Stank Breath Prank at 'Most Honest College in America'

Uploaded by stuartedge on 23.01.2013

I can’t smell because I never can smell.
Eww! That’s gross! Yes!
I have some gum if you want.
It smells terrible. You should probably brush your teeth.
It’s a little garlicky.
No. You’re fine. Yeah.
What the freak?! No. He ca... he’ll help you out.
Your breath’s... your breath’s good. Yeah. You’re good.
You’re golden. Go for it man.
You might want some gum. Yeah.
I’ll be honest. I don’t.
Here take two. It’s like really kick butt gum.
So... I can even give you three.
Here. You’ll be good. She’ll love it.
You’re good. You’re good. I promise. I am positive.
I am so positive. You’re fine.
Yeah it smells pretty gross. Yeah.
Oh! That
is good! It’s good! Yeah!
I think you’re fine. Yep.
You’re... not good. Sorry. Nope.
Not that bad, but, date...yeah.
I mean, maybe. It’s not bad, it’s just not like
it’s not minty fresh. Like if you had a mint that’d be good.
Yeah it’s fine. It’s good.
No, you’re good. Yeah.
Oh man! Yeah. I have gum if you want some.
Um...tastes a little bit like...
That’s awkward. Yeah, just a bit. No.
Uh...I’m good. Maybe a little bit.
It’s not bad it’ just...