ...
Christian and your children great kids.
Sorry, impossible.
With you our boy would have a family and you would be ...
more pleasing to the Lord this act of charity.
The bread is low, and many mouths.
- Ave Maria purest. - Conceived without sin.
You will eat with us, brother?
- No thanks. - I just came to ask a question.
- Tell me, brother. - I would like to have a baby?
No, would not have to do anything, the baby is already done.
It's a boy we have in the convent, but it is a whiner, the more ...
Weeping in the world, we can not sleep since we arrived.
And how come we hardly can eat.
But what's worse, cry, cry always, never stops.
Just in time to eat is that he stopped crying.
God will help you further.
- I'll help myself, Fr. - This is blasphemy.
Do not give me sermons, I'm with the boy and ready.
Fool, fool, have food to spare to give to another.
What is it? He was silent or what?
Let's brother, why this guy stupid?
Do not give him the boy.
Friar of the devil, which do you want?
I'm not a monk of the devil, I'm basking in God.
And you an unjust man, do not give the boy.
Now! By God.
- And you, brother? - Well, I wanted ...
say that I went to the lot and spoke with the pastor.
You know he was not, but ... I called it, of course he could not.
Are you talking to this pastor who lives alone and has 80 years?
It is the same.
I understand.
We have not had much luck so far is true, but from this ...
one has more time basking trying to find a home ...
for Marcellin me.
Among Father, for you I will always be well and happy.
- And working? - I am glad ...
have come, sit down.
Was completing a document What matters to you, Father.
Before leaving, I an official thing.
I decided that this municipality, will deliver to you forever ...
masters the convent they inhabit.
This Don Emilio, would be the same as in to leave the house.
And we can not possess nothing but live on alms.
- I did not know the rules were so rigid. - But know that ...
thanks anyway and never have forgotten in our prayers.
It makes me miss.
What's new you back here? Rose.
Friar Talk, talk.
The subject is Marcelino.
We want to give him a family.
What a pity! I'm good, left me little time. But let me think.
Listen, how many children have Vargas the miller?
Six, sir.
Good morning, Father, what you want?
No, nothing. Nothing, pass well.
- Contact you with it. - I?
And your paternity could something?
Almost a good family, with 6 children healthy and beautiful.
However, it is a place that does not meet.
Difficulties basin.
Marcelino will be here, each Friar will be his father and mother.
Not seek more or deliver to anyone.
While Father Provincial we propose something else.
And as we will be basking, I to teach music.
And I, working on the door.
- And I read. - I cook.
Brothers, brothers and to pray, who?
If anyone else wants me.
With your permission, parenthood.
- Are you asleep, Father? - No, but I heard everything ...
- I'm also glad my son. - You can come here, Father?
- I must confess. - You are good.
Brothers, sisters, please!
Don Emilio is dying and asks a priest.
- I will. - It would be better than to warn you before.
All right, brother.
Some others are born and die.
But who ever died Whether it was a good man.
While you were born, the What can we know?
I am delighted that the new mayor is a righteous man.
Sure, you can rest assured I also will perform all ...
my duties and know enforce ...
duties of a mayor.
- Very well. - Excuse me, let's celebrate.
Prepare my new outfit, I will make a visit.
- Yes. - I want you to ...
explain why a priests offended me.
- And give me the boy. - Why?
Because he said he could Io create and become ...
in my house and he was denied.
I am so honored and other ...
me myself and anyone denies nothing.
And besides, I am now the Mayor. I wonder ...
- I wonder what? - Would be able to deny again?
- You said. - So, you deny the boy?
- Yes - Why? I am a ...
murderer, a thief or an evil?
You is not nothing like that, but it is unfair and proud.
- I want the boy. - Lie!
Do not want, unless meet your pride.
Do not want the boy, nor cares about him.
And neither do you like, just want to even be right and win.
- There will be a boy. - Okay.
You can stay with the boy, but not here!
And you know, can do they want with it.
Because neither he nor you will be here!
Word of the mayor.
You can subscribe, Don Emilio gave permission for priests ...
without consulting the board.
I do not do that. Subscribe.
For free subscriptions, and Emilio Dom licenses did so in good time.
And you to do an evil action, asks assinemos.
Not sign.
Do not touch it anymore.
In five years, which undergoes change a tree already large.
What can change this time a thick stone wall?
Nothing, huh?
But boy when you change ...
found it five years later.
At this age, Marcelino has was a robust and smart boy.
Had put a name in each of the friars.
And even among them, no longer Friar Thomas were named more ...
Brother Joseph, Brother Francis.
They preferred the nicknames the boy gave.
Sick Friar, Friar Gate, Donato Frei Frei Talan.
As what everyone did.
Often it was the joy the convent and many others ...
was a hassle.
For although he was good as no, nor their actions ...
were always so good.
And in their peraltices kitchen, dining room ...
the chapel in the garden and gave a lot of headaches to the friars.
But all their dissembled small mischief.
As he lived? What did among those 12 brothers ...
the small Marcelino?
You'll see, I'll tell you was like any other day ...
in his life.
It's like a song.
Two and two are? - Four.
Four and four are?
Twenty. - Barbaridade!
- Our Father. - Our Father.
- Who art in heaven. - Who art in heaven.
- Sanctified. - Sanctified.
- Shall I help you? - Yes brother, this wheel ...
wagon is very old.
- It's broken? - Yes, but we have to agree.
- Do you live here? - From an early age.
I came here with one week of life, knocked on the door and ...
- And? - And then came the Br ...
Donato and all other brothers to get me.
- Do not have a father? - Yes, I'm twelve.
Twelve? And the mother?
I have no mother.
- The lady is a mother? - I am, I have two children.
The largest is like you.
Manuel! Manuel! Manuel! Manuel!
- Marcelino! - Coming!
It is the Father Donato, you know?
Goodbye, you are very beautiful.
Did not you hear the whistle Sick Friar?
What do you have? Come, sit there.
Today we will learn the letter easier. The easiest of all.
You will like to know.
It is the letter "O".
It is round as wheel of a car.
Today I saw a mother.
- Where? - Out there.
- And you like it? - Very.
- Manoel! - Mama I'm coming.
- Who is it? - Manoel.
- Who is Manuel? - Her Son.
- How is it? - Like me, she said.
- Do not you see? - No.
Why the moon is fat and then gets thin?
Because, well because the moon is Marcelino always the same.
What changes is the part that ... Well ...
The sun shines forever ... you're too small ...
and can not understand.
But it's like I'm telling you, what you see is the part ...
illuminated by the sun.
And everyone has a mother?
- Of course everyone, I, you. - And also the Father Superior?
Also the father superior.
Everyone has a mother, Marcelino.
- And where is mine? - You are in heaven.
- And she was beautiful? - Of course, very beautiful.
Quick, quick! Take faster.
Look, the treasure is Manoel here.
Frei was the patient I gave, was medicine.
And this is a chicken's foot, Friar Donato gave me.
The horn is what I found horn, is true.
And this was the policeman who gave me, is what counts most.
I have a blue crystal that is to look at the sun.
We see color.
- Marcelino Who is speaking? - With Manuel.
- Who is Manuel? - I also wanted to know.
Now we'll take up there.
Beware of the land, you and I will build.
- Who do you talk so?
- With Manuel.
Manuel is your friend? And he talks to you?
- Of course. - And also play ball with you.
No, but he makes many other things.
You are bad, too bad, Marcelino.
All the brothers are upset with you ...
and me too.
And even more because you do not obey me in one thing.
You should not climb that ladder. For those stairs ...
should not rise ever!
Never, never! Do you hear?
How many times do I have to say that should not climb those stairs?
Upstairs is a man very great that if you see, will get you ...
and take forever!
Come on, go play in elsewhere.
Not good arouse fear in children, brother.
Well I think it preferable to be afraid of something.
Need to tighten enough to we can shoot.
Caution! Let's prepare the weapons Manoel, the enemies approaching.
Points, and points.
Now, fire!
That was very good.
You are afraid! There will He Manuel. Go!
- The Marcelino? - Should be out there.
And why is it out there have to stay here?
- And what can happen out there? - More than inside.
Furthermore, if we ask that it inside can not be ...
outside, but inside.
- You can not always be with us. - You have to stay inside and not outside.
Because things happen out there-that not happen here.
You think that brother Marcelino is a flower.
He is a boy like the others, need to run, play.
And if something happens?
But what can happen? Instead, it will make ...
6 years, it has see the world.
Why not take the time when in the village?
In a week starts largest fair in the village.
- Could try. - Go get too tired.
Yeah going to get too tired.
Come on, Manoel.
Hurry, Manoel.
Marcelino, take water, but the son?
- It hurts a lot, Frei Sick? - A little, a little.
And if I give a kiss where hurt, the pain may pass.
Okay, Marcelino. Let's see, kiss.
Excellent, no longer aching more.
- He? - Yes, my son is gone.
- Now go and play. - Goodbye.
Boy miserable, get out there! I will give you a lesson right now.
It is this education that they give you there above, his demon!
I'll fix it.
Look how I left this little boy you.
Forgive me, Mr. Mayor, are childish things.
Childish things? Only you allow this ...
child is wild.
What do you teach him?
What will it so many friars for the devil?
Try to calm down and not talk so loud.
- We are not deaf. - For it is better than ...
I shut up, with you that even ...
are men, not worth talking about.
The habit, defends you.
Where is Friar superior? Vai Io to call it ...
see how the pig that you it created its mayor!
I was out here instead to be inside.
Has a fever, use a little cold water to soothe Io ...
and to see if he sleeps.
There can never go by ladder, there's a man ...
on the stairs. You can never rise. Never.
There's a man that takes you.
It'll take you forever.
It'll take you forever!
It'll take you forever!
What do you has Marcelino?
My son sleeps, sleeps.
- Lots of fever? - You are sounding.
If your getting a paternity minutes, I can get ...
more water.
Yes, yes, you can go brother.
All mothers are in heaven?
Of course, all mothers go to heaven.
So, what is true Donato said the friar.
Sure, but what he said?
What you also have a mother.
Yes, but my mother is already in heaven.
- How do you go to heaven? - Being very good.
- Am I good? - Of course, it is very good.
- So, can I go? - Only depends on the will of God.
It is well better.
- Brother Donato. - Son.
Where is it go to heaven?
Our lord, my God, calm down.
Calm down.
Poor baby, sleep son sleeps.
Watch Manuel, do not let anyone hear you.
Now no one saw us.
Have you seen? It was true what said the brothers.
- We had never seen you around here. - I Marcelino.
- It's the first time you leave me. - Goodbye, Marcelino.
It Marcelino. Friar, like Marcelino to see.
Marcelino Look, I gotta go here a moment.
It is a patient who wants to confess.
You wait for me here without moving, until I return.
- Who are you? - I Marcelino.
- Will you help me? - I help.
Then push.
Come here, you little thief boy!
Give it here.
I wonder which of you, refuses to sign ...
as a few years ago.
We will allow damage to our town, our fairs ...
famous throughout the region.
Everyone will think now that this town there is little security.
And if the brothers pay the losses?
If necessary I will pay losses.
Where will these beggars get money?
Most importantly, the rest is the theft, the scandalous, the wounded!
We have to think about it.
For think, I hope you here today at 5 o'clock.
Listen, it's quite possible that I will need the real 400 ...
you owe me.
- Man, now? - You mean you ...
I can not pay?
But to be against me and can always cope.
Anyway, those cowards signed, now as ...
I am a fair man, I gave them a month deadline to leave the village.
What? What I do not he pleases, is not it?
I know, all I I do not like!
But the bread you eat you like?
Orders are orders, Fr.
However, this order believe me, no ...
I would like to force Iowa to play.
Do not worry, because when reach the appointed day, no one ...
will expel the friars here because they have left.
But only on the appointed day, not before.
If I could do something?
We can not expect anything anyone but him ...
that can change the hearts of men.
Even if this man is the mayor.
What about the kid, not worry, I've talked to ...
my wife and he can stay with us.
And I guarantee that it will be a guard calendar of the most honored.
Go with God, we still have some time and everything will be solved.
- Can I help? - No, can not
If he moves we run.
Be careful, Manuel.
Better grab a stick.
Tell me, tell me if someone comes.
He does not move.
That face of hunger.
Wait, I'll be back.
Frei Danato, come! Has a scorpion here.
This bread, serve? In no hurry I managed to get something else.
I fooled Fr Donato, Now I need to go.
Tomorrow I'll bring more soon.
He was hungry, Manuel.
To work so hard, if more than nothing we can enjoy.
We will not, but someone enjoy, brother.
Only God can stop us work, we never did.
Today I brought bread and wine.
I do not know if I'll like it, but the friars say that heats up.
You can not go to my room, eat here.
- Not afraid of me? - No.
So you know who I am?
Yes, God is.
You're a good boy, I thank you.
The brothers think I'm bad.
- Manuel And what it says? - So, you know?
- Are you happy? - Yes
Much talk about you.
Starting today, your name will Marcellin be bread and wine.
Marcelino bread and wine, I liked it.
- Does it hurt? - Very.
The privations of the glorious St. Francis of Assisi and his brothers.
Chapter 7, San Francisco teaches patience as ...
is perfect joy.
Once San Francisco ...
since St. Francis of Perugia to Santa Maria ...
Los angeles with Brother Leon in winter season, and with a cold ...
stringent than the punished much.
Called the Brother Leon was going to a little further and said:
Brother Leon, although the friars lower down in minor all ...
land, great example of holiness and a lot of denial.
Write and warn that it is not that it is perfect joy.
And walking a little more, called San Francisco by ...
second time saying:
Oh! Brother Leon, while basking minor, give sight to the blind ...
heal the entrevados ...
And spank the demons and make the deaf hear ...
The walk troughs, the mute to speak.
And besides all resurrects the dead four days.
Write that it is not that is perfect joy.
My name is Marcelino bread and wine.
Shut up Marcelino.
A little later in San Francisco raised his voice and said:
Brother Leon, the Friars Minor knew all the languages ​​and ...
all sciences and all scriptures the way ...
could prophesy ...
Do not be afraid, Manuel.
I came to see if you afraid.
- And you Marcelino? Are you afraid? - I? I have.
Reach out to me.
- Now hear the thunder. - Now I do not care anymore.
- What do you want that blanket? - I'm cold.
- But you do not already have one and all. - Yes, but I am cold.
Your soup is best hot.
You are hot.
Marcelino! Marcelino!
What made the blanket?
- Let us know what you did to her? - I do not know.
Look Marcelino, like Fra Donato you, but if Frei ...
Donato will be nervous be terrible.
We are good friends and you will be honest with me.
Tonight I want to see the other blanket on your bed.
Otherwise, I'll have to talk with Frei higher.
- Hello - Here is the blanket, I'm not cold.
So I'm taking.
Look at the blanket, no longer I'm cold.
Marcelino! Marcelino. Marcelino!
Look how beautiful sapo I found you.
- I do not want. - How?
Not today.
Having heard this, the thieves were
and went away angry.
Soon after came San Francisco
bread and wine.
They and their companions had begged
And telling him the keepers how he had driven the thieves ...
San Francisco rebuked the guardian,
saying that it had been cruelly cut
Thieves and other sinners, make it more easily to ...
God with sweetness with harsh rebukes.
And so, our God Lord, whose gospel ...
promise to follow ...
He said he did not need a doctor, good but the sick, yes.
And he had not come to ask righteous, but sinners ...
they did penance
And so often ate with them.
You are very lonely, must miss a friend.
Friend, I already have a very good.
You know, your parenting, is a boy, Manuel.
It's a boy like him ... only childish things.
You Frei Donato is closest to him than me.
To you I can not escape the details of the new mode ...
the boy to behave.
The whole community is worried about him.
We need as soon as possible clarify this issue.
- The boy is an angel. - I know, but this change ...
is very important.
And it may be time we parted from him.
- Separate it? - Yes, brother.
He may be sick without nobody knows.
Sick? Is strong like a bull.
No brother, I say in terms of loneliness, nostalgia, lack ...
child of his age.
Friar, you know him well more than all of us.
But to help us, nothing we can do.
- It really makes time ... - Sit Fra Donato, sit down.
It drives me crazy, it's been some days to disappear ...
things in the kitchen.
One day bread, other day beef, other fish.
Even the wine cellar is decreasing.
- The wine? - Yes Br, to the wine.
Two or three bottles were emptied, and the boy was ...
I have no doubt.
But this is dangerous, Brother Donato.
I do not know what he does with so many things as well eat at the right time.
It's been several days that is everything out of your reach.
- Well done too badly. - Should warn Io before, Frei.
- Forgive me. - No, that has no remedy.
I think I did very badly put things beyond their reach.
Can put them again so he can afford them ...
effortlessly, and then follow.
We need to find out what he makes them.
1.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Marcellin.
You're very quiet Marcelino what are you thinking?
Where will that is his mother now?
Is yours.
And as they are, what they do mothers?
The mothers distribute their gifts.
- How so? - They distribute all get along ...
themselves, give their children their lives and the light of your eyes.
Until they are old and wrinkled.
- And ugly? - There are no ugly mothers ...
mothers are never ugly.
I gotta go, are calling me.
- Like your mother? - With all my heart.
I like mine.
You can not be fooled so such a small boy.
You should expect it to take foods, and find out ...
what he does.
- And I tell you something? - No, not that. Come ...
tell me what happens and I will provide.
Well, you have been a good boy.
Come closer to me, I I would give you as a ...
prize the one you want.
Say, you want to be as Friar Friar Bernard, Friar Donato ...
and Father Superior? Or would you prefer that the Manuel stay with you?
I just want to see my mother, and its later.
- And you want to see them now? - It is now.
- So, you have to sleep. - But I'm not sleepy.
- Come, I will give you rest. - Yeah, okay.
Marcelino sleep, sleep! You will see his mother.
Brothers, all rise! Marcelino, the boy.
Lord! Oh! God!
And the whole town, across the region went to the convent ...
when they heard of the miracle.
Since then, every year with in front of the mayor, the town ...
runs that day to celebrate the miracle of Marcelino bread and wine.
I have told you, sir.
And you, Marcelino.
Marcelino bread and wine.