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PB Teen What's Important to You? Emily
What's important to you? Family, friends, music...
What matters to you? Sports, education, art...
What inspires you? Being healthy, going green, doing my part
Hi my name is Emily and some things that are important to me are music, knowledge, and the outdoors.
I've played instruments my whole life, I started out on the piano when I was six years old
and I started the cello when I was in middle school, I used to hate the piano. Practicing was really hard for me. I could never sit down in one sitting
and it wasn't until after I stopped taking lessons and just started playing for myself that it became amazing for me, it was just such a release to sit down
and make music, and it was something just for me, and I think that's the really special thing about music, is that
you can enjoy it just by yourself, and it's just something inside of you that makes you happy. The cello's really hard for me, but
I think that it's really rewarding when you practice a lot and nail a song, I'm a complete perfectionist, so it always takes me forever but
it's a really big accomplishment when you can play that song and you can play it for other people and just share all that work and all that accomplishment with other people.
I love to read. I love reading articles about science, and just learning about the world really there's so much and like
humanity is such like a paradox there's so many things that we don't understand it's such a mystery and learning about that
the closer we get to like the big answers it's really interesting. To me it's really fun to communicate with another person in Spanish
it's not my first language um but most of the time it is their is when I'm talking to them
and you know it's part of their culture I am kind of, stepping outside of myself and coming to them
and people really appreciate that um change and reaching out to someone else by speaking in their language.
Being outdoors is a really good way to get away from all the stress that's going on in your life
like being a high school senior trying to get into college and like working all the time
making sure that you maintain your grades and you get those good test scores um
when you get out in the wilderness that kind of disappears you don't have to think about it and you're part of something that's greater and better than that
and you know that it's gonna work out you feel like things are gonna work out when you're out there and everything's so naturally perfect
you feel like what you do isn't so important anymore and that's kind of a really settling and reassuring feeling.
What inspires you... In life all I really want is to know about myself and other people and to learn about this world
What inspires you... and being a part of it.
What matters to you... It's important to have experiences that mold you and help you find out exactly like you who you are.
What's important to you... All together that's what's important is knowing yourself and being someone and that's what life is for me.
Means the world to us.