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Uploaded by KungFuNorthwest on 12.11.2012

Let's talk about the underarm strike. It's a popular strike. It's one I see a lot.
It's not one I ever really see done to its fullest potential. I'm going to show you how
to really improve this technique. For this video I'm going to use Chinese style nunchucks
from Silver Fire. The chain's a little longer so you'll be able to see the technique more
clearly, and they're noisy so you'll be able to hear the difference between the way you're
probably doing the technique now and the way I'm going to show you how to do it. Let's
take a look. Here's how most people do this strike. They start off with one end held gently
under their arm. The other end is being held, either high, middle, or low, depending on
their preference. When they're ready, they pull the chuck out, strike, and bring it back.
There is nothing wrong with that. That's the way most people do this strike. Here's where
we're going to do a little bit different. Instead of just throwing it out there and
hitting, we're going to use our off hand, and as we pull the other end out, we're going
to give it a nice, light flick. This is going to speed up the technique. It's going to make
it smoother, and it's going to allow us to aim and make the strike a little bit more
accurate. So you can shoot straight. You can go to the different angles. You can go up.
You can go this way, all with a nice, light flick. You can really change the direction,
really make it more accurate. If you're doing it right, you should be able to hear a difference
in the sound. Let's see. So already it sounds smoother. So again, pull it out gently, nice,
light flick. There you go. Let's take a look at it from a couple different angles. There
you go. A new way of looking at the underarm strike. Work on it. Your technique will become
much smoother, faster, and more accurate. Now it's time to get out from behind the computer
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