Watershed Movie

Uploaded by WatershedMovie on 12.03.2012

When I was a kid I used to hear this saying all the time
It goes "whiskey's for drinkin'; water's for fighting."
The Colorado River and the tributaries that make up her basin
define the American West.
In Native American traditions people considered this the heart of the universe.
Water in the west is our most valuable resource.
It's like 250 miles away, where we get our water from.
I mean, even the water commutes to LA, c'mon! [laughs]
Water which is so precious doesn't come like it used to.
This whole notion of the American Dream-
there really isn't water conservation or any type of environmental... anything.
With the Colorado River no longer reaching her delta, and greater demand looming,
perhaps it's time to embrace a new water ethic.
For me, I could say water is love.
One of the conditions is that we were going to do it differently
or we weren't going to do it at all.
[water rushing]
The way we considered our water consumption
is to improve upon the resource that's delivered to us.
That's where we should be putting our attention- into our own natural landscape, right here.
All your problems, they disappear when you're out here on the water.
It renews you.
It's time that the river is famous not for the dams
but because the water is flowing all the way to the Gulf of California.
That would be great.
The question remains- can restoring a mighty river's connection to the sea
open new frontiers of conservation and cooperation?
There's beginning to be hope.