How To Detoxify Your Body : Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Tips for Promoting a Healthy Colon

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.10.2007

This is Karen Fraser and I am doing a demonstration for Expert Village. I wanted to give you some
examples of some healthy things you can eat to help with the detoxification of your body.
Once again, I spoke about staying away from the white products so instead of white flour,
try some whole grain flour such as this whole grain oat flour or whole wheat flour. When
you buy flour, look for the word whole. You want to get the whole grain from the wheat
and that will help to add fiber to your body. Instead of white rice, once again whole grain
brown rice. Whole grain brown rice is very delicious and it has a fiber in it so your
body will not be lacking in that area. Instead of white breads, whole wheat bread. Once again,
look for the word whole. If you are just getting wheat bread, that is nothing but white bread
with little wheat in it, you want to get 100 percent whole wheat breads. This will also
help to add fiber.