CONTEST 37 - 2012 Christmas Contest (RESPONSE)

Uploaded by MTheTimeTraveler on 01.01.2013

hello mismag today i will be makig a video response
for your Christmas contest
and yeh its going to be
jack the bounty hunter with a little twist of mine and instead of using a jack i will be using a king representing santa
so okay here we go...
that was enough
spectator can you split
the pile into two
make it visible for the camera
and do he same with mine please
(tells the spectator to move away for the lighting)
out of this pile I'm not going to look
pick a card and show it to the camera
... and then cover it so i cant see it
now put on any two of your piles
now pick one of my two and put it over
now what happened is
when you put your card down it went through the wrong pipe
for the Christmas which was for one of the presents on santa's good list
so what we have to do is to find the present so please pick
from the two piles i can put santa on
now we will put this on top
and we will put the reminder on santa now her we go....................
so santa has found
the county which the present had been sent to..............
now santa has found
the area which
the present has been sent to
now he has found the street
and is heading for the house
spectator were these any of your cards (shows spectator)
no, spectator was this your card? yes that was my card
as you can see
miss mag this was his card, thanks for watching goodbye