Ohikkoshi / Moving (Full movie with English subtitles)

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Official Entry to Cannes Film Festival 1993
Joint Distribution by Herald Ace, Japan Herald Pictures and Argo Project
A Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation Production
You're such a messy eater.
Can you really take care of yourself?
I'm usually less messy with meat.
I hurried from work, but the meat shop was already closed.
I could have bought some, why didn't you tell me?
Ren, you're a bit pesky today.
"Plenty of Fun Table Talks Makes a Happy Family Home"
remember to eat lots of vegetables.
I'll be eating salad, ok?
that Chinese-flavored dressing.
What's the recipe?
Let's see... cooking oil and
what else... besides ginger?
Just go to a supermarket.
I know, but...
Enough with that.
Where are you going?
What now?
An after-meal stroll.
You haven't finished packing your stuff.
It's okay.
I wish the rainy season's over.
I hate rain so much.
Where are you going?
Hurry up.
What's a grownup doing in a place like this?
Well how about you?
It's lunch break.
It hurts...
Ouch... damn...
What... no....
Hey, stop it.
I'll hang you upside down.
Blow for blow! Come on!
Punch! Stand up quick!
Punch me, come on!
That's it. Over!
Don't get out of shape.
You'll work out once in a while, will you?
Thank you Coach, for all these years.
It hurts.
Senpai (senior) !
Gotta get going now.
Ren, go back to school, your teacher will get angry.
None of your business!
Don't you interrupt a moment of family bonding!
Gotta go now.
Take care.
Just wanted to call.
You have to go.
Go back to school today.
There you are.
Are you missing mommy?
Are you missing home?
Have some tea.
Nah, I'm having this now. Thanks anyway.
Where are you Ren?
Have some tea.
- Drink it up. - Yeah.
- Nuno-san? - Yes.
Homesick already?
What are you doing?
I'm taking this upstairs.
- Nuno-san. - Yes.
- This goes upstairs. - Yes.
What are you doing?
All of a sudden,
this wardrobe and my closet are gonna be connected.
A paranormal phenomenon.
How about digging a hole without telling Nazuna?
It's your own room.
Stir yourself a bit and move, please.
This is my room.
Why do I have to be yelled at by Yukio?
How could you say that.
You're beginning to sound like Nazuna.
A lot more than this kid does.
Okay, let's do it.
Hey, stop it.
Don't close.
- This is also upstairs. - Yes.
Got a spare T-shirt?
I'm soaked with sweat.
Yeah... it's in my bag,
What now?
Nunohiki-kun and Wako-san - when did they start dating?
Some time ago.
I got engaged to Nunohiki-kun when I was in 3rd grade, you know.
Tough luck.
It's not about luck.
Hey, Ren.
Call me, once in a while.
I'll take you somewhere.
I'm not talking about that now.
We were talking about Yukio.
It's on fire!
Okay, I got it. Stop it, it's hot!
I got it.
Okay, hey don't touch!
Okay, okay, let me have it.
Hurry up!
You're not in?
I'm home!
Welcome back.
You know what? You know what? Mommy?
Daddy's place is real crummy.
It'll fill up with garbage in no time.
Weren't you supposed to be at school?
Daddy told you to come, right?
Oh, who cares.
Let's have dinner.
You must be hungry.
Are you gonna cook now?
No way!
Today's a new start in life, for the two of us.
We're gonna go out and have a feast!
New start?
A new start.
From now on,
your mommy will keep you company.
You said you didn't like it.
You were complaining to daddy about it.
You know these days, my waist and butt...
got to shape them up a bit.
No chance.
You come home everyday saying "I'm exhausted!" -
you'll kill yourself.
I never say "I'm exhausted."
Yes you do!
I won't, then.
Things are changing, so...
we've got better things to do.
Changing? What's changing?
Okay then.
When we're eating together like this...
what if I excuse myself?
Until yesterday,
your daddy would have taken care of you.
And now?
If only I had a brother or sister!
(Nazuna HOSHINO)
Starting today, I'll be using this name.
Why are you changing it?
I'm only changing it back.
But you sound like someone who got divorced.
Does it bother you if I did?
Two houses... that's good enough, isn't it?
Let's make a toast first.
To our new life. For Ren and mommy.
I'm a single, starting today!
Look now,
the house grew larger, Ren.
You're annoying the neighbors, shhh!
Ken'ichi puts his sign here and I'm free at last.
My time I can spend it for myself.
I won't let anyone get in my way!
Move over.
(Divorce Registration Form) Your beloved Ken'ichi's gone.
He didn't have to, but...
Since you've gone to the other side, everything's turned wrong.
He's abandoned this house.
Give him a slap on the wrist, would you?
Are you listening to me?
It doesn't fit... good.
That should be enough!
Back to your seats.
Page 62!
Open your textbook at page 62!
Open it at page 62.
Yes sir!
Last time we've learned about 'Sankin-koutai' and 'Sakoku.'
Oishi, what's 'Sakoku'?
'Sakoku' means...
to close... close the country.
Silly me!
Today's Thursday.
I was right about asking you for help, Yukio.
I told Ken'ichi a number of times,
but to this very day... look at this.
He's a messy type of person, senpai.
And there was a time when I liked him like that.
But he has his virtues, that's why you got along all these years, right?
Ren's only a kid.
Did you really have to?
His virtues... like what?
He's easy-going,
and tough.
He has so few thoughts, that's all.
He's not all mouth.
On that point, you're right. He actually left his family.
And he's good-natured.
Depending on his mood.
Oh, by the way,
I started taking lessons two days ago.
Could it be... what's its name?
Let me teach some.
Yukio, I'm gonna teach you.
Isn't it difficult for you, Yukio.
What's up?
That feels good.
Mornin', late bird.
Why are you pouting?
Yukio, tea's ready.
(Contract for 2)
What is it?
'About Everyday Life'
'Talk as much as possible about...
what happened at school and at work that day.'
'About the Bathroom'
'Cleaning is daughter Renko's duty,'
'and to be done by both on Sundays.'
'Heating bath is mother Nazuna's duty.'
- 'About Toilet Cleaning' - In a louder voice.
'Mother Nazuna's duty,'
'but according to the situation, the one who notices dirt should clean it.'
'Laundry' 'Wash your own clothes.'
'Sweaters are to be washed by mother Nazuna, because they're difficult.'
'About Meals' 'Breakfast by Nazuna'
'Dinner by rotation.'
You don't have to tell me. I know.
Don't say that. Next.
Why do I have to read it out loud?
So you'd be better prepared.
I want you to be more alert.
In return, I'll make it up to you by taking up your father's role.
'About Mother Nazuna'
'Never complain about her going out for work.'
'Never make a fuss when one of us wants to have a talk,
and find some time to listen.'
Next. 'About Father'
Your mother...
stayed up til 2 am to write this.
This is our Constitution.
No, that's your Constitution, mommy.
- First, you finish reading this. - I don't want to read.
I want it back.
The divorce paper. I know it's you.
Wanna fight?
What do you mean by that?
Hell with the Contract!
Hell with taking turns!
I don' t have to be told. I know what to do.
Since last week, Kyoto has been hit by a series of suspicious fires.
Today there's been 6 fires so far in this neighborhood alone
in addition to several more suspicious ones in the vicinity.
Anxiety over successive fires is increasing among the residents.
Today at around 13:15
a fire broke out of a wooden bungalow.
The flames spread instantly... - Yes.
This is Urushiba.
How are you doing?
I'm doing fine. How about you two?
Wicked good!
And Nazuna?
The giraffe?
I have it somewhere in the closet.
It's in rags, you know.
I've bitten it badly when I was a baby.
Why would you want a stuffed animal?
I can try to find it for you...
Okay then.
Wait, wait a second.
It's daddy.
Why do you do that?
He hung up.
Had fun talking to him?
He just called to let us know his new phone number.
He asked me if mommy was doing alright.
And Ken'ichi? Doing all right?
Could you call him just to see if this number works?
I've got nothing to tell him.
Here it is!
(Contract for 2)
'About Father'
'It is not allowed to go and see father without the permission from mother.'
'Never seek shelter at father's when having fight with mother Nazuna.'
Hey, about the writing assignment...
Got nothing special to write about, do you?
Me, I'm gonna make my grandpa a subject of my essay.
What? Again?
We're fed up with your senile grandpa.
You're in a rut these days.
After all, old people are...
like a broken record, right?
Yeah, it's the same with yours.
Ren, I bet you'll never run out of stories to write.
Why is that?
Well, doesn't Ren's dad work at home, does he?
Come on, you could share some of your stories with us, Ren.
You know,
he started going out for work these days.
Oh no, your family was our last hope, Ren.
But Ren's mom and dad get along well.
There sure must be a good story.
Let me think...
Like leaving me alone to go to the movies together?
Or mom giving dad a haircut.
Wow. Your family's creepy.
None of your business!
Don't come poking your nose in here.
Let's go. Just ignore Tachibana.
Yeah right, mind your own business!
I just said creepy cause I find it creepy.
It has nothing to do with you!
How about you, having your mom tie your hair into braids every day.
Which one of us is creepier?
I'm doing it myself!
Don't smart off!
Hey, stop it there, you girls!
Don't make yourself look uglier!
You're ugly enough right now!
Are you all right?
Something's bothering you?
Today you're like...
over the top.
Minoru, it's only to you that I could tell this...
Father left home.
You won't... see him anymore?
No, I could. He's not dead or anything.
You're not going anywhere, are you?
No way!
Come to my house. We can go to school together.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm with my mother. Everything's as usual.
No kidding, right?
I think not.
Don't be shaky like that.
You're sure?
You'd be okay, Urushiba?
It was good telling this to you Minoru.
Remember, I'm on your side, Urushiba!
Jan-ken-pon! (rock-paper-scissors)
Hey it hurts!
It's you hurting me.
Wanna fight?
Let go, stupid!
Since when are you the same with me?
Same with you?
My parents are divorced, too.
Who told you?
It shows.
I bet Yoko Saito in class 5 is the same.
Don't. Look at the date.
But mine aren't divorced.
They just live separately.
No big difference.
Papa and Mama aren't together, so basically it's the same.
Your... 'jan' at the end of the phrase. Can't you get rid of that Eastern dialect?
You find it weird?
You also find it weird, the way we talk. Don't you, Sally?
I'm getting used to it somehow.
I guess... without knowing it myself, I 'm gonna be like Ren and everybody else.
Changing without knowing it yourself...
sounds weird.
Yeah. A bit weird.
Your old house...
do you sometimes feel you miss it?
Do you ever go back to see your dad?
I did, once.
He called me to come see him during the spring break.
I made up my mind to go and see what kind of woman she is.
A woman?
Papa got married to another woman.
I went without telling Mama.
I felt so nostalgic about my old house.
I wanted to say hi to...
Papa's new wife.
And ask her to take good care of Papa.
But she wasn't there.
What happened?
She was in hospital.
She was having a baby.
It started raining!
Trying to see me when she's not around.
Don't you think he's pathetic?
I was so upset...
I took the first train in the morning and went back home.
I am home!
"Please hung the laundry out to dry."
"I know it's against our Contract but I don't have time. Please."
'I won't forget tol make it up to you. Nazuna.'
Yes. Certainly, ma'am.
(the sound of Gion Matsuri Festival in the background)
Your parents told you something?
Told you something about their heir?
I don't really care about that.
I'll find my own marriage partner and decide for myself.
Then, what's the problem?
This baby...
will it be happy to be born?
Of course it will.
I can't wait to see its face.
Being brought up here, warm and comfy,
neck-deep in the society here...
Will that do any good for the baby?
You grew up like that, remember?
I didn't choose to do so.
You know...
Maybe I should ask...
the baby if...
it wants to be born.
Why is that?
(Gion Matsuri Festival)
You think it's ok to light up?
Yeah, go on.
You screwed around with us
you two are now friends?
You're a bald-faced liar, Ren.
You don't like it?
if you go on acting like this, that girl would never learn.
Did she give you something?
I don't think she's a bad girl.
She's just different.
Sure she's different.
Did you know?
Her dad and mom aren't normal.
- Really? Why? - What happened?
I heard her dad left them.
So did they get divorced?
They may be seeing their children once in a while, but...
Is it out of pity?
Her dad had an affair?
She got sympathetic because her parents are divorced.
Cut it!
Why is it?
Don't pretend you're nice!
It was you who said she was weird!
Yes! You hated her most!
Remember the other day?
You two were having a fight...
Stop it.
Stop it! Stop it!
Someone stop Urushiba!
Stop it!
Ren! Stop!
What are you doing?
No. Everybody quiet!
Put it out, would you?
What are you doing?
Do you know what you're doing?
Come on!
We're sorry, Ren!
No! Don't.
Give it to me.
Give it to Teacher.
Come on.
Give it to him.
Hey! Everybody!
Everybody out!
Hey. Excuse me. Let me through.
Tell me.
You didn't meant it, did you?
You were just careless, right?
No! Too bad!
Why? Why?
Why did you?
Miss Hoshino would never know!
You fool!
I'm your mother!
You're my daughter.
No matter what. My daughter.
I might be your daughter, but what do you know about me?
Not much but... can't you try to make yourself understand?
I don't care if you don't understand. We're strangers, our talks broke down!
Wait a second!
Ren, wait!
What's the matter?
Why did you come to hate mommy?
I never hated mommy.
Your mommy and daddy
are just better off living separately
that's all.
Why separately?
You used to get along well before.
I've been putting up with you when you were having a fight.
So why can't you do the same and live with it?
Tell me.
I'm terribly sorry.
Right now,
father's having a meeting.
Ren, how about this?
Let's make it a homework.
Father's homework for summer vacation.
Tell me now!
Come on, give me some time.
It's not fair!
Daddy, you din't give me time to think, did you?
Where are you right now?
Hey. Stay where you are.
Hear me?
Don't you move.
What a coincidence.
weren't wrong!
You've done nothing wrong. I... think so.
Why would you think that way?
Why? Well...
I'm not wrong just because my parents are separated?
Tell me. I was wrong, right?
You think I was wrong.
To tell you the truth...
I think... Urushiba was...
a tiny bit wrong.
You think I've got somewhere to go if I run away from home?
Running away sounds like a cheap idea. I've got a better one.
I was thinking.
Ever since Urushiba told me.
Been thinking all the way.
How Urushiba
can make yourself happy.
"Barricade yourself in dad's room."
"A prolonged siege is unfavorable. Better put a quick end to the situation."
"However, you have to pretend as if it may last a lifetime."
"Use threatening remarks in a voice loud enough to make it to the neighbors."
"In the event of a TV coverage, accept interviews as much as possible."
"D-day is the last day of school before summer vacation."
Talk about rare!
What do I get to eat today?
Such a rare event that it might rain.
Show me your report card.
So, how did you do?
Better grades in math?
What's this?
Hey Ren!
Tell me.
What are you up to?
What are you doing?
What's the matter with you?
Hey Ren!
You, wait!
Wait up!
What on earth...
Come on!
Hey Ren.
Hey Ren.
Ren, open up!
No I won't!
What do you mean no?
You fool!
Same to you, fool!
My goodness...
(Give Me Back The Old Life!!)
(Mr. Ken'ichi Urushiba Miss Nazuna Hoshino)
Nazuna-san, where's Ren?
Excuse me.
Where's she?
Well, nice to see you all.
Unfortunately, I'm busy now and can't assist you.
She's in here?
Two hours.
And not a word.
It's your father.
If you want to say something,
you've got to come out.
Keeping silent won't do you any good.
I'm ready to listen.
Tell me.
What's the matter with you?
Come on.
Cheer up a bit.
It's no use.
You're not in the position to say that.
were you looking at, living with Ren?
- Let's get this open, Yukio. - Yes.
- Harder. - What was I looking at?
Okay then, let me ask you.
What were you... looking at?
Think hard before you get married.
It's stil not too late for you.
- You don't have to say it like that. - Listen, this guy...
when I was carrying Ren,
and having a hard time with morning sickness,
didn't give a damn and watched TV.
Back then, I wasn't working, so...
I said nothing, out of consideration.
I had to live with it.
But then...
the only time...
I asked him for help...
you know what he said?
He said:
"You're not contributing financially,
so you better shut up."
"Financial contribution."
What a wicked woman!
Digging up such old crap.
Exactly. An old crap.
But you have changed...
since I started making money.
- You're wrong. - No I'm not!
Out of my way!
What, no? I'm only telling the truth.
Listen, Wako-san.
Marriage means...
survival... of the fittest.
Watch out!
How dare you!
Why did you have me?
Why did you have me?
Are you out of your mind?
No, no!
Enough with that.
- All right, now. - No!
- No! - Enough!
Let go!
Move over.
That's enough.
What makes you...
do such a thing?
Stop it.
Hey Ren!
Wait a sec.
It's all right.
It's all right.
What kind of look is that?
I don't want you confusing Ren any further.
You seem to be the one confused.
I don't want you confusing me any more.
Please, don't say a word...
in this house.
You decide.
do it your own way.
"Another day in a jam-packed train"
"Fueled by the stretch of rails"
I've been looking for you.
I've spent the whole day waiting for your phone call.
How did it go?
"The festive train stops our breathing"
"We are all boxed in"
"Together on our dream trip"
"That's why I say"
"Hold on, everybody hold on"
"The dream train's on the move"
The operation ended up in failure.
It's not me.
I didn't tell no one.
I know that.
"Full moon"
"Up in the sky, a full moon"
"Tomorrow's the day I get to see my sweetheart"
"The alarm clock is"
"Like a mother, not sympathetic at all"
"No one I can count on but myself"
"While I'm not getting enough sleep"
"That's why I say"
"Hold on, everybody hold on"
(Song by Yosui Inoue)
Thank you.
- We wait until the end of the bonfires? - Yeah, let's wait.
Thank you.
Oh, hey.
Mind if I put mayonnaise on?
I thought you hated it.
It was your father who did.
He'd say it's vulgar.
- You don't mind, do you? - No. No one's here to complain.
- Stop smoking. - It's my life.
- Here's your order. - Thank you.
- Helping your parents? - Yeah.
You're a good girl. What grade are you in?
- 5th grade. - 5th?
My apologies to have kept you waiting.
Sorry I couldn't call.
- One more plate, please. - Yes.
- And... - Did you order already?
- Be sure to bring mayonnaise. - Yes.
About this dinner get-together...
instead of on Fridays...
can we make it earlier in the week? Or...
could we call each other every Sunday to decide?
Have a drink.
We make a toast?
A toast?
Oh, I forgot. Let's make a toast, then.
My bad.
A toast.
Kanpai (cheers) !
Come on.
You haven't told Yamazaki-san about us.
He called me at the office today, and said he was shocked.
Well... nothing's decided for good, so I better not shoot my mouth off.
Shoot your mouth off...
He's been helping us all these years. How can you leave him out?
I'll pay him a visit later on, okay?
Later on. When exactly?
Why don't we make it once a month?
Every week's too much.
Once a month would be fine.
If you're worrying about me, I'd be all right. So don't bother.
Here's your order.
Thank you.
we'll go on a trip once a year, like we used to. How about that?
Let's go, the three of us together, to Lake Biwa again.
What do you think?
That inn. It went out of business.
It became a hotel. They sent us a direct mail.
Mind if I excuse myself now?
Can I leave now?
What do you mean?
Once a week would be fine, but...
as for me, let me off with once a month. Please.
Just listen to yourself.
(Daimonji bonfires - 'MYO')
It's heavy!
It's too heavy.
Hey, you.
- Please! - Daddy says it's heavy.
Cut out!
What's the matter?
Beautiful, isn't it.
Can I have a ride home?
- The two of you would be too heavy. - Come on!
You've never given me a ride, ever.
- Yeah, but... - You know...
I'll take the subway.
Give her a ride.
If you say so.
Ren, let's get it rolling.
Hop on.
Hold on.
You ready, Ren?
Are you really all right?
Here we go.
Oh, the key!
You know where it is. Catch you later.
Next year we'll go watch Daimonji the three of us together, okay?
Hey. Daddy?
Is this really it?
If I do that, senpai will kill me!
- You say you can't cooperate? - No I can't. No way!
- Get off the desk. - Why not?
- What am I supposed to... - Hey.
Oh, hello Teacher.
What are you doing on the desk?
Oh, I see.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Urushiba's homeroom teacher. My name's Kimekome.
A strange place to meet a parent... So what's up?
He won't do me a favor.
Teacher, tell him I need his help.
Mr. Urushibara, allow me to say...
even though this is not the perfect place...
but your daughter is confused, in her own way.
Hey, where are you going?
- Don't chicken out! - But she's not my d...
Hey mommy!
Quick, eat'em up.
Can you do me a favor?
Let's go to Lake Biwa. This Saturday.
Are you half asleep?
We're going back.
We'll do the festival, the fireworks, and the huge bath, like we used to.
You know...
Mommy wants to go, for sure.
Next month, I could have a Sunday off, so...
It's already done!
I've bought the train tickets and booked the hotel already.
You bought the train tickets?
And booked a hotel?
I'm proud of you!
Too late!
Don't tell me you used my money.
- Hey you... - This one's in my name.
You've always said you'd give it to me next year.
Yeah, but...
It's okay, then?
It's okay, right?
You're on?
Don't run, Ren.
Watch out.
Oh yes, it's here.
Here it is.
Everything's changed.
This is amazing.
Which way?
- This way? - No idea.
You're late.
Why are you here?
Have a seat, please.
I've done my homework and brought it here.
I have something to tell you.
Like what?
I was thinking about coming home.
I want to start over as a family again.
Just leave.
I know it's too late.
Then, why are you here?
It's something I can't tell you on the phone.
When I...
gave Ren... a ride on my bike
it felt warm, and I thought...
this is exactly what I was looking for.
Why on earth are we here?
the three of us together, just like when everything was going all right.
Just like the times when things went right,
here we are, the three of us together.
What are we doing here?
I can't believe this.
How can you be so selfish?
So selfish...
Don't run away!
Jump rope.
You know, the long one...
with many people jumping. Have you done that?
I've once jumped with 13 people.
Your father...
had a rope that was...
too short.
With this short rope...
we've somehow managed to...
hop and jump, the three of us together.
But then...
I got tired.
Why can't we get another rope...
from someone...
and tie them together to make it longer?
tired of turning the rope.
With three of us playing,
one of us can't have a rest.
That's nonsense!
Did you come here to tell such nonsense?
It was a homework you gave me.
That's disgusting!
Call me disgusting,
I'm only telling you the truth.
First, it was just...
a sort of fantasy.
But then, it grew and...
wouldn't let go of me.
I had this need...
to live on my own.
Don't come!
Do you...
love me?
I love you.
I love you very much.
Thank you.
Leave it there.
Excuse me.
Is it for rent?
Of course.
I need 3000 yen as deposit.
I'll be back in a while.
'Danger! Mud Wall Collapsing'
'Private property. Please take a detour.'
Excuse me.
Can't remember...
did this belong to Keiichi?
This is Daisuke's.
we had something like this...
happen before.
A naughty boy from the neighborhood...
I've soaked him with water from head to toe.
Not a lad from the neighborhood.
It was me, remember?
Oh, was it?
Don't you remember...
what happened to your daughter?
If you go on remembering...
everything that you've done...
you can't get to live to be old like me.
You may be right.
I'm sorry, did I wake you up?
Doesn't it make you sad to forget?
It doesn't.
It's better we forget.
Memories from old times...
all you need is...
as much as you can count on one hand.
I've got more.
Have some.
Thank you.
It was...
my son's favorite.
He'd eat...
a full bowl of it.
Where's he today?
Did he go to the festival?
He's upstairs?
He's further up.
Way up. Far away.
Thank you for the food!
Have all you want.
Wasshoi (heave-ho)! Wasshoi!
(Senko-sai Festival)
It's beautiful.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Ren, you...
you had me worried!
When did I ask you to worry about me?
Living with me won't do?
Hey, wait.
Excuse me.
Let me through.
I thought I knew you well but I was wrong.
I thought if the two of us can get along everything would be fine.
Maybe it wasn't your father...
but me who've ruined everything.
It's all right now.
To me, it doesn't matter anymore.
Hey mommy.
I'll grow, as quickly as I can.
What did you say?
I'll be a grownup as quickly as I can!
What's the matter?
Wait there. Don't move.
What's the matter?
I'll come back next year, for sure.
Take care of yourself.
Don't pass away before that!
Did you come all by yourself?
Where are you from?
Take care.
Get back to your mom safely.
Hey where are you going?
Hey where are you going?
Hey where are you going?
Hey where are you going?
Don't leave me alone!
Where are you going?
Hey, where have you gone?
Don't leave me all alone.
Hey don't leave me alone!
Like Somenosuke & Sometaro?
A bit too early for New Years Day.
It's all wrinkled up.
You think daddy went to work today?
I'd say he's still in bed now.
When should I give it to him?
We'll come back next year.
Next stop, Kyoto.
Want some?
"The other day"
"Out in the woods" "Out in the woods"
"I met a bear" "I met a bear"
"A great big bear" "A great big bear"
"On a road with flowers everywhere"
"I met a bear out in the woods"
"He looked at me" "He looked at me"
"And said to me" "And said to me"
"Pretty young lady" "Pretty young lady"
"Why don't you run?" "Why don't you run?"
"So I showed my heels and ran away"
"So I showed my heels and ran away"
'This is...
a detailed account...
on the strange story of what happened to the Urushibara's.
my family may be a little bit different from normal families.
Both my mother and I...
are about to sign a brand new contract.
It took all night to write it together.
This time I think I can adopt the agreement.
Though it's still a bit tough for me,
I think these days I spend more time smiling.'
"Summer Homework Presentation" "Essay: My Family"
- Komura - Yes.
'My Family. Suguto Komura.
(Cheer up!)
When summer vacations come around, I sometimes wonder.
When I look at my mother's flimsy shirt,
her nipples...
Where are you heading?
To the future!
Take care then.
How old?
A month old.
Thank you.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
- Bye! - Bye.
Kiichi Nakai
Junko Sakurada
Tomoko Tabata
Mariko Sudo Taro Tanaka
Ippei Shigeyama
Nagiko Tono (Akimi Aoki)
Hideto Mori Shinobu Chihara
Tsurube Shofukutei
May I have one?
Thank you.
Here you are.
Producers: Kei Ijichi, Masahiro Yasuda
Hirohisa Mukuju Hiroyuki Fujikado
Original Story: Hiko Tanaka
Screenwriters: Satoko Okudera, Satoshi Okonogi
Cinematography: Toyomichi Kurita
Art Direction: Shigenori Shimoishizaka
Lighting: Norihiko Kuroda Recording: Hidetoshi Nonaka
Film Editing: Yoshiyuki Okuhara
Music: Shigeaki Saegusa
I can't reach!
I can't reach!
Director: Shinji Somai